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  1. ary díaz

    James is still relevant? 🙄

  2. Emster234

    woah, okay. ive seen a lot of hype for tatis palate

  3. Dominique Cox

    Didn’t Jeffree totally bash on James about promoting Tati’s competitor and never publicly supporting Halo Beauty? Now Jeffree isn’t even showing support for the biggest thing Tati has done… They’re totally not on good terms right now. ORR Jeffree doesn’t want to give any promotion for anything other than he and Shane’s pallet.

  4. Judith Tennant

    James Charles had the right to one moment of space!

  5. Lizzie D.

    Here's my thoughts on the Tati Manny situation… if we allow others a comeback and redemption arc… such as the beloved Jeffree Star, then we should allow Manny the same… give them the rope… they will either hang themselves with it or create a bridge of trust again. It's up to them, but it is not up to us to police how others do business nor forgive. I'm proud of tati for including manny… and he did a great review… bravo.

  6. 1vwilliams

    I bought the Tati palette can't wait!!

  7. Samantha

    Lol yep of coarse she will

  8. Jackie Ellison

    What is hilarious is people “teaming up” with MannyMUA have nothing but numbers cause Jeffree and Shane still have more clout lol

  9. Valerie Anne

    "Looking for Tits on an Ant" 😂 i love it
    I think Shane did let her have her full moment, friends with Jeffree or not I definitely think they did.

  10. Magnificent MakeupDesigns

    Gosh I loved your live stream with Jen luvs and fairly new to this channel … I’m obsessed already 💯

  11. Tressa Oetker

    I don't feel like James should have to take a photo but he could have at least acknowledged the kid and politely declined. Just like in customer service everyone tells when a person or place is rude and rarely says anything for positive service. Lots of possible customers may have just lost interest in JC now.

  12. Michael L


  13. cedric dallaire

    Why are you all surprised he's an asshole? You can clearly see it in is videos XD

  14. amanda

    Tea By Ali said in her video that James has his air pods in and did not even see kid

  15. Nicole C

    I think Jeffree and Tati are ok. I think they unfollowed each other bc the series will cover the James Charles issue and she wants to distance herself from it. I suspect legal stuff happen between Tati and JC so she may need to distance herself from the video.

  16. Sandra McLean

    I have ordered one can't wait for my Tati palette

  17. Janet Storm

    As a former personal assistant for a singer, I do think it's rude. Especially in an airport, where no one knows how long you've been flying, or when the last time you ate/slept. People would come up to us while we were eating and I would be the bad guyand say "No, we're eating!"

  18. Darlene Carroll

    What an a$$. James already agave time and photo. Maybe James was writing something important. Something he did not to stop. Why would this kid think James has to drop all every single time anyone and everyone sees him.

  19. Audrey Bee

    Thing may not be “required” but it would be polite and appreciative. These people put them where they are. Hollywood actors take time out of their day to sign autographs and take pictures not because they have to but because it’s the fans that give them a career. Jeffrey blocked Tati before her launch for some reason.

  20. Ashley Varriale

    Omg I would hope Shane postponed the episode to give Tati her moment regardless if they are friendly right now or not it’s the classy thing to do and I can respect that.

  21. Ashley Varriale

    Oh it’s absolutely rude that James did not acknowledge these people. I can totally understand any celebrity (Of any caliber) declining to take a photo or even sign anything at any random time because sometimes you just need your space I mean they’re people too regardless if they’re in the public eye. But he should have at least acknowledged them and been polite.

  22. Olfactory Seduction

    James feeling DIVA and up there , can't wait to see the day of his coming down. LOL

  23. Felisha Lynch

    That boy used “literally” way to many times.

  24. teresa roberts

    I believe Shane wanted Tati to have her own moment. I also think Shane and Jeffree could have received Tati’s pallet. Shane is busy with filming and editing. Do you remember when Jeffree said on his story “If you don’t “F” with me don’t send me your PR.” I don’t remember how far back that was but could he have meant Tati? Like she sent it but they’re still on the outs so he’s not having it?

  25. Lori Beck

    He doesn't have to give a pic or acknowledge anyone, yet he did, so dude just needs to get over it! Boo hoo!

  26. Thomas Coward

    I really dont think Tati is friends with Jeffree anymore…

  27. Thomas Coward

    James is an entitled little Bratt

  28. Meli Boo

    I think Tati is living her life and not letting how other people feel about others interfere with her decision. She’s not responsible for others happiness.

    As far as James I am not a fan of his, but the guy approaching him seems entitled in my opinion. James owes him nothing and he had some nerve coming up to him a second time when he already had his moment. Even if it was for his friend. I always say when an opportunity is in front of you, you take it. Life doesn’t give you second chances and no one is responsible to give you another one.

  29. Megan Marie

    I think JC was rude af. Even if he didn’t want to do any more selfies with fans he could have at the very least acknowledged the kid. Straight up ignoring a person that is respectfully speaking to you is ridiculous. However I’m not surprised.

    As for Manny & Tati, I think that it’s a positive thing and not a drama or shady issue. I do think Manny has made some positive changes. At least it seems he’s taken some personal inventory and made positive changes.

    And I agree, Shane is very nice and sensitive and regardless I’m sure he’d want to give Tati her moment regardless of past drama so he postponed his 2 episodes… especially considering it’s probably going to drag back dramageddon. 😘

  30. Lauren Nicole

    Tati can be friends with Shane and jeffree and still want everyone to review it and make her coin. That’s business

  31. Lauren Nicole

    I hate how everything ppl say is taken at fact now.

  32. Lauren Nicole

    Why did he put up a tweet about a meet and greet. That kid didn’t pay to meet James! He was just minding his business trying to board a flight. Maybe he was just in the zone or even irritated or all around not wanting to give a every photo someone ask him for

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