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  1. Radina Stefanova

    Susan i learned so much about skincare from you

  2. Vutlharhi Mahatlani

    can you do a video on dehydrated combo skin and products that are sensitive ski friendly

  3. Paige Souza

    So you recommend eye creams now instead of just bringing that moisturizer up?

  4. Mee_ki

    Talking about eyes, how do you treat chicken skin under the eyes?

  5. black pearl

    Is my skin oily and sensitive or just dehydrated?

  6. Carrie Kernel

    New to your channel and this is the perfect topic for me right now . Thank You for an awesome video 🙂

  7. bumblybird

    Just in time! I’ve noticed some dryness but I’m generally oily with acne. Thank you!

  8. Ashley Vargas

    Thanks so much for this video! I always thought I had dry skin but at the beginning of the video I was like 'maybe I've been wrong all this time!' But then when you got to the dry skin part I was like 'yeah that's definitely me!' In fact, I used to use a coconut oil stick as a makeup primer and it looked great on my skin, never had any issues 😅

  9. saba zarar

    Can you plz guide me which vitamin c serum good and affordable in uk thanks

  10. saba zarar

    Hi, i have just seen your skin care videos and im following your videos and im new im very confused to use skin care products how to use in layers oils , serums and moisturisers n night cream i have oily to combination skin in in uk can you plz guide me to put in orders and also abt acid if i use thn what I skip I will be very thankful to you bye tc

  11. Elizabeth Holden

    Susan! How do I keep skin hydrated in desert climates?? I’m in Utah and humectants end up sucking all the hydration out of my skin 😭😭

  12. kole wright

    This was the video I needed to watch. Goodbye foam cleanser….hello hydrated skin

  13. Sonja Gold

    La roche posay and Cerave test on animals🙄 Please dont support them.

  14. and i oop-

    This video came at the PERFECT time for me! I have oily skin and recently my skin has had all of the signs you listed of dehydrated skin, I was so confused but I’m definitely gonna pick up the belief cream thank you so much

  15. soul gal


  16. Tshepo Mohasoane

    Hydrating your skin REALLY helps. I always tell people that the moment you hydrate your skin on the daily, the other skin issues they have will start to subside or it will be easier to treat. Also when I got my second chemical peel it barely stung and I did 4 layers but aesthetician said the reason the chemical peel was bearable was because I hydrated my skin really well. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE 💦💦💦

  17. Zainab Khan

    please do a skincare routine for oily acne prone skin

  18. Vjosa Rrustemi

    Can someone help me find the link to the Facebook group? I can’t find it in the description.

  19. Asahel Lopez

    Thx for the video I thought I had dry skin turns out I have dehydrated skin

  20. Lindsay Oberle

    This video was super helpful! I put a post up on the group page and Nerida Joy was so sweet and gave me some awesome advice, so did a lot a other lovely people!

  21. Twinietwin G

    Does that cleanser remove make-up? I find that gentle cleansers dont remove make up.

  22. Erin Barresi


  23. Thomas Murphy

    I mean…. Glam on Point! Thanks for this video! Learned a lot. I drink a small bottle of alkaline water now once a week. I honestly do feel more refreshed the next morning.

  24. mallowhawk294

    I wish this video came out before the Sephora 20% off sale last week lol

  25. Future SLP

    We can talk about dry vs dehydrated later. What I need to know is where I can get your top? It’s so cute!! Okay, back to the video. 😂 Thanks, Susan!

  26. Mira Parker

    There’s really no convincing evidence that drinking more water beyond what you need has any impact on skin hydration. In fact the only evidence that links oral water intake with skin hydration indicates that it’s likely only helpful if your body is dehydrated and the studies are weak as far as subject size and other important controls. Basically if you already drink enough water then you should focus on topical measures for your skin.

  27. Mateus J


  28. 김지영

    This channel and the Director Pi channel are my favorite !! This video is so informative!! 👍🥰

  29. laura munro

    I have oily, dry, flakey and dehydrated skin 😕 help?

  30. Sadia Asad

    Why cold mist humidifier and not warm mist? 🤔🤔

  31. Lisa T

    Can your skin be dry and dehydrated at the same time?

  32. Cando

    Good Genes had DMDM Hydantoin in it 👎 I didn't realize this until after I purchased.

  33. Deana Ramirez

    Explains everything about my face, especially my redness! I have both.

  34. LiAnne Sipraseuth

    Your make up looks so good here!

  35. Joy Lee


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