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  1. WaterBaby Tarot

    Cancer: 22:34
    Scorpio: 47:03
    Pisces: 1:26

  2. Brandon M

    Do you have a crystal Brackett? Instagram crystal waterbottle. Put it around your bottle …😨

  3. Meli Mo

    Also…thank you for sharing your gifts with us. It's truly appreciated. 💗

  4. Meli Mo

    Scorpio here🙋‍♀️
    I had to stop this video right away to comment on the selfishness for justice because I had a super strange reaction to bad news regarding my ex husband. He literally stole my child from me…the only one I've been able to deliver and even that legit almost killed me. Just months from being on my death bed he started the war on my life anyways fast forward to 19 years later and 19 years of trying to destroy me for NO reason I was told by my mother (who my daughter now lives with😁…I'm living overseas ) that his father, who is going through severe dementia, recently told him that he wasn't his son..so he took hair from him dad to do a dna test…it came back negative. When my mom told me…my feeling was sad for him but my body went into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. I couldn't understand the reaction until now. That was justice and even though my heart and mind was sad for him…my body was like "bahahahaha". Still not comfortable with the reaction…but I do feel better.

    He's a cancer btw.

  5. Harvest Goddess

    Cancer's reading is on point. January 1st DM posted pictures on social media regarding getting back with his Gemini ex and he was wearing the jacket I gave him for Christmas that I had been asking him to put on for me before then. He kept making excuses and said he would post a picture of him in it on his next post which was pictures he took with her and them being lovey dovey. He was a jerk to me after I called him out on it. So I said I was done and left. I'm Aries with Cancer Moon and Rising. He's Scorpio/Sag cusp with Virgo Rising and Capricorn Moon. He also distracted me a lot from getting on top of stuff with regard to getting my nursing license and he thought he was mature but he acted very immaturely the way he dealt with me confronting him regarding what he did. P.S. I've also been having trouble remembering my dreams. The last ones I've had were in October regarding him getting back with his ex. In the dream, we were hanging out and she came out of nowhere and beckoned for him to follow and it he eagerly went with her. It distressed me in the dream so I left and walked away to the beach and walked a bit to clear my mind and came back to where my DM and ended up talking to someone in my dream claimed to be good friends with my DM and assured me they would work on getting him to see the truth of his relationship with his ex and reconnect him with me. Idk. The guy looked like Guy Fieri 😅

  6. Harvest Goddess

    Was about to comment and it said there was 222 comments. 😱

  7. maxine thomas

    I just can't get over how to the Tee you are Miss Waterbaby! 🙂 😀 It's always such a delight lovely! I'm Scorpio 79!!

  8. MKay TV

    Cancer Moon 🌙 thank you WaterBaby 💞

  9. Suzie Moon

    Ilysm! Scorpio sun cancer rising here. Very deep into my shadow work. Looking forward to the integration video! And btw I cackled at the end of the Scorpio reading where you were like, “whew Scorpio that was intense!” What do you expect? lol ❤️

  10. Karen van Abel

    The cancer was the one betraying

  11. Tracey Doneley

    Cancer, Gemini & Scorpio here Thank you ✌

  12. Debra Mass

    Scorpio reading was dead on. I’m taking inventory on a new venture. My new boss I feel as is not truly valuing my work. So not too happy with that crap and will need to clear the air on that! Will be very selfish on that realm.

  13. emmy jay

    Thank you! Great reading for pisces.

  14. The Star Empress

    ♋️ Rising ⬆️

  15. Justin Evans

    Cancer Sun and Moon, Scorpio rising, the feels are deep and dark, and the hardest lessons can teach you important knowledge

  16. Flip Over

    ”Bless you”- 9:02

  17. Julie Milburn

    You were struggling with Cancer Crystal's. I felt that.. I'm excited for the full moon in Cancer. We have a lot of tower moments. Care so much. Lol

  18. Nicole Sanders

    Pisces did it again we had to SOS waterbaby before the other water signs because the other two water signs will not to be honest not all people who are water signs but the ones I deal with this… Yes I'm feeling alive

  19. Cynthia Perry

    I had the same shit you have…..Organic Honey and whiskey plenty of water and lemons…feel better ❤❤❤

  20. Emilie Gehrke

    cusp of rebirth, my dad, now dead, faithfully invested in ignoring emotional feelings trusting synthetic alchemy over God's Earth and faith to heal. Libra, local law practices, unethical abuse of control, I begged the Dr's & authorities, they refused to respect extenuating circumstances, intent on conviction….sacred in God bringing together NO man to put asunder

  21. Christin Volu

    Pisces sun, Cancer rising, Scorpio moon. All Signs are very accurate for me, like a personal reading. Thank you Waterbaby! You are amazing!

  22. Jayson Zamboni

    Messages for cancer and Scorpio were ON POINT. As a cancer rising and Scorpio moon, THANK YOU for taking the time. I really needed it. Looking forward to the shadow work video!

  23. Swag Wagger

    Thank you for this reading. As always, helpful and gracefully delivered. 🌸

  24. Angie Lewis

    I said i want to write. Later that day I was in a meetings at work and I kept hearing a voice say, pick up your purse and leave. The last time i did that i lost it all and ended up homeless. I wrote the book and started the blog. I cant listen to Spirit… or whoever that was… but i do want to write 🙄😒

  25. Kendra Harvey

    Cancer sun. You’re spot on. Just found out my childs father cheated on me while i was pregnant, but i kept thinking he would never really do that to
    Me. My intuition knew it all along but i kept ignoring it and now its coming out. Now im stuck between forgiving him or leaving him forever . 🙁 the deception, the betrayal smh

  26. Nimisha Kaushik

    Going through a bad period personally. Please pray that I can have my love back

  27. Vonneke Warlich

    Hello Gorgeous ..💗🤩💗..Thank you ..💗🤗💗

  28. free spirit

    omg i had a dream and my DM was telling me there is no more deception no more third party our bond is strong now. it was very beautiful dream but i told my self maybe this is what iam wishing for 🤣
    dealing with sagittarius by the way

  29. Robin S.

    Ruby is the birthstone for cancer

  30. Angela Q

    Holy shit excuse my language but shit this totally resonated with me !!!!

  31. Queen of Diva's

    Beyond accurate for Pisces

  32. paul Bow

    Why does google recognize brandberg amethyst but not Brandenburg amethyst

  33. Cass Sanchez

    I was meant to hear the ten of swords reading…for cancer

  34. KT Mystic

    This Scorp is restless

  35. Statue Oppa

    Air signs please

  36. Kayla Trujillo

    Girl, before I started this video I was getting all of my crystals together to heal my sacral chakra, AND getting everything together to amend my taxes. This is too specific, get outa here!

  37. confusedandmysteriousidealist

    scorpionic babe here <3 resonates soo much…. over the last few months I have gotten so direct and BLUNT in my communication. Learning to be more selfish too. People are now seeing me as a slightly selfish person and I'm both confused and upset because that's not me, I just need to be this way for a while to make up for all those years of being self sacrificing as hell and hurting myself. It's also frustrating that people have forgotten about how much I've sacrificed for others in the past. Like all that never happened. I guess when you don't speak up though, no matter how much you sacrifice the impact will still be little and go unnappreciated most of the time. Now I'm highly committed to speaking my truth and saying whatever I feel I wanna say. I'm tired of not being heard or taken seriously and because of that never getting what I want out of life and feeling so depressed…. I feel so bad and so uncertain about this huge change I've made in my life from being something of a doormat to someone who expresses everything they feel is necessary. I'm trying to trust myself though, because though I have wonderful people in my life, I know that myself and who I am inside is what I have to work with and heal. Thankyou for the reading <3

  38. Erica Levene

    Thank God I am one of those Scorpios who is selfish. Real selfish.

  39. A Griffith

    Your hair is some sort of fractal pattern/ancient writing/psychedelic message board. ❤ it! Thanks for the reading!

  40. Elizabeth Russell

    Dub version

  41. maria rivera

    as soon as you said Scorpio your very aggravated with someone girlll my leg started to shake

  42. vahnni1

    Funny you said that and that's what I've been focusing on since the first of the month especially because men will be super attracted to me and vice versa but it's like a spiritual fort Knox down there and I didn't know why until recent. This just confirms it.

  43. Fla Gal

    Amethyst is this Scorpios"s favorites stone

  44. Victor W

    YES! Her words, “I love how I get to have the warm hearted soft person when everyone else doesn’t” then bam, noncommittal, so done!

    I didn’t know you read your threads, nice!! I’ve been having this daydream about convincing you to be a tarot consultant for a small business if this idea takes off lol.

    Anyways, I’m so done with is woman! Aries/Aqua, smh, I’m annoyed and done. This is ridiculous, how did I ever get spring in this situation. I love shadow work, curious about your take. Ty in advance.

  45. Livsnjutare

    Cancer rising. Was SUPER emotional yesterday with what’s happening in Australia. Tears would come from no where. I believe I’m picking up in the collective emotions.

  46. Lavender Watkins

    Nice reading

  47. Elham Akhoundzadeh

    How about Sagitteries

  48. Carol Bearce

    Difference between being selfish & thinking you are responsible for everyone else’s behavior …find the balance and care about yourself and what you need. Yes totally agitated Scorpio moving forward leaving 2019 drama & trauma behind speaking truth to myself. New job. Making plans to travel. Yes working on balancing my feminine & masculine energy into a full grown woman in 2020.

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