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  1. Liz Hahn

    thank you shoeless joe jackson hope your tour brings you to phoenix

  2. Cl4rendon

    My Dad played me this back in 83 on his tape deck as a boy – Since then i love this song until today .. That piano solo is really from another world!

  3. Mark Dorman D

    Lyrics, apparently give you cancer.

  4. Ludo de Kort

    Shout at the devil.No fear!Thus winning always, both ways , either in this or in the next life.

  5. Catherine Codjia

    Fantastic piano solo !


    This marvellous song gave me the irony & levity that I needed to help me get through having rare, aggressive GIST cancer. If you can't laugh, you'll cry. Bossa nova cancer beat created the perfect soundscape to beat cancer to that cancer- beat.
    (Thanks, Joe!)

  7. Anne Delava

    Génial !

  8. Nannette Nerenberg

    Robbie, this is a cool song, do you like it?

  9. walt686868

    Yeah, this is just slamming. It’s not Beyoncé though! 🤠

  10. koki quispe

    Esta version no lo escuchaba desde 1982 que buenaza.

  11. David Maholchic

    Top 25 piano solos of all time

  12. Burt472

    True that……

  13. Nater Caakes

    Googled "Joe Jackson Cancer", cause Joe Jackson just died of cancer, and now I have a new favorite song.

  14. sarahs279

    Love this song! Grew up listening to Joe Jackson in college. A classic song and he is so talented!

  15. mjproebstle

    greatest piano solo in contemporary music ever

  16. Eissari4

    Song about 2010s

  17. Salvatore Vecchio


  18. ModelSupplies

    As true today as it was 30+ years ago.

  19. EG. M

    It's funny cause it's true.

  20. Cockney Red

    loose AND tight at the same time.

  21. briannaald

    i too love sony ericsson music maker

  22. Martin Franco

    I'd only heard the Spanish version by Hector Lavoe. We all thought this was a Hilarious song when it came out in the 80's in Spanish speaking NYC. And it was true, back then, every other week, something new in the news supposedly gave you "cancer or this or that illness" and we said, F…It, might as well keep on drinking and smoking, It's hopeless!!! Lol…
    I assumed Hector's was the original, never heard this version until today. Interesting that Joe Jackson was really influenced by Latin New York in 1982. You can hear a lot of Latin rhythms in his music, especially on this album, and then the great Salsa singer, Hector Lavoe translated this into Spanish and made an absolute classic in the Salsa genre. PS. Check out Hector's version for some great piano riffing… Plus Hector's vocal improvising is too funny if you understand Spanish….

  23. raffaella

    Non c'è cura, non c'è risposta. E' vero ma capirlo è tutt'altra cosa .. Grande Joe Jackson !

  24. CNTower


  25. Dee Palmer

    So where are the lyrics???

  26. SpankyMonkey


  27. hortense234

    For piano nuts, around 3:00 it gets real interesting… and for cancer survivors, it's all great. I had cancer. I loved this song before I had cancer. And I love it now.

  28. Kelly Alves

    Test https://youtu.be/WsQyru5ACmA

  29. Sparkly84

    My 8th grade English teacher played me this song. Plus, I've never really had cancer.

  30. Joel Wells

    my kids think I wrote this

  31. Dave Spagnol

    Another day on Facebook, another warning, usually with no links to medical or scientific research attached, telling you not to use this, eat that or do the other. Ripped to shreds by Mr Jackson, and good music too.

  32. Noah

    ayye so true!

  33. jack strong

    Esto lo canto tambien Hecto Lavoe.

  34. justtowatvid18bs

    Now that I actually have cancer…

  35. A Normal Stop Sign

    The anthem of the internet

  36. HandyAndy Tech Tips

    I love the bad note at 0:12 – this music is made by a real musician, who isn't afraid to make the occasional mistake 🙂

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