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  1. Samantha Dolloway

    Joe is hotttttttttttttttttttt 😍😍😍😍😍 wow

  2. Jeff Keeth

    Bring a drag queen on there.

  3. Prince Amin

    It says ball on the wall.

  4. Julie Ann

    Yup scrotox is totally a thing, just looked it up LOL

  5. Wonder Woman

    this mother fucker said like a pumpkin xD im crying

  6. Jacob Mayle

    Look at a picture of mike Kelly and tell me he doesn’t creep you out

  7. Sierra Loren

    Danny looks INCREDIBLY attractive this episode

  8. Allison Pollard

    Bahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaa!!!! Scrotox… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  9. majken c

    Didn’t they mention Scrotox (?) in another episode?

  10. a mess™

    Danny looks FIRE in that shirt 👀👀

  11. Baque

    Danny's looking 🔥

  12. 123 seth2648

    Decrease checks and better jawline

  13. Tommy Ritter

    Joe mentions scrotox in another episode.

  14. Kaitlin Kal Lee

    Scrotox 💀

  15. Michael Boland

    Gatto seemed a little nervous on the video portion but he’s got nothing to worry about, he came across really well on the podcast (audio and video) and I’d love it if you had him back on as a guest in the future

  16. Michael Boland

    Danny is looking fire without a hat on!! He got the flow

  17. Feathered Lemurs

    What equipment do you use for recording your podcast?

  18. KittyCatDiva 11

    If they do vaginal rejuvenation, they have to do a ball lift haha 😂

  19. Samantha Shanks

    Joe ur too good looking to need cosmetic surgery

  20. Spectre | Gaming

    Whats up with the no comments on the new video, what did you people say 😛

  21. Will Herondale

    i GoT aDdIcTeD tO oPiOiDs

  22. Romina B

    Joey is very cute tbh

  23. Pam Generose

    Joeeeeee, stop, you're like perfect. Ugh…..I'm so old.

  24. Spongegar

    Joey is a whole snack

  25. Karina Encarnacion

    There is a plastic surgeon on Snapchat named Dr.Miami that lets you see his surgeries on snap and he has a friend doctor who does AB ETCHING where they Give you ABS. Its the craziest thing ever!

  26. Lindsey Gill


  27. myheartsnsocal

    Scrotox is indeed a thing. Thank you new generation of people.

  28. itwhoitis me

    Why are the comments disabled on the micropenises video ??

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