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  1. FitGalMel

    Hi Dr. Nick. I am having Tummy Tuck surgery in November. Would you suggest I continue my keto diet post surgery? Would that worsen swelling?

  2. Ken W

    Use NO Salt IE Potassium Chloride and Redmans real salt mixed in water for electrolytes and save yourself a ton of money

  3. mrsKassi5

    How would an endurance runner (jogging long distances), incorporate fasting? I am doing 16/8 and workout around 10 am. Wondering if this is skyrocketing my cortisol? Since I don’t eat until after 12:30– and this is after a long run? Anyone have experience with this? (I have trained my body to run without needing to fuel).

  4. david rampone

    I heard someone here on YouTube say. Calories are really counted weekly. So you can fast 3 to 5 days and eat a little more 2 days go keep your calories somewhat up. True?

  5. Edelyne Elie

    Dr. Z is steam room just as effective as the Sauna?

  6. Jerry Thomas

    There’s no way to weight train and HIIT. HIIT will tax your body too much to lift at your maximum level/ recover from weight training.

  7. jendotlove

    Everyone one does fasting and training differently and everybody’s advice differers and its becoming confusing. I do moderate weights followed by 30 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical. I hope and pray to god that i am not overdoing it. Berg’s, DeLauer, Fledge Fitness & your advice differs.

  8. dart arkana

    Dr. Z
    Can you tell me how to get rid of fat cysts under the skin naturally?

  9. Mr Natty Gains

    What about feasting for 3 days then fasting for 3 or 4 days because post meal absorption is a waste of time doing omad. And keep track of weekly calories. What you think?

  10. Djahid Ait Sliman

    I love the way you explain ,
    Great video Dr ,..
    Keep going on



  12. Ernie Kahn

    Excellent advise, Dr. Nick! Many thanks!

  13. Natasha Gamble

    Hi. Thanks for the information; however, the "reference links" have information unrelated the presented video information.

  14. Ashley Wessel

    You do a wonderful job with these videos, and with the information and experience that you compile and convey. Thank you

  15. James Salis

    Warning!!! If you are doing a low-carb diet and you are trying to build muscle, it will never work. In addition a low-carb diet will make you feel tired, give you muscle cramps, and you will not build muscle. I learned this the hard way. I heard all the good stuff about the low carb diet losing weight and I tried it for 2 years. oh, I felt terrible. One of the problems you may hear is the keto flu. This is real, you will feel terrible for the first two three months, but actually it never goes away. On a keto diet you will feel low energy and tired most of the time. They tell you to fill your body up with electrolytes. But you will find yourself doing this every 3-4 times a day and still getting muscle cramps at night. The bottom line is if you have a brain sickness you may want to consider Keto. But if you're a healthy person just trying to lose weight, keto is the worst especially if you're trying to build muscle. I switched to A whole foods based diet and it works beautifully. I eat all the healthy carbs I want, that's from fruits, whole grains, vegetables legumes beans seeds and nuts. I cut out the dairy and most fatty Meats. When I went to Fat under 20g A Day, the weight came off. I was shocked, I almost wanted to kick myself for spending more than 2 years on this high fat silly keto diet. The silly people on YouTube talking about keto most of them are slim to begin with. And they have no muscles. Bottom line, if you're a guy and you're trying to build muscle, keto is the last then you want to try. If you're overweight, just workout with weights three to four times a week, cut out the processed foods and keep your fat under 20 grams a day. Fill up on all the fruits and vegetables you want add some seeds and nuts as desired. Enjoy the whole grains. I believe the BS about whole grains are bad for you and I stayed away from it. After going back to it it filled me up I felt better and I had no problem on it whatsoever. If you're gluten intolerant, that's a different story and you want to stay away from it. But this gluten craze in America has gone overboard. Most people can handle whole grains and Studies have shown that only less than 5% of the American population is gluten intolerant. The news media and YouTubers make us so afraid of food. This I do that carbs are bad for you is complete silliness. Our brain prefers carbs. If it doesn't get it, your body will force itself to make carbs to fuel the brain. Think about that. I'm not talkin about carbs such as process breads and sugars. I'm talking about healthy carbs such as fruits and vegetables in this whole food state. And I talkin about fruit juice I'm talking about eating an actual fruit that includes the fiber and healthy vitamins and nutrients. This is probably will be the best, you will read about keto. Right now keto is the craze in America and it will fade away. Just like the low-fat craze Fade Away in America

  16. screamingeorge1

    Far infrared sauna or near infrared sauna? Do u have one u recommend?

  17. shawn simmons

    You Rock doc 👊💪

  18. Brian McHugh

    In Canada our winters are cold! -40F is -40C, so at the end of the day we are exhausted and it is bc we are just trying to stay warm. I lose a lot in the winter and this is the best "cut" season. Add fasting and "BOOM"!

  19. S B

    Excellent information, thank you Doctor!

  20. Tina Thornton

    Dr Z WIll it help to add iodine sea kelp drops to your water while in your fasted state if you are hypothyroid I still take my Synthroid but would love to go off of it someday . thanks for you videos I am learning so much I don't need to lose a lot of weight my main goal is lowering my sugar intake eating clean and to lose 20-25 lbs . I am already down 5 in two weeks .

  21. Mukeshnikam2007

    What do u suggest , weight training or HIIT or other workout methods should b executed during fasting window or eating window?? Being a bodybuilder , how far I can stretch my fasting window after strenuous workout performed in fasted state ?? Please guide , Thank you.

  22. Allan Alberts

    I work shift work that means my work hours are changing constantly. As a fit guy, i am always excaused to exercise morning or afternoon but since fasting, ive managed to lose weight and maintain it. I do IF everyday. If you dont like exercise then do IF. I was sceptical but am now converted plus its healthy for your body.

  23. Jason Hurst

    What if you have balance issues & can't do H.I.I.T. cardio like sprinting? Can you do H.I.I.T. exercises like dumbbell or kettlebell swings? Or do a circuit of DB Goblet Squats, Bench Press, 1 Arm Rows 4 to 5 times with minimal rest in between each exercise, and say 30 – 60 seconds rest between circuits as a form of H.I.I.T?

    Also as far as the diet, how about IF for 20/4 to 23/1 + 2MAD or OMAD Carnivore?

  24. m dmur

    I have an infrared sauna as well as a cryotherapy place less than a mile away! Love it!

  25. D. McG.

    Good job 👍

  26. CatNugget719

    Im running a 47:1 and its working amazing. Omad and intermittent fasting

  27. Ponte Vedra

    Thanks doc

  28. Diana Rahdert

    How long of a cold shower is effective?

  29. Second Sister

    Low "good" carb diet works best for me. 19:5 is fine. I can eat two small meals a day, 3-4 hours apart. I can go without eating till 3PM most days, so I'll have from 3-8PM to eat the two healthy meals. Then just drink water and teas till I go to sleep. 👍🏼

  30. Honrarri 9K RPM

    Sometimes I have to do cold showers, my fitness center is having furnace problems

  31. Joe Guido

    Great info doc… Keep them coming!

  32. pakijew4

    can u make a video on prolonged fasting plz?? 48+ hours …. i did few times and the best result u can get after 48 hours especially if u r over 40

  33. Maxi Mark

    Thanks Dr fasting

  34. Julie Gray

    But does the electrolyte powder break your fast? I wonder if you can use the powder for extended fasts like 24-36hrs. That’s when I need it the most!!

  35. Christopher Karpiak

    NOW I want an ICE VEST… THANKS Dr Z. I always LOVE your knowledge!! and BLUE SHIRTS!!

  36. M S. B R A N D Y

    Thanks so much on the lesson on Intermittent Fasting. I will check out the link below. I have one issue though, it appears the HIIT is designed for younger folks and not older or seniors.

  37. chuks okobi

    DrZ good evening thank you very much for this video 👍👍👍🙏

  38. ER- AFRICA

    How about Hot yoga ?? How often can I do it ?? 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  39. Hal Schmidt

    I take cold showers. I can't imagine taking an ice bath! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 🙂

  40. Tuptuś

    Fasting 48h – 24h eating – fasting 48h – 36h eating
    Fastest way to loose fat.

  41. Jeffrey williams

    I fast for 20/23 hours went from 300 pounds to 185 within 6 months. Definitely life changer I fast 5 days at week , weekend I’ll do a 16 hour fast.


    Is this good for the people who have thyroid problem..

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