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  1. Kimmarie D.

    I also weigh every single day. It’s habit at this point so I just do it. Come to think of it , I’ve been keto so long that the majority of it is autopilot but I do still have to use my keto app because I know me , I can’t be trusted with food and left to my own devices 😂. I used keto more for heath issues as opposed to weight loss not that I wasn’t happy with the weight loss I achieved which was 30 lbs. I’m only 5 ft so weight shows. Keto has alleviated my migraines, toned down my vasculitis, and helped with a few other issues. I will always be keto because I firmly believe in it. (. I have no idea why all that came out but thanks for listening 😉)

  2. Sandri Huff

    You could do 4 of something everyday!Congrats on 4K 🎉🎈

  3. Brian Wilson

    Great vid you are doing great and i suggest you a road trip car vlogg

  4. Kat Tak

    You don't have much more to lose… So so so happy for you😊💛

  5. Pamela Hollen

    Do a live ,,,,, 😃

  6. Pamela Hollen

    Wow 😯,,,,, you are doing so good,,, you go girl ,,,,, I’m 40 still trying to get to 130 to 120

  7. Pamela Hollen

    Is there a easy app I can get ,,,, I’m stuck ,,,, doing weight watchers,,,, I’m ready to get it done ,,,,, and over ,,,,

  8. Rue23 Paris

    Joannie you cracked me up calling them Saint Josephs Lavish wraps are they really St. Josephs or is that the catholic coming out LOL !

  9. Juanita Barnes

    I'll never forget one morning waking up and felt a lump on my side. I was like oh no…I got up and was feeling and checking and it was my hip bone. Lol

  10. Elaine Baublit

    I also weight every day. It's not obsessive but keeping myself in check. Always will probably.

  11. KETO Kelli

    Doing my collards vid tomorrow

  12. Tina Hinote

    Im in week nine and made 209 but 212 will be back tomorrow! I just had four fried weiners fried in butter with mustard and a tiny bit of dill relish. But I started at 226 so not bad. Think it took me so long to start losing cause of stress. Last night in bed hubby and I got into it and he was screaming at me and spitting. I just ignored him and told myself nope not gona get stressed and gain. I'm payday I'm gona buy me a new smaller sports bra and start jumping on my mini trampoline again. Need a tighter bra so I don't get black eyes!! Hope that will help me drop more. 199 by Thanksgivings. Are you gonna cheat or enjoy yourself for Thanksgiving? I'm torn I want to enjoy myself but I don't want to make it hard on myself craving carbs when I get back home. Girl stop worrying about your recording mistakes makes you real plus I like the craziness.

  13. sue jones

    I like your channel and I like the fact that you try to help everybody so I’m gonna tell you something that will help you your cholesterol you can check it out if you know who Dr. Ken Barry is has no factor in your life it can be 300 150 cholesterol is like oil in your body if it’s too low your brain will freeze up …and never ever ever take a Staten. And since I love your channel I hope you remember all this you are a cutie pie and you are doing Thank you for all that you’re doing for us

  14. Luz Diaz

    Much love to you Joanie❤

  15. SeattleSaphire eats LCHF and Keto

    Yes, to the grilled cheese. I am so jealous. You are doin an amazing job

  16. Fat2Keto

    My word is ok lol I say it so many times ppl could make a drinking game out of my videos the game would be the ok game and yours would be the anyway game haha

  17. deidre boyce

    Yep I agree with a live

  18. Becky Keast

    You are so fun Joanie! Lots of love to you and those beautiful grandbabies! I have 13 now, they are my world❤

  19. Terri Dishion

    You look awesome Joanie👍🥰🔥👏💪

  20. Tamria Jones

    You’re adorable 😊.

  21. Lisa Urbanski

    Do a live! To celebrate 4k! You are my absolute favorite.

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