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  1. Everest

    This guy should try smoking some weed

  2. username827

    how can you not show the picture of buddy with the Veyron n his broken back, was he even there?

  3. Old Smokey

    if a thing for the bugatti is hating it then yes. All joking aside I always thought this thing was a disgusting looking, sounding and performing car. If people like it that's great. Personally, I hate it. But good video 🙂

  4. Matt's Garage

    As someone who’s suffered from chronic back pain for over 20yrs, I can really relate to this one!

  5. Drew Martin

    You should make a platform on ropes to do the ceilings

  6. Sub

    How do people think chiropractors are medical doctors…

  7. katana karma

    Beautifully said dad, nice very awesome with a twist, hehe

  8. Andrew Johnson

    Agreed. 3 herniated disc with 2 back surgery’s. And I’m not that old. 37 years old, work related. the worst pain ever. Same with the feeling in the leg and foot. L/3 to S/1. L/4-5 is the foot and outer leg.

  9. Reese Patel

    Todd made me open my own detail shop, he is such an inspiration

  10. Aaron Henderson

    Must be nice to be a high-profile guy in the car industry with a herniated disc or discs. Been dealing with this for 6 years over a drunk driver who t-boned me and still can't find a doctor to trust with surgery as every single one keeps pushing me towards a spinal fusion and I refuse to be that horror story living off disability instead of Vicodin. Give me your surgeons name, I don't care where he's located as long as he's in the United if he can make your life better he's the kind of guy that I would like to have a conversation with and have him review the last six years of my medical history and discuss a serious plan of action with. And as a CNC programmer and machinist I can finally afford to do something different. Seriously please reach out to me at aaronhendo327@gmail.com and shoot me an email

  11. Brayden Boswell

    I’ve experienced something along the lines of that adrenaline rush, when one day I go to my girlfriends house and see a 2020 Supra is the garage(sadly wasn’t her days it was just a car he was using while his was in the shop *works for Toyota*) but after we had dinner he took me out for a drive and after spending what felt like hours looking at the car then the experience of being in the passenger seat of a car I’ve only dreamed of seeing in person. While on the drive he stops the car and goes “you ready” jumps out of the car and the amount of adrenaline I got was orgasmic lol the car handles amazing and sounds so fucking good.

  12. Randon Trowbridge

    Car so nice brings a test to your eye… Oh wait, that's my back!

  13. Jpk516

    I got a Back Pain ad before this video started. 🤔

  14. Ryan Watters

    I'm only 23 but I've been dealing with similar problems from a head on car crash, disk problems are the worst , but I think I'd forget about em for a minute if I got to drive in a Bugatti Veyron! Lmao

  15. Carter Garnon


  16. D Thirteen

    Does anyone know where the flooded Bugatti is? The one that drove into the water for insurance fraud?

  17. D Thirteen

    ED great story today. I can relate as I too do detailing. How about you help me locate the flooded Bugatti?? Do you know who owns it today?

  18. chuckschilling

    No, they aren't a cure for back pain. They are, however, excellent curatives for having too much cash in the bank.

  19. jerrytee

    Cool story bro'…"it's one thing to work on a car" which you didn't do.

  20. cj higgi

    good story i enjoyed it very relatable cars have the same effect on me except mentally i struggle constantly with bad thoughts and one day i will never forget feeling down as usual until my cousin hung out with me and that alone helped but then he let me drive his legacy GT 5 speed (WRX STi engine in a legacy) and you really do forget all your problems and worries and just focus on the moment and having fun im a forever car addict now and hope to one day have a turbo car so i can always feel good.

  21. Nick Streit

    Future reference for all who care. I’m not doctor but I’ve spent my life since tearing my psoas telling all where that pain stems from. Essentially sitting /leaning over shortens and fattens the psoas. In turn putting pressure on the spine. Doctors couldn’t find my problem either, then 2 bellies tore and recovery 5+ years. Quick tip laying on back hand full extend over head and breathe deep 10 times once a day. Life is ez…. oh and drink water🦸🏻‍♂️

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