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  1. Chamodya Ruhunusiri

    Is there a scholarly article regarding this that I could have access to?

  2. chununan unan

    What if the bacteria got cancer

  3. Goldie Films

    All fun and games until tumors evolve to have the same PH and Oxygen levels as normal cells, and bacteria destroys all cells.

  4. Luigi Cotocea

    So when we have cancer, we are hacked?

  5. Yutaka Joshua

    Cancer can be cured with bacteria

    Cancer:Why do i hear boss music?

  6. Morahman7vnNo2

    I bet someone will try to patent and trademark this.

  7. Mohammed AL-Daly

    I love that!


    Hacking the eyes to see the remaining colors

  9. R.B. Monster

    This is perfect for teens to become doctors

  10. Tragic Zz

    My Body: I can't fight you and win, but they can
    Bacteria: the enemy of my enemy is my friend
    Cancer: Suprised noises

  11. Fursey Rain

    Next: Hacking cancer to give immortality

  12. Karthik Dulam

    That guy looks like King Bradley.

  13. Aryss Crepe

    It's like fighting fire with fire but they both end up losing through time…

  14. Vishnudev K

    Waiting for java support for Bacterial programming

  15. Hamed Rezayat

    Hospitals (asking from car companies): can u share your self-driving algorithms?

    Car companies: got self-driving Ambulances in mind?

    Hospitals: no it's for bacteria, you now there is traffic in the body!

  16. Rafael Morffi

    Cool… but big pharma will take over practical applications of th research and treatment will cost a million bucks. 🙁

  17. SebgamingYT

    thats a good idea if sucessful cancer just might be nothing to humans

  18. Ja 123

    So did they discovered the new cure for cancer in 2019, or did they know about it before just didnt know how to use it??

  19. Amos Raj Amos

    I thought this video was about someting related to vaccines or genetic engineering. Still cool tho, keep it up! = )

  20. Gametron13

    Bacteria: destroys a cancer cell

    "Well maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore!"

  21. ahmed sherif

    Mother nature has a weekness and that weekness is weekness.

  22. Cabir Dinç

    please write subtitle option in Turkish.

  23. Carina Recame


  24. Color Code

    Rapidly growing cancer


  25. Alexis Serna

    Actually there is one species capable of completing the medical task and has biggest kill count than us: the bacteriophage.

  26. Old spice man alley

    Hey I think I have a good idea, so snakes make venom which we use to make antivenin to fight it could it be possible to make skates that instead of venom they produce antivenin? just a thought spawned out of boredom and this video

  27. Nanling Wu

    Is anyone doing their homework?

  28. Kenjie Manalang

    Does that mean we have a cure for cancer?

  29. Hezrin Eric

    Enemy of my enemy is my friend

  30. GiggitySam Entz

    I know synthetic biology but I had never heard of these bacteria releasing chemo inside a tumour…

  31. GiggitySam Entz


  32. ericc

    this is not what plague inc taught me

  33. Random User

    love the animation in this video ! Very understandable, clear and not too abstract ! Congrats to the artist !

  34. YT WorldWrecker

    Imagine if one guy accidentally coded a super bacteria that mutates once every day and eradicated humanity in a year. Looking at you, Plague. Inc.

  35. Moongduri

    everybody gangsta until the bacteria starts carrying medicine

  36. Phosnerd

    “now here is a lesson in trickery”

  37. Abe Assad

    Will you guys do a Rise and Fall of The Persian Empire

  38. vj

    0:04 lol

  39. Anonymous Dude

    This reminded me of your think like a coder series

  40. Sarcastic Lemon

    This is literally a uno reverse card

  41. Vipul Petkar

    What of we can use bacteria to make more money?

  42. Astronaut Behera

    WOW! This is so fascinating. I didn't even know about this.

  43. blue fire

    We use bacteria to fight kind of disease but we use bacteriophage to fight to bacteria

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