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  1. Mohit Kumar

    First of all clear your funda, Kapalbhati is not a yogasana as you said; it's a kriya. How can you be so irresponsible and misguiding!

  2. Zoomi zoomi

    But ap ki belly pr fat q hy??
    Ap to kitni fit and smart hen to phr???????????

  3. Nikita Garg

    How much should i do in one go?

  4. prakash vaishnav

    आपने उल्टा कपालभाति किया है।

  5. Axeemyoga

    I love to do it at my channel

  6. Vinita Patange

    Can 8yrs old do this?

  7. Malkhan Singh

    Best yog teacher

  8. Asma Ajmeri


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