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  1. Lisa Wynette

    I put my apple cores thru my juicer too. No need for the gadget for juicing. Ijs

  2. Marvellous Marv

    Being healthy, but not nutritious. Important info right there!
    Tab had me laughing. Thanks for this nutritiously good video. I could actually taste that apple and cider mix.

  3. Tiffany McAllister

    Hi Tab, could you provide a link to where I can purchase this juicer.

  4. Tiffany Edwards

    Masticating not malicating Tab!!!! Love this episode. Been juicing lately. Want a new one.

  5. Curly Qfro

    Yeah, I love that juicer. It’s so easy to clean and I juice a lot.

  6. Keisha

    Great morning! What omega model# is that juicer? I need one of those. Thank you much!

  7. Cindy Compton

    Love you Tab

  8. Christina Renee

    Yesssss 🤎🤎🤎

  9. Lanell Young

    Thank you for this!! Can I blend this until I get a juicer?

  10. Catina M. King

    I really needed this encourgement💞

  11. I'm So Tanika

    Yesss nice info on the black pepper with the turmeric

  12. Sheila Walls-Haynes

    I have to get one of those masticating juicers. I'll put some carrots in there and use the pulp for baked goods.

  13. EBONYQUEEN3447 W.

    Great video. Tab I have one of those Fruit/apple cutters. I purchased mine on Amazon. I'm also going to purchase a juicer from Amazon. Can I juice at night and drink it in the morning? I don't have time to use the juicer in the morning.

  14. Maranita Logan

    Very helpful video ….. Thank you Tab

  15. Dianne Greer

    This was great!!!!!!!

  16. Spell Madam

    I want to cry joyful tears for his success. Now he's a teacher.

  17. Sabrina MJ

    Another thing A friend of mine told me to make apple cider vinegar easier is a little bit of salt pinch of see salt. Believe you me it does take the bite out of the vinegar.

  18. L M

    So much good information in this video. Thanks Tabitha..

  19. Lockylady

    Tab your late to the apple cutter show

  20. Jerusha Israel

    What is the name of the juicer

  21. Roz Marie

    I make a hot tea using Tumeric Powder and Ginger with Raw Honey but I will have to try the SHOTS! Great information about the Black Pepper! Thanks Tabitha and Lewie!

  22. Chris Brooks

    Keep it juicy.👏👏👏👏

  23. Teressa Carr

    Tab my friend and i are juicing but only 3 days chile we crawling before we walk…lol however, none the less we doing something.

  24. Joanne Jones

    Great video annnndah…Donna is on fleek🌻

  25. Jessica Mallory

    Nice Vitamin C content too, Id like to add lime and grapefruit.

  26. K Mur

    So much information here! Thank you Tab!

  27. Brandy W

    This was right on time! My mom is currently boiling fresh tumeric and ginger to create a tea to decrease the inflammation in her legs and knees. But that black pepper, though! (PS, I drop a cap full of apple cider vinegar with the mother in it into my water… and I love it. But will try fresh apple juice too)

  28. Crystal Davis

    This was very educational Tab!

  29. Christian Love

    Nutrition is in the peel😋!

  30. Delores Richards

    Yes I learned a lot and thank you!

  31. tunya 21 Sims

    Thank for letting me know to use black pepper, because I was drinking my turmeric straight😩

  32. Alberly Gonzalez

    Great video

  33. coilylove 4b4c

    Do you have the peel the fruit first?

  34. antonia maldonado

    Thanks so much Tab! I'm on my 3rd day juicing! You are so inspirational.

  35. Tristen Willis

    Luv u

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