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  1. Katherine Dobbs

    I loved this song when I did in choir! A beautiful performance(esp the altos!)

  2. MrToddUlmer

    i sang this in high school choir. one of my favorites

  3. Tams-Alasia


  4. Sascha Bach

    Best hymn ever written.

  5. Molly Douthett

    WOW!!! This is great – thank you so much!

  6. Edith Smith

    Check out his requiem! That's the stuff!

  7. Kylie Shi

    was it just me or did anyone hear a loud wrong note being played at the end 3:44

  8. Foxy Playz

    I am at a music high school and i sing this
    its beautiful

  9. Juanito Madrid

    Beautiful, your choir have angelic voices!! thanks for uploading.

  10. Panggung Boneka

    Beautiful and full of love

  11. Roche Tuturuu

    I always remember the song. Memory in my school singing together . A Clare Benediction,Look at The World,and For the Beauty of the Earth. 😇

  12. Maarten

    Excellent. One of the best renditions.

  13. juliana salazar

    Am not juliana am Juana his little child bu ti have 11 years old

  14. juliana salazar

    I Love so much this song and y sing this song in My chorus

  15. kecen qian

    children singing is the sound of Heaven!

  16. That_theater_kid_08

    I am in 5th grade and we did this for our all-county concert but we couldn’t hear the altos that good I btw I was an alto

  17. Carla Corcoran

    I love that song! I sang it the choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

  18. Tafseer

    I am singing this in the Durham Cathedral with my class! and other songs like Homeward Bound and All things bright and beautiful & more! I can't wait!

  19. Tommy Lau


  20. Marianne Burden

    We are performing this song in a choir competition at school and I am so thankful I saw this video

  21. Powermax let's play

    I have this Song in my Musik class i Liked really

  22. Vincent Abril

    Beautiful <3

  23. Alan Bishop

    What do people in Wisconsin call two-way radios? Milwaukee-Talkies!

  24. Oh baby jams

    I love this song. I remember singing this song in highschool with my choir.

  25. Aaron Jason

    Exceptional school choir.  That was beautiful.

  26. Enya Heirbaut

    i'm actually singing it in choir right now and I wish we had such strong altos, I would love to have some strong altos, then me and the rest of the sopranos wouldn't feel as if we are the only ones singing….

  27. Jim Wentworth


  28. Jim Wentworth

    It would be nice if they would sing the actual xsong with the actual tune. Not some rewritten script to make young america entertained.

  29. Achor Akeleojo

    This song gives me the chills always…

  30. Theresa Burgess

    Original last two verses:
    For Thy Bride that evermore
    Lifteth holy hands above,
    Offering up on every shore
    This Pure Sacrifice of Love:
    Christ, our God, to Thee we raise
    This our Sacrifice of Praise.
    For Thy Martyrs' crown of light,
    For Thy Prophets' eagle eye,
    For Thy bold Confessors' might,
    For the lips of Infancy:
    Christ, our God, to Thee we raise
    This our Sacrifice of Praise.
    For Thy Virgins' robes of snow,
    For Thy Maiden Mother mild,
    For Thyself, with hearts aglow,
    Jesu, Victim undefiled,
    Offer we at Thine own Shrine
    Thyself, sweet Sacrament Divine.

  31. eileen fahy

    Just gorgeous. Well done.

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