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    Wooooo got this video out before taking my ass to the Urgent Care lol….As I was uploading this video Jeffree Star updated his twitter that he is going to have a call with shopify to address these issues…I will keep you posted! <3

  2. Dramakins

    His confirmation page should have an order number. So folks can feel secure their order was placed

  3. jennifer Loy fairhurst

    You certainly don't sound like someone with 103 fever! Teeth are hard to stop chattering!!!🙄

  4. Cat T

    It's 100% fine that Tati delayed the new product launch, but my problem with it is she waited til the very last second to announce the delay. People were waiting and saving their money for something that wasn't coming.

  5. Octobervengeance

    Tati realized nobody wants overpriced vitamins when they can get a bottle of biotin for $5 so she started her own makeup brand like everyone else this year lmao. Her palette was boring the house, with a plain color story you could get compacts of from maybelline or L’Oréal and boring packaging. Hope her next launch has something with unique design and a more interesting color story. Looked like a morphe palette 😭

  6. Jensen Wilson

    Happened to me. I was so fucking livid! This has happened to me twice now! Said I got it but I didn’t. I was waiting for 40 minutes on my phone the second time and my husband got on AFTER and bought a mini box in 5 minutes!! I was supposed to be “in line” but yet my husband could get something before me even tho I was “in line”.

  7. Poor Mom life

    Omg pleaseeeeee pick me!!!
    I want it soooo bad!!
    @melissaward865 on ig

  8. Leyroroy Andrade

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love your Videos ❤️❤️❤️😘😘

  9. rubianna curran

    Jeffree Stars team should have known the sites would have crashed, if only 10,000 people can be on the site at once 😂

  10. Casey Sloan

    I think the real problem is, shopify is the best JSC can use, right now, nothing else exists… it's just impossible to handle the traffic that they are getting… maybe he should do several mini launches… like throughout the week…. (obvi wouldn't work for black friday, but for future launches esp if SD is involved) do 20,000 per day…. that would cut down on traffic and shipping issues… also maybe people wouldn't freak out if they knew they could get online and get it the next day or in 3 days with the mini launches… spread them out….. right?

  11. Casey Sloan

    I'm so glad Tati is waiting… it's very Tati of her… she's always more concerned with her fans than she is with launches and sales … it is the right thing to do, idk if she would have gotten much hate if she had done a Black Friday before pre-sales were out… but just the fact that she thought of her fans first, and would hate for them to be waiting even longer…. love that.

  12. maddie moncada

    thank you for that adam and eve discount👀👀👀👀

  13. dale Reeds

    Jeffree should go with AWS for his site at this point, he needs something that can manage the traffic he's getting consistently

  14. Elizabeth Escandon

    I didn’t get one 😭😭😭 i just wanted the mini mystery box cause I’m so broke …tried to put my info in and it couldn’t find me so it through me back in waiting cue and sold out …definitely mad me sad and upset but also happy for Jeffree’s success

  15. Aaron Brocco

    I got that your Order has been confirmed screen too but I actually got a confirmation email. I only bought the extreme frost trio though, not the mystery box.

  16. Victoria Littlefield

    I got my box really easily but I also did it a couple minutes before launch because they appeared around 4 minutes early. I barely waited in the queue and went smoothly. Thank god because I had the opposite experience with the Shane dawson palette. Waited hours and got nothing.

  17. Courtney D

    Hope that you're feeling better soon. I think that's a smart move on Tatis part for saving her new launch after. I told everyone in one of the many makeup groups that I'm in that what happened with Shane's launch will happen again for black friday on JSC

  18. ruby da cherry

    the only things ive ever bought from jeffree star are the conspiracy pallets and this deluxe box n i got both 🤷🏻‍♀️obviously had problems with the conspiracy launch but no problems w this box at all

  19. Megan Schwan

    Wouldn’t it be a scandal if Tati beauty launch is a highlighter?!

  20. Donna Dietrich

    I got all the way through too and got the message stating that I'd get an email. I did pay with Paypal, so I thought it was a Paypal glitch. Now that I see I'm not the only one, I will switch the blame to Shoppify…dammit!

  21. Jessica rabbit Carpenter

    Yes I sat there for a hour trying to get a mystery box all sold out after I had in my cart

  22. PcCosplays

    I bought all 3 mystery boxes as soon as they went live, I DID have the same issues but waited patiently for those screens to refresh on their own. I DID receive the email that asked me to finalize the order since i checked out via paypal and after about 5 minutes THEN thats when it processed my entire order. I feel VERY VERY LUCKY to have even gotten a chance to grab a mystery box for the first time ever

  23. Constanta D.

    This definitely isn't his fault, BUT he does need to take responsibility and fire Shopify. They can't handle his volume of sales and it's going to start reflecting negatively for his brand.

  24. Soph And juju raps

    He launched it 5 minutes early i was on the site for like 30 minutes and kept on refreshing and it came out 5 minutes early I was kinda confused by that but thank god i got my hands in the medium sized box!

  25. Hailey Shuey

    My order went through just fine! Got my mini box cause I’m a broke bitch

  26. Natascha C.

    I used your code and got a Clone a Willy from Adam and Eve ❤

  27. Stephanie Spencer

    I think tati made the right choice.

  28. Chrystia

    Jeffree needs to really big up on numbers he's selling. If your launch is selling out in literally minutes there needs to be an increase in volume. That brand has had mad growth and I'm sure he's planning to expand he's not an idiot. But they can only buy as buildings empty. So we will see

  29. SerchingForIrvine

    Im gonna get a "double dong" for me and my new gf 😄

  30. Bre Giordano

    tati is a bomb ass business owner i love her for that! i still really wanna get her palette whenever it comes back in stock🙌🏼 i struggled with jeffree’s site on thursday too but i never had an issue before. i tried getting an extreme frost and was waiting a really long time, then it sold out. then i tried just getting blood sugar and a concealer and it still wouldn’t let me. i gave up and then remembered beautylish exists and got my order through them !! jeffree 10000% needs a new company shopify sucks

  31. Chrystia

    Tati chin is so distracting 🤣🤣 I'm guessing it's highlighter

  32. obsidiana07

    Jeffree really needs to get his shit together with the mystery box stuff, I honestly don't buy anything from his launches because of how bad things have gotten with the ordering items on his site. My sister always gets kicked out of her cart and it's always sold out when she goes back in to try to buy something. That is beyond ridiculous.

  33. Cheyanne Fitch

    I was able to get my order to go through

  34. Nash Lace

    So in other words … the one time I was able to afford the mystery box … my order was never actually put through 😭😭😭

  35. Michelle Long

    His brand has become way to big for Shopify… He needs to search for other resolutions such as his brand coming out in other stores such as ulta or Sephora…

  36. Rebeka Garcia

    I was one of the unfortunate souls that got the thank you for your order with no confirmation but my card was charged then the money got returned after 24 hours

  37. Liz B

    Lol… Great spirit… You'll come out like a champ! 💕

  38. deanka1020

    I had issues with Shane's website. There is a place where you can put in your email for a notification when new merch comes back in for restock, and it doesn't work at all. Black Friday, I was on that website for like 6 hours, and not once did it load. By the time it did, I was taking a nap from studying for finals and everything was sold out by then. I was totally disappointed, because neither Shane or Jeffree ever said when their Black Friday sale would go live.

  39. Sweet Sunshine89

    Omg I’ve placed orders with Sephora and had them contact me letting me know it was actually sold out and refunded it’s makeup not the end of the world

  40. LilyOfLife

    I hope Tati and Jeffree cancel Kylie Jenner's existence, by evidence of Jenner's lack of professionalism and Tati and Jeffree actually take care of their customers

  41. Heather O'Day

    My order went completely through just fine without any hitch. I could tell that the site was starting to slow down by the time I hit checkout but I honestly didn't wait more than 2-3 minutes to fully check out. It's all about timing, people

  42. Karissa Dionne

    My order was “confirmed” aswell, and my money was refunded two hours later -_- Shopify needs to get their shit together.

  43. KaityKatastrophex0

    Feel better nick!!!! Your health comes first!

  44. fata morgana

    this hysteria over product launches is a prominent feature of late stage capitalism

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