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  1. Kany Vimonchandr

    Amazing beauty gadget! I <3 L'Oreal Hope the cost is not higher than Nespresso. Around USD150 would be accepted

  2. Fluterra

    Unfortunately, selfie based skin analysis does NOT work. Completely inaccurate.

  3. Caro Silva

    About time! I love Loreal's make up line and I have to buy 2 different shades of foundation (one light and one dark) and mix them up to get a perfect tone for my skin color. This tool would do the job, I don't know if I would pay over a $100.00 (not likely). I do prefer a long wear lipstick (like the 24hr one) hope they include that in the lipstick shades.

  4. chumbaray

    Another striking example of our society's tendency to create products that cater to superficial needs. What a waste of intelligence and resources…

  5. Cosmily

    This technology is really amazing. It's like your personal beauty products printer! Looking forward to the final release.

  6. Margarita Babovnikova

    I can mix it by myself.

  7. Alex Green

    You've gotten the most impressive videos.

  8. Orlando Garcia

    But you don't show us the results..

  9. ดารา จัน


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