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  1. iveta petrasova

    Perfect reading thank you…100 truth…all exactelly like you told..uff

  2. Melody Pettit

    Cancer sun, Sagittarius moon..He’s Scorpio sun,
    Leo moon there’s distance at the moment he’s my soulmate. No communication awaiting reconciliation. We definitely need to
    Get rid of the ego and conflict so we can come together again. I’m learning to be patient!

  3. Crystal Brooke

    I ruined it with a Leo, I told him how much I liked him too soon. And scared him off.
    He was ex military and he was married just like me. But I reuind it 😔

  4. David Robinson

    I wish, every one's just playing dumb games instead. Not close to getting laid lol. Girls like to dummy up when I come around. Lol and I have been over that dumb Pisces for a while. She blew. I'm done. No time for bs.

  5. Sandy C

    Your hitting it right on the mark✔

  6. isabella

    when the chariot card & 9 of cups comes out & you're a cancer sun and hes a pisces 2nd decan 🤭

  7. Bitter Desire

    OMG you killer I actually don’t believe that!!!! havent even listened to the reading just saw the title and considering happenings of 13 h ago ( video posted 13 h ago atm ) Baby u are unbelievable ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. Tonyagets Real


  9. Deborah TruthSeeker

    I am Pisces, he is Cancerian, and lives five minutes away from me. This reading does not resonate so far. He is playing a sick mind game with me, or something. He knows I am in LOVE with him, but he is a heavy duty alcoholic.

  10. Kay Kay1

    Spot on! Yes…i wanna play…touch..bite… lick…roll play 👀
    He wants too…too!!😉

  11. Julie Dewing


  12. Vivian Leon

    Love the reading. Cancer ♋ and Pisces ♓ I will go with thw flow even though i wanna commuinacte with him now! Lol love your reading and your voice is so soothing. Love your voice!!💖 Thanks for the awesome reading

  13. Lorri Scherping

    Me Cancer..been waiting patiently. If it goes any slower im gonna end it. Hes been hurt but havent we all. For fux sake…i need sum attention 😋😏

  14. Davita locke

    omg the military part everything resonates

  15. Suzy x

    Lol you are funny 😁

  16. WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Just a heads up.another taro reader was demonetised,she believes because she showed the same cards you used and YouTube didn’t like it.

  17. Allay Muse

    CANCER is like lets do this !!!

  18. ludachick1115

    This is crazy I’m cancer sun Scorpio moon and he’s Pisces sun cancer moon 🤦🏽‍♀️ the struggle

  19. Changing Winds Woman

    Omg! You are so spot on. I'm the Cancer. He's Scorpio. EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS SO TRUE! You are awesome!

  20. Melinda M

    Ha ha I reconnected with my first boyfriend from 35 years ago. He’s on east coast I’m on west and we’re probably both scared and I feel impatient but I’m listening to my intuition and hanging back and going with the flow. Thanks! 😘

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