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  1. Collins Mabry

    Girl I can relate on the tmi!!!

  2. Ken Jay

    Thanks for sharing! I took a break today from my keto plant based lifestyle for my 57th birthday. I am 6'1", 195 lbs and I feel sexy. I did a 50 mile bike ride. I had 3 slices of pumpkin chessecake, 6 jalapeno poppers. 4 tbsp of peanut butter, 2 pieces of lindt chocolate, 3 broiled chicken breast, 3 glasses of merlot and counting as I watch the MLB world series game. Cheers!

  3. sarasayshi

    Oh no! Anthony didn’t like eggs! He’s so cute!

  4. Stephanie Fox

    Yep! I call it the whole toilet paper 🧻 roll poop! Ugh. It’s a pain! I’ll be like “really” who uses a whole tp roll in one go? 🤷🏻‍♀️ well this girl 🙋‍♀️ lmao 😂 not fun

  5. carol c

    Bathroom issues too!

  6. Belinda Wallace

    Girl I have the same problem but, it’s been since I turned 45 and now changed my diet. At times it’s almost 7 days before I go! I carry wipes everywhere I go!! Supplementing with mag citrate really hasn’t changed anything for me. I drink plenty of water too. Extra clean butt is always better than questionable butt! Lol

  7. Heidi Huntley

    Do you have a YMCA near you? They should be able to give you a rate based on income.

  8. Gareth Bretton

    this is great! thanks for sharing another great video 🙂

  9. Princess Ninja & Keto

    I take magnesium every day and that helps with the bathroom problems however my issue is the opposit I am forever constipated

  10. Princess Ninja & Keto

    Desperately trying to catch up on all my videos this weekend was crazy I'm listening to you on my Wait to work

  11. keto ghetto style

    Never ending wipes ugh. Yah keto eating problem. More fiber/ water helps. I personally take fiber gummies and stool softener .rather run then wipe. Lol TMI foe sho

  12. Becky Keast

    You are not alone with the bathroom issues.

  13. Paul Kelley

    Amazon sells bidets for $40.00. Clean you right up. Very easy to attach to toilet. I've had mine for 2 years and never looked back.

  14. tammy ringer

    May have missed..how long has hubby been doing keto

  15. Cheryl Higgins

    How old is Anthony.? He is a doll.

  16. Luz Diaz

    Magnesium citrate is great and baby wipes. Your grandkids are adorable☺️

  17. Regina Roberts

    Yes bathroom issues

  18. The Pesky Pescatarian

    I'm not a fan of eggs either lol

  19. Chris's life vlogs and escapades

    Omg!! Gurl I am going through the EXACT same thing as you right now with the bathroom issue! It didn't even dawn on me that it's diet related until I saw this video!

  20. Donna Gordon

    Tell hubby washing dishes is sexy too, he’s a great husband:)

  21. Robin Cardin

    Same issues to

  22. Elska Hedgewych

    First and foremost, I so loved Anthony's clip! That natural joy that some of us can only fake now after what seems a long life really makes the soul feel lighter to see again. You can really hear what his laugh is growing into and its too much preciousness. Thanks for including these bits even tho this is primarily a KETO channel. For me, it is what puts your channel a bit above some of the other more straight forward non- personal life channels. Keto is the key to our health but there is more to life, laughter is also a "medicine" and I love seeing clips of yours/fam.
    Regarding the TMI…. I will only say that I decided to get one of these a while back and I will never be without one again.. hopefully. Not only am I saving money on TP but I feel clean immediately. This is not the exact model but you can shop around for whatever you think would be the best deal. Not a bad price IMO and super easy to install….
    Take care and even though I screwed up tonight meal-wise.. ( pre-planned) gonna make my next one KETO… ; )) TY for all you do to educate and help ppl!

  23. Jen Hicks

    Bathroom issues 🙋🏻‍♀️

  24. sandra white

    My functional doctor put me on magnesium citrate each day.

  25. Brenda Martinez

    I’ve always had potty issues…wipes and a bidet.

  26. Tina Hinote

    Im running out of food so it's gonna be a long week for me I got hubby's food but I'm not breaking keto. No money's for the store and hubby won't use the credit card so I'm not gonna ask!!!! I went up one pound I know it's water but frustrating!!! I didn't make calories today only had about 700 but I just don't feel good tummy hurts. I tried a salt flush today like everyone else on here but I only went a tiny bit! Everyone else craps them self to death!!! I'm gona go to the Dr I just don't want food any more! It turns my stomach! Girl just start walking or get you a rebounder a mini trampoline! It has lots of health benefits cofirmed by NASA! I have on and it's a work out! You don't have to do any crazy moves and there is YouTube videos on it! If you want to poop it all out do a salt flush with warm pink himiliayn sea salt videos on here too! It gets it out unless you are me! Get you some wipes in the hygiene section that you can flush so you don't drink up the trash. I buy them for my hubby's hairy butt so poop don't get stuck in there! I don't do poop stains!!!!! Those babies are so cute! You just Wana cuddle up with them and never leave the house!

  27. Fat2Keto

    NOt just you I thought it was me lol

  28. Albert Towns

    Great update frienf food looks good..💪

  29. Angela Crowley

    LOL, yep keto butt here

  30. Kristin Bailey

    Magnesium definitely helps take at night. I don’t have this trouble I try to get enough fiber through keto. I’m new to your channel and congratulations on all your success. Maybe I’ll go back to your first videos to see but do you make any meals or do you prefer to keep it very simple? I also know most don’t count calories. I have to watch everything I eat or I won’t lose weight at all due to calories and not enough fat.

  31. Melissa Lewis

    Girl get you some dumbbells or exercise machine we waisted money at the gym!I workout so much better at home.Bought me and hubby a bike for my bday and put a trainer on it so I ride rain or shine 3 to 4 days a week inside my house and feeling really good! Gym is a waste of money. Also tons of dumbell workouts on YouTube HasFit is a good one!

  32. Christine Marnell

    You aren’t alone. I have the same issue! I have been talking about it to my husband and he looks at me like I’m nuts, lol. It’s very annoying.

  33. Weighing In

    Yup and I didn't consider that it might be diet related. 🤦

  34. Alexa Mitchell

    You look great today KD! <3

  35. Terri Dishion

    My coffee keeps me running like a fine tuned car😂😂😂😂

  36. denise borders

    yep you aint alone girl, same here

  37. Cyndi Brown

    I love seeing more Brian again

  38. KETO Liscious Life

    Lol Anthony is so cute!!!

  39. joesgirl forever

    Get you psyllium husks that is safe for diabetics. The only has a couple carbs and it'll help with your bathroom issues. But you have to make sure you drink a ton of water to make it work right.

  40. Sandri Huff

    Magnesium usually helps with the bathroom issue.I take two before I go to bed.

  41. Constance Dunlap

    Yeah vegetables or yogurt… I like green beans, cabbage, and romaine or mixed greens in salads. I know you've tried two good. But you can get low or full fat Greek yogurt plain just add water enhancer for flavoring like Stur.

  42. Kimber KetoLife

    Same TMI issue here too. I told my hubby it is sticky. He didn't understand until he had the same issue lol..

  43. Constance Dunlap

    Tell him to be careful with his back problems..

  44. Constance Dunlap

    Anthony is so adorable.. and Zack is too.. they just love y'all..

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