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  1. NutritionFacts.org

    This is the 3rd installment of my keto series. In case you missed the first two, see Is Keto an Effective Cancer-Fighting Diet? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-Keto-an-Effective-Cancer-Fighting-Diet/) and Keto Diet Theory Put to the Test (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/keto-diet-theory-put-to-the-test/)

  2. Anonsan

    The participants were not fat adapted.

  3. John Wilson

    https://healthytea.net/lead-magnet24164816 tried this two week red tea detox plan and it helped me drop down some weight check it out

  4. Andrew 101

    I think you are a liar to be honest, what's your motivation? This is not what real science shows, you must be paid off!

  5. geggs1

    Keto diet is the way to go. I’ve used it for the last 3 years. The best thing that ever happened to me.

  6. Michael Moore

    Lost almost 100 pounds on keto.. my roommate saw results and lost 40 pounds in no time. Both of us are holding weight just fine.

  7. luna57

    You're missing the point. Keto isn't wildly popular because of the initial water-weight drop. It's because people don't feel hungry on keto. Many, many people fail on low fat diets because they're always hungry. There's also the restaurant problem. It's very hard to find anything low-fat at a restaurant, and almost impossible to find something WFPB compliant. But keto? Easy – steak and salad, bunless burger, chicken wings, chicken caesar salad….etc.

  8. Plant based life

    it is easier to fool someone than convince someone that they have been fooled

  9. Wayne Fergerstrom

    thanks for doing this

  10. Boleslaw The Brave

    This isn't the kind of "keto diet" I would eat and I don't (or need to) eat 5 times a day. I used to eat just like this baseline diet with no leafy greens and I was obese.

    You can see in the supplemental material that their "keto diet" involved eating 5 times a day. I don't know of any Keto dieters eating 5 times a day! Their "keto" involves eating non-organic foods high in oxalates and sauces/dips/sauteed likely laced with vegetable oil. Notice that both diets have eggs, cheese and beef. It looks like the baseline diet uses less vegetable oil. Too bad they don't show the ingredients used in this trial, because they make crackers, pretzels, granola bars, cheese whiz and cheese steaks look like it reduces fat over leafy greens in a short 4 week period.

    Here's this July 2016 study by Hall mentioned in the video. The devil is in the details. https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/104/2/324/4564649

    Here is the supplemental material. https://oup.silverchair-cdn.com/oup/backfile/Content_public/Journal/ajcn/104/2/10.3945_ajcn.116.133561/8/ajcn133561supplementarydata1.pdf?Expires=1567828904&Signature=HRMZhUiXiivEyJ2d708Ij4WtbUFX8flR0IjtpAMRNi52Q05rUU1z3KqHqA21JrJ-TbOlODEMy9MVnlSrtH0wjNfAxYRn2GMMquLm0lZpVmyQWgRYoqw4kHyq1d71DDe1uqmrSWUtEfBXNOC0ylpbLTQSypHiiJn1atc85JqoUhgU7xXJcN8-jmCrPV5mrm4XfYTF-jjVoo48NaeCIzlA3K-1LpbqOanlC6fq7SKyo–yCleDEBrPBv8-40DjkIjmhFKrocVTrYinkCebGkrNCzk8IfpM2vUrU154573E9D86~X0iRD37B0Cf8gREeXD-optXybS7eLLCpxZ12pbc8w__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIE5G5CRDK6RD3PGA

    Sample ketogenic diet menu
    Ham & Swiss omelet over spinach
    Morning Snack
    Cheddar cheese, diced
    Almonds, oil roasted, salted
    Bouillon cube, beef + Olive oil
    Kielbasa with chilled mustard sauce over sautéed cabbage
    Afternoon Snack
    Celery with buffalo chicken dip
    Spicy hamburger patty over sautéed squash and mushrooms

    Sample baseline diet menu
    Egg and potato hash with berries
    Morning Snack
    Peanuts, oil roasted, salted
    Chewy granola bar, chocolate chunk, low fat Lemonade, prepared from frozen concentrate
    Turkey burger with hot potato salad
    Afternoon Snack
    Pretzel sticks
    Wheat crackers & Cheese, American, spread, processed
    Cheese steak sandwich and pineapple

  11. jonny 5

    just finished 5 weeks on keto and i maintained strength lowered body fat and retained muscle mass….hmmm good luck with that lol

  12. Occasionally Grumpy

    WITH OBESITY. But low fat won't keep you sane if you're using it from normal to skinny /shred

  13. SuperOTAKO

    Losing more doesn't mean it's works better … people who is on keto diet lost weight slowly but surly and they didn't feel dissatisfied

  14. W

    This is not science Greg, BTW looks like you don't lose muscle tissue when in ketosis after all just water ha a bit disingenuous on you part wouldn't you say going by some of your previous statements. Why choose to mislead the public Greg 🦉anyway moderation moderation moderation simples that way you wouldn't need B12 injections Greg simples can't you see the error in your ways 🦆 why be an advocate for extremism when the science simply dose not support it duckie.

  15. Hal Asimov

    I know some people who have lost a ton of weight but they cut out tons of processed food and restricted calories. I try to tell them to cut calories with whole plant based foods but they are so convinced it was the Keto and continue on their path of destruction.

  16. chris howard

    i thought you might enjoy this channel i found!!!


  17. Earth Ariyapinyopas

    health effects on cold foods?

  18. rawbirbella justthat

    AMAZING!!!! We need to spread this video like crazy!!! Finally we can smack them all in the face with some solid science!!! So stoked!!! Thank you.

  19. Ginger196

    Wow ,
    Jason Fung Brilliant Nephrologist in Canada is CURING type 2 diabetes with higher fat and lower carbs and MANY other world renowned doctors would DISAGREE with this study BIG TIME.

  20. Frankie Cal

    This dude is a fraud who loves what the government tells him to eat.

  21. blondgirl81

    My colleagues said to me the other day “if I ate as many carbs as you do I’d be as big as a house and asleep at my desk”. I retorted, “I used to believe that too”. While they gain weight every year, I stay slim and fit. While they drink coffee all day to stay awake, I ride my bike to and from work. 10 miles round trip daily.

  22. Keith

    Sorry, Doctor but the research you've shown in the video ISN'T KETO.. it might NOT even be qualified as low-carb. The test subjects so-called reduced carbohydrate (RC) diet still has 29% of the macros as carbs (140g) whereas in true keto, it's 5% (20g).

    At least find an article with true keto to make your claim more believable.

    Full Research Article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4603544/
    Diet plan of Test Subjects: https://imgur.com/a/SfudrgS

  23. Saintor1

    Why does this link support exactly the *opposite*, stating that most of the 23 studies that lasted 3-4+ months lost more weight on low-carb than low-fat? I have an hard time that it would be more lean mass (muscle) lost.

  24. Yoso

    Is it ethical to save a lion?

  25. James E Rush

    Are you telling me that my 70lb that I've kept off for almost 2 years from doing keto was just water? What?

  26. Joe M

    Looks like the Keto diet is getting free rent in Dr G’s head. For many people (myself included) Keto simply works. I lost over 40 lbs in 6 months and feel so much better. Keto diet industry??? What are you talking about? One simply cuts out highly refined sources of carbs and sugar. There is nothing I buy that’s marketed for Keto. Just healthier food including more vegan choices. On the other hand, there all kinds of junk marketed for low fat diets like Weight Watchers etc.

  27. High Intensity Health

    My wife and my full body MRI results after 9 combined years of keto is conflicting with your "data." https://youtu.be/uXrdP06tfdw

  28. Lisa Scott

    Fat will kill your heart muscle. After 4 grandparents two parents 1 stepparent have died or are continuing down the heart attack path that is all it took for me to be a low fat vegan. Thank you Dr. Greger

  29. Marcus Wolford

    This is propaganda, The Author (Kevin Hall) of the paper that is cited responds, please read in this twitter thread https://twitter.com/KevinH_PhD/status/1169630461087248390

  30. Brian Parsons

    Bravo!!! Here's your "ah-ha! … Gotcha!!!" moment! Very well done! 👏 👏 Bask in the warmth of this moment! As the comedian Bill Engvall used to say "Here's your sign". Meanwhile people are switching to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (a.k.a. keto) and reversing their insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, lowering their inflammation, lowering their blood pressure, bringing back mental clarity, among many other things that's life changing for the better ( https://www.virtahealth.com/research ). Enjoy your moment! 😉

  31. Tommy Kopperud

    Does anyone know what cancers can use ketones. I have heard not all cancers can be starved on a almost no carb diet.

  32. Wylabley

    The Keto Diet is basically a modernized Atikins Diet. Same lousy diet just repackaged.

  33. Grondorn

    How can anyone take this goblin-like shill seriously is beyond me.

  34. Gunnvald Kleveland

    You just cant stop your lying Dr G . Your misleading is coming to and end. Saw you lying to the commission in California , pathetic

  35. watteflausch

    I find it faszinating how everyone is happy that "the plant diet wins", while the term "ketogenic diet" doesn't mean that it can't be a WFPB diet… it just means almost no carbs. (And yes, that's possible with just plants.)

  36. bla bla

    Could you make a video about new bbc news article titled:”Vegans and vegetarians may have higher stroke risk”?

  37. Thordur Hogna

    https://www.bbc.com/news/health-49579820. Dr.Greger please explain?

  38. Manny Radzky

    Sorry, but this is incorrect. For me, at least, low carb has been healthy.

  39. Michael Lewis

    After years of researching nutrition it is both obvious and logical to me that a whole food plant based diet is the optimal if following the daily dozen provided by Dr. Greger. I also believe that fasting is an amazing health promoting lifestyle and i would love to see Dr. Greger cover these many studies and bring us his professional insight

  40. Marco Adda AEC

    Dr Greger and NutritionFacts, as always you rock!

  41. S O N J A


  42. Kayondo Thomas

    You can say this, but i see alot of YouTubers talking about a bad experience with Veganism(just keep that in mind). Plant based diet consumers have the same morbidity and mortality rates as regular diet consumers with regards to cancer and Alzheimer's you actually have a video on this…but this only happens if they do it wrongly, & in that video you actually highlight the importance of Vitamin B12 supplementation and ground flaxseed in a plant based diet. In the same way, Keto diet consumers will get negative results if they do Keto the wrong way. I'd be more glad if you did another video on how to do Keto the right way, rather than criticizing it in video after video yet there are countless testimonies of people who've been on it for years and are healthy. Thank you.

  43. Jaded K

    Natural bodybuilders (even vegan bodybuilders) cut down on carbs when they're trying to cut, and eat more carbs when they're trying to bulk. Natural bodybuilders who are in a cutting phase before a contest will substantially lower their carb intake. And they can get down to 1 digit body fat percentage only by cutting their carb intake. You could never reach sub-10 percent bodyfat in a high carb diet. So it's not true that a low carb diet make you lose only the water weight.

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