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  1. 1tecladocasio

    Mike, your channel and the quality of your interviews are unbelievably great. Nice job. It's really helping me.

  2. JoJoe MC

    This is why I never got behind the t.v. show 'the biggest loser.'

  3. Mary Lombardo

    This was one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen! I appreciate all the info! Great questions.

  4. fernando g. aguirre

    Great interview, Mr Bubbs brings very important info to the table! Thank you!

  5. Niko Casual

    Marc, you have to skip a breakfast from time to time, buddy.

  6. peace& love

    Thanks from Egypt

  7. shinyshinythings

    At about 34:40 you discuss the value of cholesterol. Statins are a disaster, but is the same true for red yeast rice? Or is it just a “natural statin”?

  8. Abdullah Mouslem


  9. Sarah Van Gils

    Loved this interview, it’s my favourite of the many I’ve watched and enjoyed from HIH 🙂

  10. Nitoo Gupta

    I love listening to these videos, has made me so interested in nutrition.. I have changed my diet to ketogenic, followed the videos by Mike , and I feel great. Thanks Mike

  11. Dolores Underwood

    Pls make the videos shorter cos I can’t stand an hour videos. But Please don’t take me wrong cos I love your videos

  12. RhunDraco

    You could do an entire video on the "Eat Low, Train Low" concept. If I understand it, it's the idea of training later in the day, doing training that really depletes glycogen (HIIT, Crossfit, etc), then training again the following morning, fasted?, without having had a post-workout meal the day before, so that you're training with only whatever glycogen you've been able to metabolize in the intervening hours?

  13. Lord Kek

    Why do your videos always repeat half way through?

  14. DK viking KD

    hmm my great grand parents were mostly farmers and they ate 6 times a day..

  15. Donna McLaren

    Does raspberry ketons work? Anybody who has tried to keep on ketosis or get on ketosis state?

  16. Major Mayhem

    WTF? This guy still believes in Calorie = Weight Gain theory? The fat in adipose tissue is synthesize from Glucose, not fat. This process is called Lipogenesis. Dietary fat do not get stored as body fat. If we eat more fat our body require, the excess fats simply got dump in the colon. Which is why our stool tend to float after a particularly fatty meal.

    Go listen to Dr. Jason Fung explaining the biochemistry of glucose fat metabolism.

  17. Gregory Good

    Just watch the short 6 minute youtube cartoon called "The Town of Allopath" in order to fully understand why the politician on the elevator will most likely just politely thank you and promise to look into your suggestion.
    The video clearly shows the real situation and the true valid reasons why continuing the current long established insane policies makes perfect short term sense to the people that run the country and many (perhaps most) other people.

  18. Timothy Williams

    Great interview. Purchased Dr. Bubbs' book on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you.

  19. Sarah

    What about so called hyper-responders? Would you consider high serum cholesterol an issue if all other markers were normal and using the Iranian formula the ratio was right?

  20. Christine Grosso

    Mike, you're such a great interviewer. You ask in depth questions but find a way to simplify it for those people that don't know as much. Great Video and great interview. Dr. Bubbs is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy source, too. Happy Holidays to yourself and your family 🙂

  21. AlexAvel

    I dont do keto but i fast 16/8 , what is your take on bullet proof coffee in the morning? I know its a calorie intake but regard insulin, does it spike?

  22. Edixa Sanchez-Pacheco

    All these topics covered in this show helps the regular public get educated and learn about the great machine we all posses and informs other Doctors on updating their knowledge. Thank you!

  23. PJ Reed

    THANK YOU..! Mike Mutzel…thank you for being the voice that keeps bringing us information from the professionals who add reliable information that we can consider to optimize our own health! <3

  24. MarkandPaula Lifestylesoffortunes

    My goodness.. you have best interviews on YouTube.. can't get enough.

  25. presjo

    this is simple dietary dogma
    You can lose fat just fine on a high carb diet
    Low carb is not superior

  26. DK viking KD

    I'm (30 pound over) having trouble switching to fat burning – tried a 48 hour water fast recently to trigger fat burning but I quickly developed a brain fog and a little headache which never went away but gradually got worse.. I'm now continuing with 14 hours of fasting every day, but could there be reason that the switch doesn't happen for me??

  27. k9dogtraining

    Why is duck fat a favorite?

  28. ignacio cuaranta

    ''bulletproof coffe kind of guy!'' hhahhaha loved that one

  29. ignacio cuaranta

    Great episode Mike!

    where can I find the transcript for this one?

  30. William Belott

    Thanks Mike, Great job as always

  31. Nicholas Busetti

    Again another awesome interview Mike! Getting some coverage surrounding athletic performance, exercise and nutrition from these Doctor's is really helping me learn more about myself.

  32. Methsaan Wick

    how about stubborn fat (belly/chest fat) for those skinny fat guys – on keto / intermittent fasting and exercise for 6 months, but still the stubborn fat is slow to go – any suggestions please ? Thank you

  33. Anton.

    You're such a good interviewer, guests are so open and talks a lot couse You can listen and ask good questions.

    For me basic was always a key.
    Put away all the synthetics.
    Find foods which works for you. (your body digest them well, happy to have them)
    Keep it simple. (one source of fats, carbs or protein per meal)
    Keep it natural.unprocessed.

    Give yourself time for a change….
    Be consistent.
    Relax.stress won't help.
    Love your body.

  34. Christopher L.

    As always, thanks so much for conducting such great interviews, Mike!
    Always learning and fine-tuning.

  35. presjo

    No benefits of building muscle with low carb diets

  36. Mulota Mwambazi

    Great video! I'm still not sure how to properly navigate a ketogenic diet while bodybuilding. I've read a lot about its weight loss capabilities but not much on its anabolic properties.

  37. Norman de Jesus

    Things Ive learn on this video is really worth my time.Thank you!

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