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  1. Daniela Diaries

    Sorry guys! I guess I said egg fast, but it will be a beef and butter fast

  2. Jens Balanced Life

    Happy Bday to Leo!!  I am thinking of doing the beef and butter fast hoping to break my stall!  Thanks for all the support you give!

  3. Christina In Michigan

    I will be joining in and giving it a try. This will be first any kind of fast. I hope I am able to do it and do good on it. My body is so strange. I am a very slower loser, even if I get sick and can’t eat I can hardly lose anything then. Beef and Butter fast on!!!! We are warriors standing together and there for each other because of our leader.

  4. annette gonzales

    I used to feel weird about taking my own food but not any more. I do it all the time now. Just got back from our family reunion where there was red enchiladas, green chili chicken enchiladas beans Spanish rice tortillas and also had sweet rice. Plus they had pastries sandwich stuff chips dip 😜And I took boiled eggs, keto Gina’s coleslaw, and pork rinds and cheese whips. I did good. On the way home we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings I had buffalo wings and celery with ranch. So I was proud of myself at the end of the weekend when I started off a little scared cause I’m usually a puss. Lol I’m gonna do the beef and butter thing with u can’t wait! I was the same way with food, I ate when I was happy sad and especially mad. I did buy some zip fizz at sams while out of town, was afraid it might affect me wrong but I liked it. Anyways, thank u for sharing, I feel like I relate.👍🏽 PEACE ✌🏽 LETS KICK AUGUST IN THE BOOTY FRIEND! ❤️

  5. Ela Lifts Bacon

    Girl you are amazing! My mom makes fresh flour tortillas all the damn time and if she lived with me, there is no way i could say no lol ! We make our own choices, it is your body and you know what is best for you! Never feel bad for your choices girl!
    I will be doing an egg fast but will def try the beef and butter next!

  6. Susie Burruel

    Hi! Did the weight you lost from the egg fast completely stay off?

  7. TheAutumnHeather

    ahh the pork rinds were the wheat puffs.. Sabritones.. I miss those..

  8. Bling boss Beth

    So glad I found your channel! "We friends girl"😘

  9. Tanya Barry

    I have probably mentioned this before my daughter has to have Celiac (Gluten free) diet. Some times I will call a head to see what they have on the menu for the party but if I don't do that I will look at all the ingredients when I get to the party and pick it apart. Family and friends are used to me by now ..lol.. My daughter doesn't go back to school till Sept 3rd or 4th.

  10. Victoria Ortiz

    Happy birthday Leo!!yes it is hard for me at family partys….I went to sisters 50th birthday party sat.and the cake was soo beautiful….I could not pass up having a piece….I planned on having a small piece but had 2 and then had something sweet again yesterday….this is what happens to me….I give in n it turns into a few days of binging…I know better!!!!back on track today!!!!!I should of stayed home….but damn!!

  11. Nacine O'Brien

    I'm glad to hear that you had a great week sometimes it's better just to let the scale be for a little bit, also good job on making a better choice than eating all those sides and eating the fruit you're right the fruit was a better choice than that. I'm using voice to text so I hope this all comes out okay LOL

  12. Elizabeth Schmidt

    Happy Birthday Leo and can't wait to see how this goes. been working out and eat different now. lost some lbs and cooking more at home for me and my family.

  13. Skye Lanae

    Beef and butter fast, I’m here for it!! I did the egg fast for 3 days a few weeks ago & lost 7lbs! I love your videos & IG stories! XOXO

  14. Kelly Green

    Happy birthday Leo….. stay focused on ur goal this week girlie. U got this! 😘

  15. Alicia Hart

    I kicked ass last week. I am still doing ww freestyle but i found my motivation and got back on track for a 3.5 lb loss. It was exactly what I needed to motivate myself to go forward! My birthday is tomorrow and I am planning to stay on track but also eat my cake. I don't know how you had the willpower to skip the cake! Lol. That was a huge victory I'm sure! 😍😍😍

  16. Susie Farnell

    I’m in maintenance mode if it wasn’t for that I would join in ..

  17. gayle crisp

    on Lil' Piece of heart 's channel she found another website as a reference to eating out on keto/lowcarb. Right now she is doing a series on how to stay low carb at various fastfood/restaurants. I thought of it when you mentioned Olive Garden. Here is the website https://nobunplease.com/ Great job in killing it this week 🙂

  18. Sally May

    The longer I do this the better I get at gatherings. If possible, I like to bring a side that’s Keto friendly since meat is the easy part. Start watching Shelly’s Home Life she has great suggestions and a fabulous yellow cake recipe. Choczero has saved me so many times. Bring me a piece of Keto bark while everyone else eats junk and I’m happy as can be. Lost 5 pounds for the month of July and I’m setting a goal of 💯 pounds lost by Christmas😱 I just reviewed my Fitbit and I’ve been losing 20 pounds every 3 to 3.5 months which makes this goal doable. How crazy is that!

  19. teresa Treasure

    I will be joining you for the fast.

  20. Jan Nelson

    Don't think fruit is a bad thing to eat .I have NO self control would have eaten th potato salad and the pasta salad and the mac and cheese

  21. Ness W

    I love your channel Daniela, thank you for keeping it real with us every step of the way and all the keto content! ❤️

  22. Kii L

    Do you do protein shakes? I think I’m going to start them?!

  23. Kimmarie D.

    This biotch is a birthday cake loving fool. It’s my ultimate favorite and my weakness . You did amazing choosing the fruit over the cake because I’m pretty sure I’d have chosen the cake. I do have family members that get upset that I don’t eat at their houses. They don’t understand keto and they don’t get that even a small portion of something could throw me out of ketosis. They think it’s like some diet where you can just eat a bit and be fine. Doesn’t work that way and they won’t ever get it. I just keep going because I have tried to explain it and I chose to not explain my way of eating anymore.

  24. Sharon Davidson

    You said egg fast…I thought its beef and butter fast?

  25. Festus’s Mom

    They’re less than one carb each. ❤️🧚🏻‍♀️

  26. Rosalia Burgos

    Hey girl July was hard going true stress family problems but I stay strong and my 18-24 fasting help 😵 was not easy, waking to get some stress out so lost a couple of pound a week total 8 pounds so I'm proud of my self 😜 thank you for your motivation love to see what August we be 💕

  27. Glenda Keith

    Your face is thinner!

  28. Ida Centineo

    Happy birthday to Leo!! Today is my 45th bday!!!

  29. Rosa Hughey

    I've been wanting to do the beef and butter fast – I will follow along, too 🙂 thanks for the encouragement!

  30. Guadalupe Xetey

    I’m so ready for the beef and butter fast.!! Yes girl.

  31. Anouk Martin

    You are doing so well. I have tried the ketones. I mainly use it on Fridays so I can fast all day. We always go out to dinner on Friday. With the ketones it helps me not eat all day. That way I can save all my calories for that one meal.

  32. Festus’s Mom

    Today is my brother’s birthday so instead of eating all the fried chicken and lemon meringue pie I made Joe Duff’s chocolate chocolate chip cookies at under a carb each, I had 3 and don’t feel deprived. ❤️🧚🏻‍♀️

  33. Lynette Price

    Pushing hard to meet my end of July goal 2 lbs away

  34. Shelly S.

    Did you say you’re doing the egg fast Aug 5,6,&7? I may be interested in doing that again :}

  35. Dorreen Campbell

    Just an idea for everyone when I am doing well I go to the used clothes store and buy myself something new! Well new to me makes me fee good and doesn't cost alot

  36. mitchrc3

    I would eat what I wanna because you are lovely just how you are. : )

  37. Kim Lee-Blair

    Enjoy your day. I mightdothe egg diet with ya, sounds interesting and I have always wanted to try it. Great job👍🏽

  38. Carri kranz

    Bring your own dishes and explain to ur MIL, days before, that you arent trying to offend her

  39. Corinne Richardson

    Roll on the 5th! We're going to kick August's butttt 😀 xx

  40. Laura Biggham

    Where are you from ? You talk like us up here in Minnesota 😉

  41. Cyndi Gai

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEO. My 65th birthday is tomorrow!

  42. Cyndi Gai

    growing up in an Italian household food was always #1. It's tough to eat to live instead of living to eat. Im working on it and love your channel for support and motivation!!

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