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  1. ik 12

    So pretties 😍😍

  2. Bella Saint Onge

    Trying to make it smaller? F u too lol

  3. Tayler Rhymer

    Kim's camel toe at 8:06

    Lol, sorry couldn't help but look

  4. Aeriel Johnson

    Friends with the dr. How bizarre

  5. melison manrore


  6. Nicole Mclean

    most of u want or have had a form of plastic surgery let Kylie do whatever she wants w her lips if it helps her insecurities then let her be, try to understand one another instead of approach with hate that reflects from within

  7. Maria Bux


  8. xoBlair

    2:23 aw kourt and khloe actually looked kinda cute together

  9. Ixchel Gil

    I thought they all used kylie skin….🤣

  10. Robert Wood

    Slop holes

  11. Felsha Miller

    When Kim goes from a Mortician to a Lawyer

  12. ixamxmsright

    If you want to see what jealousy looks like just read these comments.. these women here would exchange their lives in a minute with the K’s if they could😁

  13. AYO VICK

    @6:23 damn kim look like the corpse bride with the gray hair and dark circles around her eyes

  14. Anonymous Guy_2


  15. Sharon Dockery


  16. Fancy’s Folly

    I love saunas..not steam rooms…but that dry heat makes u feel so much better and takes stress and anxiety. Away

  17. Fancy’s Folly

    I envy sisters..I always wanted one but I have 2 knuckleheaded brothers..

  18. Cherry Blossom

    Number one beauty tip they all go to the same plastic surgeon!

  19. keisha Allen

    How tf i get here smh im not watchn another kardashian video after this one

  20. Teresa Perez

    Kim is soooo beautiful 🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍like if u agrreee!

  21. remo raltee

    plastics family😀😀😀😀😀

  22. Ruth Gomes

    Mulheres lindas🤩

  23. Ruth Gomes

    Um tratamento de estética igual a esse que eu queria é meu sonho 😍

  24. Khaleda Firooz


  25. Jaden Lindner

    “We do some pretty crazy things to get the information we need, especially when it comes to beauty and health.”

    *promotes laxative teas and sugar vitamins*

  26. Mitra Vaziri

    They Secret is Plastic Surgery

  27. Jeane Santos

    Porquê não colocam legenda neste vídeo.por favor?

  28. Joel Garcia

    Pinche abogada tan mas preparada OMG!

  29. Joel Garcia

    A poco unos pinches minutos ya se logró formar el cuerpo de piñata no mamen por eso me caen hasta la madre !

  30. Joel Garcia

    No k see la pass estudiando la pinche mentirosa?

  31. Joel Garcia

    Miren la Kendall como come como una gran marrana !

  32. Joel Garcia

    Nadien sabe ,nadien supo ,pero se comenta k El papá de storme fue el k le dió todo ese dinero a la empresaria más joven del mundo como chingaos de el maquillaje va a lograr tener todo ese dinero ?

  33. Joel Garcia

    Todo el mundo sabe k tienen más de 10 cirugías las Sterilite Kardashians para k suben sus videos K hacen mucho ejercicio no k see la pasa estudiando y k no le alcanza el tiempo ? Pinches viejas ya andan de pleito con Taylor S y una abogada no hace esas mamadas por qué tiene cabeza para evadir cualquier tipo de comentarios y sin envidias esa pinche gente ya casi les cae mal a todo el mundo pinche modo tan ridículo de una persona están hasta su pinche borracha madre !

  34. Darith Bluitt

    🤣🤣🤣 Kim like I'm a mortician for the day 😂😂🤣.
    I love you Kim.. I've watching you all for quite some time.
    Anyway it's jus a thought. 😋

  35. walter harris

    Not a good 👀 on Kloe need remove the booty. Oh no one really believed Tristan was sincere about Kloe. Why oh not really trophy ball player type at all. Turned out everyone guess was true. No real boy or man love. They were like Lamar and his apartment after marriage 🥊 Now Kim the two houses girl you better tell yezze hell no.❤️

  36. Kimberly Diaz

    I thought it was kind of funny when the plastic surgery man is looking at her butt, and her sisters are eating cookies while watching.

  37. cookie monster

    Why are they putting up old clip?
    They're beauty secret is find the best plastic surgeon money can buy. Then do some work out.

  38. Vairagya Upadhyaya

    2:03 when my mom says to get out of the house

  39. jessica pryor

    Beauty secret = MONEY! $$$$$
    If you had money wouldn't you do it too?
    Yes, I would! $$$$$$$$$$$$

  40. Kathleen Murphy

    Kim your but is bigger

  41. Sunitha Laks

    Only plastic surgery is their secret . Siiiick

  42. Amberly love

    Money 💰 is their beauty secrets.

  43. Fashion TEA

    5:57 wow! Its all good😊

  44. Athena griego

    Jonathan get a life!

  45. bahbie P

    Has a “full set of hair” lmaoo kanyeee doesn’t even have hair lol

  46. Sherry Hake

    It takes lots of work and money for a man to parade around as a female, but the fact remains, they are still men! A natural woman doesn't have to go through all this crap to be beautiful.

  47. Honesty Laishram Chanu

    All the Kardashians and Jenner will burst one day 😂🤣🤣and the world will be end. Amen…

  48. HE HE

    This is life?? For those peaople!!!!

  49. koko

    Y they all whispering ah ah ah ! Bs!

  50. Nik Tiger

    Surgery. Cosmetic treatments. Facetune + photoshop. NOTHING else. NO workouts, NO healthy eating. Just $$$

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