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  1. Deepesha Beauty

    Sorry Girls I forgot to add the shade names on the video here you go – YOU CAN CLICK ON THE TIME TO GET THE SWATCH ON THE VIDEO STRAIGHT AWAY
    13:37 – Vanity Lip liner + Fashionista Crayon + Lip Topper in Cover Girl
    lip pencils
    13:46 Unleash (PINKY NUDE)
    14:09 Hype (NUDE)
    14:35 Vanity (DEEP PINK)
    14:55 Hypnotic (RED)
    15:16 SCRIPTED (NUDE)
    15:33 FASHIONISTA (Pastel PINK)
    15:52 ROM COM (MUTED RED)
    16:18 STYLE ICON (WINE)

  2. Sneh Kriti

    Hey gorgeous plz do a review of starstruck makeup too

  3. Gorgeous Mrs. Khan

    Hey there..check my channel too…support me too.

  4. Nilisha Haripersad

    Love that she is doing video with natural skin

  5. being unique

    is the crayons r less pigmented?

  6. Kiran Soni

    Nice helpful vdo.. thnks

  7. zeal rajee

    Thnk u

  8. Shilpi Chaudhary

    OMG the actual shades are wayyyy lighter than they are shown on the packaging

  9. tsr6493 bot

    Nice going to buy 💟

  10. Nidhya Joseph

    Hi deepesha! Is it worth the hype price-wise? Which products would you recommend? Is the lip topper comparable to Nykaa metallic lipstick?

  11. Radhe Krishna

    Wao this kajal is so amazing obvioulsy katrina has been clasyy forever she always prefers good quality products so her makeup line will be clasyy i will definitely buy this

  12. suranjana ghatakchoudhury

    Very in-depth and helpful review 🙂 I'm going to skip these as I'm on a no-buy streak. The packaging is cute, but I think they did not really do anything different with this launch, as the shades are quite basic, which any makeup lover will already have in their collection. The last shade of lip crayon was nice though 🙂 I have noticed you usually do not edit the outtakes out of the video, is it done deliberately? I don't mind it, but was just curious 😛

  13. Santosh Ghelot

    Nice lovely video 💝

  14. Indira Mukherjee

    For the lip crayon, so we need to sharpen it?

  15. Sanya Gupta

    Did you buy this whole collection? Or was it a PR?

  16. Shivika Magaskar

    Hiii deepesha I was so waiting for review ever since I saw kay beauty ruling on all over Instagram for 2 3 days, n I was really excited for high drama kajal and lip crayons, the packaging of kay beauty products is quite pretty, shades of crayons is beautiful n I liked the lipstick crayon shades accept the first 2 shades n i loved all your lip pencils shades which you got, but yess price is lil steep. Anyways thank you so much for ur honest reviews about all these products

  17. Jayanthi R

    Are these Kajal pencils creamy like the faces one? Or do we need multiple swipes to get dark black colour to show up? I’ve ordered the retractable one [without the smudger] and the gel sharpening one. I wish these had come with a sharpener. Great review and very very in depth. Thanks for this! I think you are one of the first youtubers I follow to have published a review.

  18. joey ballinger

    really great video….
    loved your review…

  19. Blayde_Warrior

    Hey dear, loved this review! It was so indepth and well made. Really enjoyed it. I was just waiting for someone to review these before buying and your video was very helpful. Only thing is when you swatched the lip pencils and lip crayons there were no shade names mentioned. Could you kindly let me know the shade names in order?

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