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  1. Bishal Bairagi Rajveer

    All time evergreen heroine ❤🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  2. Kuldeep Gupta

    I love Kat so much Kat is true inspiration

  3. Kuldeep Gupta

    Kat is big superstar

  4. Kuldeep Gupta

    Kat is so beautiful and gorgeous and cute and hot she is most beautiful girl in the world

  5. Kuldeep Gupta

    Kat is best actress in the Bollywood and Kat is queen of the Bollywood and Kat is Barbie doll of the Bollywood

  6. Kuldeep Gupta

    I love Kat so much

  7. Amisha Gugnani

    Wow….she looks gorgeous! I'm saying this because she had done alot of botox and fillers in the recent past and looked really weird but now she looks really good again:)) But what matters ofcourse is inner beauty which I'm sure Kat has alot in her❣️:))


    In her initial phase of her career, during first interviews she always said “ i hate makeup, I like lip gloss and mascara only”

  9. Pink rose

    She was still more beautiful when she was young (in the movies like welcome, maine pyar kyun kiya etc…). One of my favorite actress❤❤

  10. Shamim Shamim

    is she single ??or married..
    just asking

  11. Solanki Daksha

    Katrina ❤❤

  12. ddd zzz


  13. priya pari

    Simple beautiful gureguse katrina

  14. Aysel Akhmetzade


  15. Jain Dashrath

    When she say blood sweat and tears. I think about bts

  16. Aindrila Chaudhuri

    My girl crush! She is so pretty. And for naysayers and ppl saying she isn't pretty and did some work done…please relax. Even your favorite actresses and actors who seem like natural beauties/greek Gods…have had a lot of work done. Whether it's chemical peels, skin whitening procedures, botox, fillers, etc. They do it all. Just visit a famous cosmologist and plastiic surgeon from LA and they will brag about their client list comprising of Bollywood stars. Heck even beauty gurus from Youtube are getting fillers done. So please give this gorgeous woman a break! She was and is beautiful. I have followed her career before she entered movies – she was gorgeous as a model too ❤ Love her. And if you dislike her so much and find her overhyped, please go praise your favorites instead of spreading hate. You can critique her brand and products but don't let hate consume your life.
    I wish Katrina the best with her brand ❤

  17. Riya Das

    Kat i love you 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Goutam Chandra


  19. Vaidehi Patel

    ❤ U Katrina

  20. Sulochana Sharma

    She's changed a lot… I remember her early interviews. Man time flies

  21. Ri K

    I love her not because if her looks but her hard work how far she has made it

  22. Hoi Neo

    Most beautiful girl

  23. Farha Aboobacker

    I think when she was in relationship with ranbir she was so quiet and doesnt talk much..but after the breakup she has evolved alot as a person and im loving this katrina..yo go girl..

  24. maryam khaja

    We're 5 sisters and i can so relate to this! 😁

  25. Ashwat Nannaware

    She look so confident….. osm.

  26. Shruti S

    Kay beauty is cool but no new formula like Kylie or any aestically appealing products.


    Kisko kisko bharat film main katrina ki acting achi lagi .

  28. Choti Piyari

    ShE iS sO BeauTiFul|…!!

  29. SHINING star

    Pls do whats in my bag with her….

  30. Rasamrit Singh

    I feel like she could've done more with the name. I mean, Kay Jewelers already exists and has for over a century, so yeah. Nonetheless, I appreciate the meaning behind it.

  31. Iffat Hasan

    Love u so so much stay happy and keep shinning… Like a star

  32. Als

    she has some face work done

  33. Fashion Destination

    I will never understand India’s obsession with this woman. She is pretty at best but nothing to write home about. Very plain features

  34. Trupti Lakeshri

    What's in bag with her

  35. Jai Hind

    She seems to have lost her accent.

  36. Siddhi D77

    She’s a global icon✨
    Great human😍
    Amazing dancer!❤️
    Becoming one of the best actors!
    That’s Katrina Kaif for you!
    She’s shining brighter than the sun!😚💅🏻💄

  37. mirza Baig

    Luv uh kat💛😘😘

  38. Creative Dasher

    Why this woman always looks so much fuckworthy?? damn

  39. Pratima Mahobe

    Too much pretty 😘

  40. Nadeem


  41. Diya Munswamy

    Love u Kat 🙂🙂❤️

  42. Myada Talat

    Katrina kaif is a beautiful soul she is Cool,real,natural and simple! Im Egyptian love you ❤

  43. Dangerous

    yeh sb BOTOX ka kamal hai

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