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  1. Dakota Rose

    I usually put JRE podcasts on 1.25 speed to get through videos sooner but I didnt need to for this video as it's only 2 hrs AND Weil is super quick with his thinking! The dude is super quick and older. That gives me a lot of confidence in what he is all about.

  2. Robert Anthony

    Cool to see Joe disagreeing

  3. Jean-Michael Negron

    1:16 joe is so skeptical. Who else has seen a high person get shot or taser and not flinch??

  4. Jean-Michael Negron

    My personal experience with the power of our mind. When I drink a lot and I think I’m about to blow chunks. I do…

  5. vehmic

    I wonder if Joe enjoyed True Food Kitchen.

  6. mark s

    I really enjoy truly smart people. Thank you Dr. Weil, and Joe.

  7. Just A person person

    I believe the mi'kmaq people don't have any swear words?

  8. carlos

    26:30 jamie should have been punished For that

  9. Mike383HK

    The thing people must understand is that unknowingly Doctors and dentists especially are killing us. Never get a mercury amalgam filling and especially never get a root canal. They are toxic to the utmost degree. I had a bad back since I was 11 years old. I stayed in shape and ignored the pain. It worked until 2013 when I could not walk or stand. Then it was never ending surgeries. Most psoriasis is cause by candida albicans. It causes MS, fungal infections, skin disease, auto immune disorders. Sweating? If you use antiperspirant and you are male or female your chances of getting breast cancer are exponentially raised. 85% of breast cancer start in your sweat glands in your armpits. Oncology is only truly 5% effective. A trillion dollars a year. What a scam.

  10. Alison DB

    Watched this a few weeks ago. My son was in Tokyo for college summer session – asked him to bring me back some Matcha(?) Tea. He did bring back the tea & said he likes Matcha tea. But bonus, he brought home a box of KitKat Matcha candy – I’m yet to try it😉😀

  11. JustPast12

    I’ve had anxiety for 15 years. I agree 100% that breathing exercises are the best natural remedy. I recently quit benzos and I’m doing much better.

  12. Neil McMahon

    Strange guy. It appears like he doesn't listen to Joe. He is just hearing him and prefers the sound of his own voice more. He interrupts Joe and changes topic without any interest in Joe's anecdotes.
    Uh uh, yeah, hmm, hmm, yeah, yes, uh uh.

  13. Mike jones

    So this guy eats healthy but his breathing says otherwise…

  14. E C

    Hawaiian language has No swear words Joe.

  15. PaleRider

    Gives Credence to Jesus when he said over and over to people he healed that is was THEIR faith and belief that healed them… Metaphysics

  16. Carlton Holmes

    Marijuana isn’t that great, also whenever you have a traumatic experience happen to you between your developmental stages of your body; it makes you not properly develop. It’s called ACE test. Look it up. Also did I mention marijuana isn’t that great for you.

  17. Kevin Ennis

    This guy doesn't sound like he looks like Dan dennett. Speaking of that, Dan would be a great podcast guest!! I'm sure he is busy though 😭😭😭

  18. Grant Garringer

    The mouth noises made me stop listening

  19. Kyle E.

    Someone please read and reply. ( Thank you if you do. )

    In regard to anxiety, if I don't do some sort of physical strenuous activity for a few days I feel an extreme amount of anxiousness, to the point of low self esteem. I'll feel like everyone is judging me and that I'm always less than impressive.

    If I do something as simple as a set of 80 curls with a resistant band, I'll feel great the remainder of the day.

    Why is this?

  20. Shane Gaffey

    I am right. We were infiltrated

    Heads are gonna roll.

    Let it Be Written

  21. Michelle Rukny

    Yes the body does have the ability to detoxify but as he said, there can be something blocking it from doing so: I.e. heavy metals, medications, pesticides, bacteria, toxins, environmental toxins and more… detoxing from heavy metals and vaccines can change a persons entire outcome…

  22. bladeswillxbleed

    Try taking a look into the body's different physiological response to shaolin monks that works are directly involved with overcoming the physical world's pain with their mind.

  23. Anders Eklund

    Consciousness affects the universe becaaaause… The universe is consciousness! David Wilcock goes deep on this i recommend looking him up :):)

  24. TomYoga Channel

    Really good points, Joe! (Metal, etc)

  25. TomYoga Channel

    What’s the breathing technique for anxiety, doc?

  26. TomYoga Channel

    Tony Robbins firewalk is bullshit. Physics, water, steam and conductivity.

  27. TomYoga Channel

    They showed us Reefer Madness in Health class in1980. We were so confused.

  28. David Robinson

    Dark, black, BURNT coffee? Oh, your naivety is absolutely amazing, Joe! Just because coffee is drank black and dark doesn't mean that it's burnt! SMFH Black coffee is the only way to drink it. If you ruin coffee with creamer and sugar, your taking away the entire purpose of having all the different flavors there are if the different types of coffee beans. Coffee is like wine; there are so many different flavors and aromas for the palet.

  29. Lacey R

    frowns at my room full of crystals.

  30. EraseMeWhole

    I loved listing to this dude! One of the better podcasts for sure. PLEASE get him on again!

  31. Dean Coleman

    Joe Rogan is so frustrating, i dont know how hes had this podcast for so long.

  32. lofiheadchange

    Lol the Lil b hex.

    based god

  33. Pinar Gosterisli

    Open up your mind man! You cant experience it yourself then Of course, you dont believe it! So you are limiting yourself to scientific studies and conditioning. Just because "you dont buy it" and you limit yourself doesnt mean it doesnt exist or cant happen. What we lnow is so minuscule and you sound so ignorant Let the guy talk and shut up. bored…

  34. Evz4Real

    I got given sertraline 150mg for anxiety/panic, one of the worst things I’ve been on. Ruined my life

  35. Matthew Norton

    I wonder if this is before Rogan became aware of Wim Hof and his methods.

  36. Adrian Carstens

    Do you by any chance mean TPX / Pantone? I mean color spectrum? All I have is black beans… but THATS kinda winner winner chicken dinner.

  37. Thomas Lehmann

    I LOVE that guy. Thanks a lot, hearing all the things he said gave me a lot of faith in the future.

  38. deanna libby

    Psychedelic medicine needs to be considered as legit medical treatment for people.

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