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  1. Rachael Dube

    You are so beautiful. Thats all.

  2. michelle miner

    Good tips! I've been intermittent fasting for several months as well. But I do incorporate my coffee with cream and butter into my eating window so I don't have to do the black coffee. But that works for me because I do wake up hungry so my window is early. I have the coffee, workout, and have a big meal and that is it for the day, and I am satisfied. It's personal and adaptable to different people's bodies and cravings. It's great to hear someone else's perspective and experience.

  3. Ashley Donaldson

    😂 Man i looove how the camera kept focusing on the llamas in the background!😂❤

  4. Chelsea Wallace

    Hey, love your channel by the way, did you know that breakfast actually stands for “break” “fast” and it actually means when you start eating and break the fasting time. I just learned this and thought it was very interesting, because I always thought of it as a time of day not a starting of eating in the day and when I heard this I thought of your video which I just watched last night. Not that important. Your amazing thanks for all your videos.

  5. Megan Xxx

    Can I drink lemon green tea?

  6. A La Jolla Sunset

    I am a biology researcher and I have read papers on this subject published in peer-reviewed biology journals and it is not just a fad. I have recently started intermittent fasting as well.

  7. 7Jenna7

    How is the weather there in the beginning of March?

    Im asking cause we are trying to decide if we want to elope in NC.

  8. Sherry Wong

    Yes I wanna see what u eat in a day videos…everybody else in the fam too!

  9. Cari Lynn

    Thank you so much for this, Angie! I love how you said that it’s more of your natural eating habit (not eating in the morning) because that absolutely resonated with me. Every other “diet” that I’ve ever tried has pushed eating breakfast and that’s where I’ve always failed bc I am not ever hungry in the morning. This way of eating makes sense to me and I am looking forward to seeing how it works for me. I started it a few days ago and it’s going well so far for me. Thank you for sharing this and for being so candid and honest. You are such an inspiration ❤️

  10. Breanna Moeller

    That llama picture in the background is cute. I love it.

    I like how the camera focuses on that at times.

  11. Breanna Moeller

    I would like to see a what I eat in a week video.

    I need new ideas. 😀

  12. Sherri R

    This is so intriguing to me. 8 hours seems like a standard eating window. Are we all really eating for more hours than that?

  13. Caitlin Basile

    How long is your eating window open 12-5 ?

  14. thebestestoneever

    Just started intermittent fasting a few days ago… after watching your video. I'd done some research awhile ago and was thinking about it, but what really flipped the switch was that it might help with sleeping, which is a big problem for me. Fingers crossed, lol

  15. Lyndsie Cromwell

    Me last night "I'm going to start intermittent fasting at 6:30"
    7:45 *bites into brownie*🤦‍♀️
    I set it down and told myself it's ok just nothing else and have water and black coffee in the morning. No biggie.
    6am thismorning
    * makes coffee and pours in Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer per usual *
    Trying again tonight after dinner 😂

  16. Keshia E

    100% can relate to forgetting you are fasting! lol You literally want to spit it out. lol

  17. Ashley Reynolds

    This is the first time I’ve run across your channel, girl your my soul sister 😂 this was great info though! My daughter is 14 months and I haven’t started trying to get back down to my “ideal” weight, this motivated me to get in gear!!!! Thanks!

  18. Julia Kent

    Aaahhh I started intermitten fasting and noticed huge dip in milk supply ugh ugh ugh… aaaahhh!!! Love the intermitten fasting so much though. Grrrr

  19. Maryna B

    Your camera keeps focusing on lamas, lol

  20. TheFlyingElectra

    Thanks I am French and drinking black coffee is much more common in Europe than in the US. you need to get a good one if you want to drink it black. There are plenty of good brands available in your stores or online. Also for the bloating and digestion issues, I want to point out food allergies or intolerance. I was diagnosed with milk protein allergy a couple of years ago (by chance I had just started a nuts allergy) and after cutting dairy products my life changed. No more bloating, stomach ache, etc. I felt so much better. So if you can, get tested for allergies and intolerance. I never liked diary products and my doctor said my body was trying to tell me it wasn’t good for me. So listen to your body. I really like your video because I truly believe in the no strict or frustrating rules. You need to ENJOY eating. And you kept that.

  21. Juggling Life With Purpose

    Thank you Ang!!! I love this! I love IF and it’s encouraging hear your experience with it too. 💜 Have a blessed week friend!!

  22. Kayla Ball

    I actually have been doing intermittent fasting for years and didnt even know it! Lol. I usually eat at the same time every day, by routine, and really dont eat after. I was telling my coworker about it and they told me that it was fasting. Haha.

  23. Ariana A.

    The slow motion of “do I need to eat?” cracked me up 😂
    Thanks for the info ❤️

  24. beautyqueen98

    yes! I would love to see an " what i eat in a week" & i would love to see what the kiddos eat in a week too!

  25. Teresa Gould

    Thank you so very much for opening up that you have in the past had disordered eating. So many of us have either now or same as you, I have in the past. You sharing your stories makes us feel human and we can relate. By the way we loved watching your 12 days of Xmas 🎄even though some days you didn’t necessarily like the content,. Again it’s great to see your family having good and bad days. I felt we watched the real you guys and we loved it so much. Just started back intermittent fasting. It worked for me before and now you’ve helped give me the impetus to do it again. Yay 😀 and thank you. Big hugs 🤗 xxxx 💖💖💖

  26. Teresa Gould

    Love 💖 to see what you eat in a day please 💖💖💖

  27. Vogel Family

    Love your videos. Thank you for sharing. ⭐

  28. Amanda Aguilar

    I’m the same way when I’m hungry Haha I got checked and my doc said I’m just tiny so I need the food for fuel.

  29. Kristina Houston

    An intermittent window for plant based living is different. The time window is the same but the eating is different because of the food. I know this because I'm vegan.

  30. Jen V

    What is the app you referenced in this video?

  31. Kerry Windsor

    Would love to see a what I eat in a day. X

  32. Faith Fit Fi

    Great video.. intermittent fasting is the bomb !!! but is it ok if i just love on your top ? Ha ha.

  33. Kiana Dunbar

    Thank you

  34. erica tilley

    Loving your co-hosts.. aka the Llamas

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