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  1. marioca74

    yeah this girl could definetly use better career guidance

  2. AceOfMasta

    Dat green dress

  3. Sylvia Cochrane

    Ugh, this song is SO stupid.

  4. MaNdaRizzLe92

    lady gaga + amy whinehouse = kelsey B

  5. babycakes4959

    TWITTER @THEKELSEYB she changed it! hooray much easier to type

  6. rick brown

    omg, she is trying to like gaga tooo hard. come on bitchhh whats your purpose

  7. babycakes4959

    #WINNING ! I love the Dirty Roc remix I heard on qnation.fm

  8. Sonysoftwareofficial

    Great stuff guys!

  9. KzeDesign

    Lady Gaga Duplicate

  10. Jessica M


  11. Global Astral

    This low budget video ruined the actually decent song for me.

  12. therandysquirrel

    third rate lady gaga.

  13. Natally-Jaqueline Musiol

    Very nice 😀
    i love it 😉

    Who likes this song is a beauty queen ♥

  14. coolguy852

    Obviously you're deleting all the negative comments. If you want to be an artist you have to be ready to face the good and the bad.. by doing this you're already showing you cant handle it.

  15. oa1986

    I love it!!! i love her song!

  16. QueenRhythmatic

    love this video, and the artist. amazing!

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