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  1. wania anosh

    Tried it, tough though but i will continue InshaaALLAH

  2. Jennifer Nduka

    This is really working for me but me, I do this after my others exercise and I complete with this one at the End 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Mary Rose Delos Santos

    Hi would like to ask does the arms need to be flat on the ground? thanks

  4. Judy

    Did it yesterday. It gave me a leg and lower back pain that hasn't disappeared yet till now. So I did it again tonight maybe it will help. The pain I got isn't so painful but is bothersome. Like a hunger pain something.

  5. Jason Wang

    Nothing replaces healthy eating an good exercise. Remember that there is no miracle solution to lose weight. This method is actually amazing in the fact that it positions your organs into the place they are meant to be. I dont have the science behind it but my metabolism feels faster and I do see a difference in waist circumference. It takes a few days to get use to it. Ive been doing it twice a day along with a mild 10min HIIT exercise routine and no real change in diet and I feel great!

  6. Sabahat Yaqoob

    Whos perform this till 2020😉😉😊😊

  7. Everythingwillbeok EWBOK

    Starting today 23 Sept, 2019 Will update after a month. I will also take before and after pics. My spine & organs need some realigning.🙏

  8. monica sonia

    I tried this and already did 2 rounds before, first thing I noticed is a bit flat belly, may not seem obvious but I'll keep doing this,

    Can't wait to be in jean & 😂

  9. Pooja Chowdary

    I just tried it!! I can't even move my hands now😣 Try it guys I think it will help you for sure..

  10. Dalia Ibrahem khalil

    Are this make me longer?

  11. waileng p

    am i suppose to suspend hands and feet in the air? can someone help?

  12. Kylie Greaves

    But it doesn't say whether your upper or lower body is still touching the ground or holding itself up like an upside down plank! Are you having to hold any part of your body up off of the floor?

  13. waileng p

    looks like hands and feet in the air?

  14. r

    im starting this today

  15. Jeraldine Crawford

    This works together with apple cider vinegar. I lost 3kgs weight in in a month.

  16. Anand Roongta

    Thanks for the information. Kindly upload a demo video. May i extend the time from 5 minutes to 10 mts or more.

  17. Tr.Shweta Vishwakarma

    Kya ise raat me sote smy kr skte h?

  18. Nur Athirah

    It's not easy tho. Phewww

  19. Ruby Selvam

    I gonna do this and will update after a month

  20. Aairah's World

    I went through ecotopic pregnancy surgery and my left fallopian tube is removed…..now I completed my 6 months…can I do this exercise…..plse suggest me…..my gynaecologist is out of station and I dnt hv her personal number so plse don't suggest me to ask her😁…..will it effect my right tube?……I should be more careful bcuse I need babies…..so plse suggest me to this exercise r not?

  21. Bendy Cocoa

    I tried this for 3 weeks so far. I can actually see a difference, my posture is better and I have lost weight around my middle.

  22. Jyoti khatri

    Can I do this exercise during periods

  23. Vada Aranza

    Am back guys I started last July 25, although I skip four days it’s really help me ..

  24. Ralph Bartolo

    I'm not sure about losing weight. But for sure it feels good on the back.

  25. Greg Dahlen

    why would this help you lose weight more than holding other postures

  26. Autumn A

    It's been a week since I did this and my back hurts every time I do it!! No progress yet. 😕

  27. Raissa

    I will try it and update after a week 🌧

  28. Nikki Cool

    Can my Palms touch the ground

  29. Simona P

    Thanks, it worked for me quite well

  30. S. Collins

    I did this for back pain and it worked after 3 days. It also relieved the stiffness in my joints. I guess you can’t knock it until you try it. I’m going to keep going.

  31. Holly Taylor

    So can your back and legs touch the ground? Cause it is incredibly hard to keep them lifted up!

  32. V Kitchenz

    I've tried this a few time. I'm having low back pain and vertigo. Not sure if it's related

  33. Meng LaiMeng

    How to join pinky in this position?

  34. David Stainer

    I love Japanese women 😁

  35. Judy Morgan

    Day 2

  36. Marina Schanz Taras

    My cat is called Toshiki 😄😄😄

  37. Manus 623

    Hardest part for me was trying to keep arms palms down. Otherwise, it feels good so far. Definitely cracked my back in a good way. No tummy results yet but have only been doing this a few days.

  38. Vada Aranza

    Just done so painful the lower back after the method😔#1

  39. PJ

    Wow it really works!

    I was doing this positioning for about 2 weeks and couldn't figure out why people were complaining about pain. I was doing it wrong! Hello to me!

    The towel has to be below your navel, at the top of your buttocks to get the full effect.

    This morning I did it the correct way and, oh boy, I could feel the difference right away. I did the full 5 minutes through the discomfort but you know, as I started walking around doing regular things, I could feel the difference.

    This does work and believe it or not, I look forward to tomorrow morning and the 5 minutes of discomfort. Call me strange, but I can take it and welcome the change. Awesome! Give it a try and if you have to, work your way up to 5 minutes.

    Remember, towel is below the navel. All the best to everyone.

  40. Tech Ideas Marathi

    When to do this early morning and how many times in a day

  41. mila a

    how long can i stay in this position?

  42. imelda Diane

    Goshh..tried this out and totally its not easy..had my hands & body shivering and got low back pain to get up from the rolled towel..fiuhhh..

  43. Bootsycurie

    Update 31 days:

    Lost -3 cm around waist
    Posture is much better
    No back pain
    Sleep is same as before but could be due to other bad habits

    Also wanna add, during these 30 days I stopped exercising completely to see the full results of the towel, and I am very impressed! Thank you for this video.

    Update 7 days:

    Lost -3 cm around waist.
    Posture is better.
    Less back pain.
    Better sleep.

  44. Faith Njue

    going to try this out. will come back with results after a month. 17th July, 2019.

  45. zainab Abdullah

    I am starting today and did 3mins of but it's difficult….. My waist is 45 and weight is about 96.5 kg…. I am doing walk for past 3-4 days now InshaAllah will let you guys know after a week

  46. Daniel Tutuca

    Do you need to be away from the floor? Or may your feet and hands touch the ground?

  47. Nayeema Rashid

    Form today 13 July 2019 i am gonna try this. And see if it works!

  48. Bootsycurie

    Omg I tried this two times now and both times I can feel how my pelvic/legs/ feet regulate themsleves. It's almost like a twitching feeling, but symmetrical on both legs. I have lower back problems. This is amazing. Thank you!

  49. Xalimar Arendt

    I Will definitely try it!! Thank you

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