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  1. Larkie S

    Fatigue is a sign of poor digestion, so at the time you were exhausted after consuming cantaloupe you likely couldn't digest it at the time. Sounds like you are improving. Repairing your GI track takes time. You may be able to consume beans again sometime in the near future. Grains are trickier. You should probably stay away from wheat altogether (even later on as you digestion is improving).

  2. Carina Sjöberg

    What about Herba salt ? Is that good ?

  3. Arsenal 17

    Always rooting for you VP. You’re the best.

  4. Plant Worm

    Elp meh

  5. Plant Worm

    Bro… Get wierder….

  6. Gideon


  7. Tyler Viscerine

    I have a question. When you got off the Keto/carnivore diet, did you experience weight gain? And if so, how much and how long did it take to come off? I’ve done vegan, raw vegan, but am currently Keto and notice when I stray, pounds come on quick and have always wondered if I switched back if the gaining would stop, when and how long it would take to get back to normal. Thank you!

  8. Flo Rin

    Welcome back, my friend!

  9. Flo Rin

    Welcome back, my friend!

  10. AMW

    Lol ❤️

  11. Linus Stridbeck

    Fructose damages the liver of rats. The fibers an phytochemicals in the fruit might helps a bit to protect you're liver. But I believe you can get harmfull amounts of fructose trough eating fruits. Diabetes isn't really a problem when eating fruits (unless you already got it), for the very reason that its metabolised trough the liver. Its a fact. Be aware of it before eating 10 bannans a day.

  12. Amor e Açúcares Simples Chamas Gêmeas

    You were already funny but now you are super duper funny and getting healthy as weird as it seems im with you because im all about balance im libra, i cant live only on just one thing neither just fruits neither just animal food but vegetables i might be but it just needs a boost and the best is up to you the one who is experiencing life love you VP and love you the one who is reading 💖💖💖💖💖

  13. Amor e Açúcares Simples Chamas Gêmeas

    wow amazing you are doing supremely well, I love you, lots of loveeee 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Chester Beefbottom

    VP a few days later….. Weight Loss Is HARD: 4 Tips For Fast Weight Loss on a LOW Carb Diet

  15. Leonard V

    Been in China for 2 weeks and a lot of what they eat reflect what you've observed. They eat a ton of cabbage and veggies, albeit sauteed, and drink salt-less broths with their meals. People complain that the food is bland, but I feel so much more in touch with hunger and hydration. They eat meat, but it's usually off-cuts with the veggies.

  16. Lyn P

    I love your videos VP. You at least experiment with different diets which is the only way to learn. You keep an open mind and question everything. I miss your Thailand videos.

  17. genughaben

    Nice to have you back like this! Honestly, the only time I seriously lost weight was on mainly vegan diet, sweets-free and low salt and a bit of cheating (sundays) to stay sane + partly intermittent fasting + moderate sport and like 10-20min of meditation for stress control, cause I mainly eat too much and crap due to stress. On carnivore and keto I gained weight. Tried that a couple of times for a couple of weeks each time. I am going to try the celery juice, though.

  18. Student of the Earth

    i eat a cup of brown rice and beans with a huge variety of veggies, your mistake is that you still think like old food gurus, eating too simple. Mix a ton of grains starches vegetables fruits nuts and seeds all in one meal. Eat the rainbow

  19. NLJeff EU

    Tip 5: forget the first 4 tips and go keto 😂👍

  20. Art Vandelay Jr.

    Always looks like you have a bullet-proof vest on.

  21. Rice Cooker

    What about Fruit in a Can?

  22. Patrick Newell

    Totally on board with mouse flavored cat food. I've ben thinking that for years.

  23. Jerry C

    Power greens with grapes is a typical salad a day for me.

  24. John Campbell

    I'm anticipating your soon-to-be-launched Karma Konspiracies channel, where you'll delve into the hippy-dippy shit like the law of attraction, vibrations and consciousness. I expect it, so it will happen.

  25. Aristo Ioannidis

    "Debunk me Bitch!" Words to live by.

  26. Ian Corzine

    I hate pizza and watermelon-eating a-holes.

  27. Jae Maa

    I've actually taken some knowledge away from this video today. First time for everything.

  28. Salvitore Gachione

    “I don’t like pushing other people’s theories” 👌🤣

  29. Sawdwd Bqwfqaf

    Hey man….. You want the best potato recipe ever??? Greek potatoes…. Marinate those chopped potatoes in lemon juice, olive oil, turmeric, salt, and any green herbs you like…. you can reuse the marinade 1 more time as long as is not more than 3 days old. (i prefer potato wedges)

  30. Giannis Tsoupakis

    The delirium in the end had me crying out of laughs 😂😂😂

  31. KFStreich

    Keto bad, will kill you at one hundred. Parking lot apple, good.

    Don't let my joke hurt your feelings, I'll buy a juicer and have some celery juice, or kale?

  32. myflesh10

    Awesome flowin vid man! A cats true Native food is Walrus meat, huge herds of kitties used to ban together and snag walruses and scratch them till they would succumb to being cat food

  33. myflesh10

    Yes eating highly refined gmo corn syrup is so exactly the same as eating an Apple, there's gotta be 100 studies backing that shit right up the ass, basically a highly documented reverse shit, government backed, business hacked and totally whacked

  34. myflesh10

    Sooooo True, Fill up on Veggies first, then do other foods like carbs and more protein/fat foods, then we dont over do those foods, we have more control since we all filled up on VEGGIES

  35. mountainsun

    Is that the new apartment or mom's place?

  36. Danish D'Abreau

    the potato fairy

  37. Anthony Mcdonald

    Seeing that peer reviewed studies have confirmed the dangers of salt in the diet, I have one question. WHAT IN THE NAME OF FLAT EARTH SANTA ARE SUCH SENSIBLE IDEAS DOING ON YOUR CHANNEL???
    Get it together man!

  38. Bobbie Jz

    You are on the right track ! Look all those dislikes from the angry keto people . Was good video and good tips ! People doing keto have tricks to keep them on it which I think are nit natural ! They still binge then have to fast etc …. coffee to keep going blaaa . You keep how you’ve been going you will be one of the ones to live longer without health issues .

  39. ChelleBelle

    My overweight Garfield looking cat is watching this more than I am…

  40. Callandor99

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone yoyo diet as much as you man. lol

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