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  1. Ryan Reed

    His fake screams and “shook” act is so fucking annoying. We get it, people do their makeup differently now. Satan in Hell

  2. cloun academy recruit

    D I S T U R B E D

  3. Belinda Enata

    He didn’t even look that bad, ( on camera)

  4. gardemia

    Tbh, there are a lot of people who use their fingers to apply foundation, n most of them hv glass skin n do simple n natural makeup, so yeah idk what's to be surprised, especially back in the days there aren't many brush use when applying makeup

  5. Sweet creature Jimin

    1:15 his reaction is so funny

  6. Priyanka Ali

    It’s just comparing
    Not dragging lol

  7. Priyanka Ali

    Nothing about dragging lol

  8. Mandy Phenom

    I saw the title and thought… He's dragging Michelle Phan????? SCANDELOUS!! LMAO

  9. Laila Syeda

    Jeffree star who????

  10. Savannah Miguel

    To be fair, women’s features tend to look nicer with more subtle makeup. The heavier, bolder and much more layered makeup is worn better by men who use makeup and doesn’t look as good on women.

  11. Some girl named Karla

    Me when I didn't understand a single word my math teacher said: 2:08


    When my crush likes me back 1:44

  13. Alicia S.

    Just found out I do my makeup like a grandma

  14. Virtual Gaming Cat

    1:31 just.. Just listen with your eyes closed for a few seconds

  15. vkoa LoL

    jeffree video vs shook is a whole different type of video. Shook really made it look like Jeffree was shading the video. Okay I see you

  16. jessica duplito

    I missed these videos of him

  17. Jasmine M.

    “The jawbreaker palette is going to beat her ass” 😂😂😭

  18. broke fool

    i'm sorry but what is that vest

  19. Owl Love123

    Oh I love glamour daze

  20. Poppy Anus Mcanus

    Come on dude of course they were doing things differently then lol

  21. emma bonfield

    If the girl in the video is still alive they should do a collab 😂

  22. Angela Ziegler

    Hey! That old tutorial video taught us to do natural and simple make-up

  23. Eoin Lynch

    how can you support such a toxic person

  24. Ana Patterson

    the timeline of this video was a journey

  25. Mint sugar

    And went wOoH-

  26. mandie kithcart

    I’m so glad you made this bc I watched his video last night and I was laughing so hard at his screaming and comments. Your video is edited perfectly to put in all the parts where I died laughing!

  27. That one youtuber 》》


    when u see your friend in class

  28. meek

    ouh from the title, i thought he had beef with michelle phan lmao

  29. Hope For Animals

    The title tho XD the oldest beauty guru LMAO

  30. Psychic M

    Yet, they look prettier back then.

  31. marieeeg

    This is misleading AF lmao why yall do Jeffree like that

  32. Zoe Rae

    “COSMETITION” I’m ☠️

  33. gem yah

    Never get why they're always so shocked that these old tutorials dont feature techniques that only came into prominence in the last 5-10 years lol

  34. Shaquille Oatmeal

    W H A T ! ?

  35. Xye


  36. Nancy Raga

    I feel like he is going to live forever

  37. stop

    0:24 jeffree be getting that minecraft steak

  38. Bless Lara

    he's not actually dragging her tho??? I mean if you watch the whole video, jeffree just seemed genuinely shocked with the way people in the 60s apply their makeup

  39. Kelly Troy

    “The jawbreaker pallet is gonna beat her ass” lolllll

  40. Jenics Park

    Watch the whole video guys. So you'll know if he's really dragging the old beauty guru or not. 🙄

  41. Jenics Park

    I watched the whole video. He isn't dragging the beauty guru. He was just surprised, but it ended really well and he's satisfied on the result.

  42. bu3asalli

    1:12 why are they dragging me from the 60s though 😭

  43. Madhura Kurhe

    Why y'all trying to make Jeffree look bad for showing us his genuine reaction? He obviously knows that make up was waaaaay different back in the sixties. Jeffree's just used to a full face of makeup so he's bound to be a little surprised. Not to mention, he's always been loud with his reactions, but at least they're always genuine and truthful. And if you would've watched his entire video, you'd have noticed that he actually thought the final look was pretty. So he didn't drag anybody 😛

  44. Sacrimony

    Most people commenting here have obviously not watched the original video where he says a lot of nice things about this tutorial

  45. Delikaadann

    Ah hahhhhhhhhh

  46. min suga

    Times change but there's always different ways to do your make up. It's really up to the person's preference

  47. Tyra Davis

    Oh, I thought Jeffree was the oldest beauty guru he sure looks like it

  48. Tylah Jay

    “Dragging” LMAO sis please that’s just Jeffree. Clickbait who? Can’t relate.

  49. YamilizIvette

    He wasn’t even dragging 😂 he was just shook lol you really out here reaching for drama to be created.

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