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  1. Rich Lux

    https://youtu.be/MmNcn7byK8o here is the exclusive closest tour

  2. aryannah chapa

    James charles parody tweet of the Dobre brother's meet and greet was a copy Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez, Kurtis Connor tweet. James Charles calls out Wet N Wild for "copying" him but totally fine if he copies others.

  3. C G

    Love you guys so much!

  4. Jay Saucedo

    VIEWZ are on that Shane/Jefree VIDZ YASSSS

  5. Jay Saucedo

    OMG his Shane Dawson hoodie XOXOO I LIVE xoxox

  6. Jillian Fuller

    “I don’t owe a fan anything”.

    Let that sink in.

    You. Don’t. Owe. YOUR. Fan. Anything..?

    How about gratitude for keeping your lights on…? Your phone bill payed.? Their undying support that they don’t owe you yet they do.? They give you likes and shares. So that’s a little bit hypocritical but that’s just me. I’d love a Tati palette but not at the expense of giving support to this video.

    I don’t like James. I know that commenting and watching this video is still somewhat “supportive” but I just hope they read this comment and realize that influencers really owe a lot to their fans. And they don’t give you their support to get anything back. They do it to help you succeed and they love you for who you are. But that mentality in the video is a big turn off. Like honestly. If you don’t wanna be better for yourself, do it for the people that look up to you. You may not want to be a role model but that’s the price you pay in the industry. Just be kind. You may not wanna be friends with the influencers. But you yourself ARE an influencer even though it’s in a drama sense. But be kind to your followers. They want you to succeed in a pure and selfless way.

    That’s all.

  7. Tania NIXzS

    🤔 we shall see next week…

  8. Zoey Sparks

    Honestly not even looking up is what makes this rude. He’s literally right in front of James and James can’t even look up and say “I can’t right now” or “oh! Sorry, I can’t. But it was nice meeting y’all” and that’s that.
    Conspiracy theory: James does social wrongs to be talked about and get more free press.

    I said what I said.

    Thanks Rich Lux! #giveaway
    I also used your AdamEve code and got me a lil sum sum.

  9. Marilyn Prado

    New subscriber love your channel!

  10. lizz387

    Love you guys!

  11. mimi smith

    He should have acknowledged the kid atleast…but I don’t think influencers/famous people are obligated in the least bit, especially while they’re on their personal time. Sucks that he had to be rude though.

  12. Christy Denmark


  13. Lauren Fuentez

    Love you girl! Best drama channel out here ❤️

  14. Ashley Felix

    James Charles is slowly digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself lol


  15. Nereida Carmona

    Here for the TEA 🥵 enters giveaway

  16. Kristopher Freeman

    imagine talking about other people’s views but you clickbait on something the video isn’t even about and it still flops😂

  17. Usine Lachine

    Was this a tik tok film?

  18. Kristopher Freeman

    “manny needs the views” but he gets more than you😂 crazy

  19. Kristopher Freeman

    are we gonna ignore the fact that maybe the website didn’t crash bc not that many people were trying to buy tatis pallete?😂

  20. Casey Tush


  21. Lene Moscot

    Love you both so much! ♥️

  22. Grace Gonzales

    Been watching you since you & Jeffree Star visited Grav3yard Girl. Very entertaining.

  23. Naomi Reyes

    I love y'alls duo ✨❤

  24. Tiffany

    I love that you didn't go to the party. Makes a lot of sense to separate work and play/friendships

  25. Sherry Keechi

    ❤️❤️❤️ y’all!

  26. Terri WHITWORTH

    I would love if I won the pallette but I am never so lucky. Did try and buy but sold out.
    Love the banter between u two.
    Rich ur kindness always shows through xx

  27. Alejandra Orozco

    girl i feel you on that drama with jaclyn. I feel its even disrespectful for her to invite knowing well you are close to jeffree. #shadefromjaclyn Love you gurrl😚 I want that TATI palette! lol

  28. Johana G

    😮 the tea is always good

  29. Ashley Dapshis

    First off love, love, love it when you two spill ☕️ together!! Your both so funny on your own but just simply amazing together♥️
    Second tati’s palette colors are everything! I missed launch day and would love her palette.
    Third, I wonder how James no one cares Charles really feels or thinks about how Tati’s and soon Shane and jeffree new palette’s did 💯 times better then his mini did. Girl bye 👋🏼

  30. Maria Chavarin

    I want that palette!!

  31. Safa Shamma

    Jeffrey can’t keep a friend. Ever. Shane’s day will come. Like everyone else before him.

  32. aileenb0416

    I love watching you both. I watch your videos all the time. Drama channels are becoming more mainstream. All my friends watch them and we talk about the videos. It’s amazing actually. I love it! 💜💜

    Love you both so much.

  33. nickimckinney

    I wish I wasn't so far away! I would love to meet you guys!

  34. Tabitha Griffin

    Love you Rich Lux 💖 I LIVE FOR YOUR VIDEOS

  35. Kara Napolitan

    I think y’all fail to realize that this happened months ago back at Coachella—MONTHS! Back then was when James had the drama wake up call and yes he had an ego. But he has changed a lot since then. So for this to be said now? Kinda fishy. Also, where was the supposed shade to Tati?? Rich, I like you, but all these Videos recently
    of James drama and supposed shade is quite annoying cause your reaching. All these others coming out with pallets before the Shane launch, yet James comes out with the mini version of his own and it’s an issue??? Literally the Shane series proved that this was in the works since March. And not all companies will drop hints about something coming out if it’s a secret. Also, he’s said from the start of launch this wasn’t something that everyone needed to go out and get..it was a more affordable option compared to the big original one. You don’t call Tati shady..why Cause then Jeffree will have an issue?? All your videos are super biased since becoming friendly with Jeffree star. Every drama video is all people that Jeffree has had an issue with in the past. Get some more original content.

  36. sg62068 pnwwoods

    That's so weird when people ask for photos lol and get mad when you say no.

  37. Adia Prade

    I'd love to have her palette. It looks so gorgeous

  38. Angela Gabrielle

    I love that you & Nick are doing videos together. you two are the two OGs 🤣 you're the drama channels I follow…not just for the "drama", but because you guys are always upbeat, funny and just have a good aura about you.

    that being said, I used to like James because he is truly talented. but I can't bring myself to support someone that is so conceded and entitled like he is. he can lose everything at any moment and doesn't seem to understand that.

    also, I really want the Tati palette!! it looks beautiful. I just can't justify spending the money right now. have to buy my kids' Halloween costumes and whatnot. maybe I'll ask Santa for it 😉

  39. 1vwilliams

    I bought the Tati before it sold out. I am buying the Shane jeffree palette

  40. Regan Lawhead

    I don’t understand why if you don’t like someone whoever you’re associated with or friends with isn’t allowed to like them either. Pretty childish to me🤷‍♀️ some people need to grow up. Let people have their own views, just my opinion. I agree with y’all! Don’t make friends! Just have acquaintances because you need to keep your peace!

  41. Krystle Van der Salm

    Why aren't you talking about Shane and Jeffrey completely ignore the tati beauty launch?

  42. Lucia Colosimo

    nick seems sweet .. i can't see him being rude .

  43. Laura M.

    I love me some boring ass neutrals 😂😂.

  44. Nikki Allo

    Rich I'd die u pick me for a give away..of anything..I'd rather your setting spray o.h. my goodness yes ok hmu!! Love u!

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