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  1. Ruchi Chauhan

    Can we get this in Australia?

  2. Zahra M.K


  3. Lakshmi M

    Lip topper is bad. Sorry it’s awful. I can’t use it. It splits and spreads. Wrong info given here it’s 699 for some two ml. Nykaa website with their fake reviews said on its own you can wear or as a lip topper and it’s rubbish both ways. It’s streaky as an eyeshadow or highlighter. Safest review you made for sure.

  4. Manjusha Nakka

    The background music is great. Can anyone tell me from which album it is?

  5. Riddhi Rajani

    Nail polish shade please???? 😍

  6. Pallavi Sanyal

    i think only actors will be out for 12 hours and not eat and drink anything lol! So it's not really 12 hr lasting is it?

  7. aanisah ali

    Leave the review aside but idk its just boring af😪😪😪😪

  8. Anisa Maity

    wooooow reallly a amazing video…loved it debashreee…lovelove

  9. Dipty Sarkar

    You didn't swatch the lipliners.. 😪


    Best video on Kay Beauty..!. Amazing video quality for selecting shades from it.. loved it..

  11. Swara D

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  12. Moumita Basu

    Thanks for your detailed and honest review dear…😍😍❤️❤️ Papped and Playback looks awesome on you…😘😘💕💕 With love…😘🤗🤗

  13. Nafisa enjoying life

    My favourite shades on you are papped and playback 💋

  14. Priya Guha

    Didi sorry to say but i think u feel little uncomfortable to making this video. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ i feel like that

  15. werdnamich

    This is a very odd video. You seem very awkward, and there's something about it that just doesn't feel like your other videos/reviews. You just look uncomfortable for some reason 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Chiroshree Das

    I liked the review a LOTTT thank you

  17. Ayesha Fur


  18. Krishna Garg

    Give some crayons to me plsss Witch you are not using…plsss debashree….its a gift for me from your side…i know you are keeping some shades a side…plsss give some us…

  19. Vibha B

    If you don’t like the content she’s producing, then simply unsubscribe and leave. No need to spread negativity, there’s enough of it already in this world

  20. Nazia Kay

    Great video! Just ignore the haters? You rock! You're awesome ❤️✨🥰

  21. divya bhujbal

    Nice video after long time.

  22. Nafisa enjoying life

    I feel all the shades of lip crayons and lip pencils are beautiful and matt. The lip toppers are great too, and youve discovered they can also be used as an eyeshadow. I love the eyebrow pencils and kajal. About price it's subjective everyone spends how they see fit. I'm a Katrina fan and I'm not sponsored by Nykaa or Katrina what struck me about all of these products is the amazing lovely colour shades of the lip pencils and crayons and the equally beautiful names, it's so Katrina Kaif. As a fan I'm so proud of her products and the names she's chosen demonstrating what her life is like in bollywood, someone like me who has followed her life it makes me quite emotional.

  23. S P

    Nice video as always… Hi can you suggest a good in budget highlighter for natural look. Which is not shimmery or glittery

  24. arpita das

    finally 🙂 thank you so much for reviewing!

  25. tina ghosh

    Plzz do a winter must have haul video for different skin types

  26. tina ghosh

    Plz do a video on winter must have for 2019

  27. Stuti Biswal

    For everyone saying it's a paid review and she isn't being genuine, i dont think she's biased. She even does the waterproof test for the kohl and liners. Also all the youtubers have said that the lipsticks and lipliners and some of the kajals are also good. The only product everyone had A problem with are the lip toppers.
    You did a great job girl. Do not be demotivated by the negative comments. Keep up the great work. 😊

  28. Sweta Shaw

    Rubbish! These ppl are all paid.. pls dnt fool us by makng videos nd dnt give us a fake review! In Most of the places k beauty has got negative reviews! Atleast be honest..as it is u ppl get so mny costly brands nd products for FREE 😡

  29. J B

    I actually appreciate the fact that u hv not trashed the products nor hv u completely raved about them…u hv introduced all the products and said its good points and some bad ones…and the lip topper which everyone was trashing u hv introduced it as a metallic topper which actually makes sense…u didnt mention pricing which again i feel is subjective so its upto the buyer to decide…all in all a good smart way to present a not great but not bad line of products…

  30. Jemimah ZS

    You look so happy💕

  31. Priya J

    Dude what is even wrong with you… you love everything about this Kay beauty cause you are sponsored by them… it’s hard to believe how youtubers like you are just fake… you don’t even give genuine reviews… literally every genuine youtuber gave a bad review about this… you are just encouraging people to just waste money by watching your videos while u get money for doing these videos…

  32. Shweta *

    Background music s Irritating😏😏 😏

  33. Pratishtha Tiwari

    Colours not visible properly in the light you are shooting

  34. sonia raut

    Love u

  35. chris jo

    First to comment🥰

  36. chris jo

    Nice n honest review

  37. Niloufer Chabukswar

    Hey I am first to view 🤗

  38. Iqra Khan

    Heyyy sexyy best review ♥️🔥👋

  39. Forum Bajariya

    First ♥️ love u 🥰😘😘

  40. Un - Scissored.

    What nail polish is on your nails? I’ve been looking for something terracotta

  41. mital shah


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