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  1. Ashley S

    <3 JVN

  2. Miranda Braaten

    Yay!! I love this so much!!!♥️😍♥️

  3. Haha Yeah I've Heard of Memes

    The acting mechanism behind using lemon juice as a deoderant is in its acidic properties. The low pH of the acid in lemon juice theorerically kills some bacteria as each bactiera have their optimal pH range for survival. However I've found that the sugar in lemons can sometimea be counteractive :')) so it really depends on the person and lemon itself

  4. Mari Rodriguez

    Yasssss love this

  5. Armida Ordorica

    Yes lime works as deodorant! It will not last all day however it’s better than deodorant with aluminum🙃

  6. leelian saavedra

    Make up tut!!!!!!!

  7. jrnast88

    I love JVN!!!! 😁

  8. Jen Soto


  9. Jen Soto


  10. Liz Anya


  11. Megan Carney

    You look way better with short hair girl

  12. Marlenne Castaneda

    Watching this while I’m HIGH AF. Sooo amusing!

  13. Paige Watson

    This is at Dr. Mona’s and I loving that all these worlds are colliding right now 💜

  14. Nohely's Vlogs

    OMG! That exact thing with the toothpaste happened to me toooo. It was awful

  15. Mariana Isabel Hurtado

    Omg i absolutely love JVN!!! I liked the video before even watching it just because he is here!!

  16. Bianca Santa Cruz

    The limon en la axila works!!!!! Testes girl! ✅

  17. Hannah Glesman

    The video we didn’t know we needed

  18. Megan McLeland

    Girl I just need to let you know that you wrote "there" instead of "their" in your description 🙁

  19. Gemma Bailey

    Love them both. Felt like the chemistry was off between them though …?

  20. Nickie

    I know people say it’s unhealthy to wash your hair, but damn I need to feel fresh and smell good. If I don’t shower I feel like my head is so itchy.

  21. LiAnne Sipraseuth

    I loved this!

  22. Aliyah K

    the collab i never knew i needed

  23. Veroka

    He has such an intense stare. The way he looks into desi’s soul when she speaks. 😦

  24. Viannel Liliana

    omg my mom uses lime as deodorant i think its a Mexican thing and it works for her.

  25. Nessa Santana

    This is what I found on using lemon under armpits ; lemon juice can, in fact, be useful as a natural deodorant because the citric acid in it kills bacteria and odor. To be clear, it won't really help when it comes to keeping you dry, though.

  26. Elzara

    Parabens are not bad.

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