Jung's psychology's attitude towards anxiety

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Anxiety is a very common disease in today's world, in large part because we feel in a hurry, oppress and push performances, pay mortgages, deal with children, and most importantly, live a fulfilling life. No wonder we have anxiety. But what is the anxiety that tries to tell us? From the perspective of Jung's psychology, anxiety is a way of telling us about lifestyle imbalances. We need to see that the mind is telling us clear messages about our one-sided life and gently asking us to change this, rather than treating anxiety as something that can be eliminated. From this perspective, anxiety symptoms can lead us to get rid of lifestyles that are no longer effective.

Carl Jung believes that anxiety symptoms are purposeful, functional, and have a goal – to change our way of life. When we eliminate symptoms through drugs, we deny that the wisdom of the mind is normal and natural. When many of us experience middle-aged crises, anxiety often occurs in middle age. The first half of life aims to build our identity, our relationships, our profession, and build the necessary resources to accomplish all of these tasks. However, for a while we need to turn inward, encounter unconscious content [usually provided to us in the form of a dream], and look for the essential meaning of life. What is my life goal? Why am I here? How can I live a more balanced, natural life? The anxiety is that this often prompts us to answer these questions. Next, you will feel anxious. What do you want your heart to tell you? What I am doing is causing anxiety and then starting to resolve the cause of the symptoms, not the cure.

If we answer this question – trying to tell me what anxiety is – we start to solve this problem. This may mean that some changes have taken place in your lifestyle, but this change does not necessarily mean that you become less competent or less valued, but that you are beginning to pay more attention to the wisdom of the mind than before. By addressing the causes of anxiety and changing lifestyles, anxiety should be reduced to achieve its goals – guiding you towards a more full and balanced lifestyle.

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