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  1. April Jones

    You are awesome! Love your inspiration!

  2. Lovely Mayang Myheart

    sooo gr8.

  3. 47lynne

    What is in your Keto green smoothies and how many carbs is it?

  4. Sheila Hudgins

    Hi Ileka I'm super excited to join you again for the next challenge, my first challenge with you was amazing. Thanks for getting me motivated and moving again.

  5. Deez Dealz

  6. sherry p

    I Really don't care about my stomach as much. as I care about my big ass arms.😲 I always had skinny legs and skinny arms. and now they are the biggest thing on my body. and my butt I want to keep that.😏. but these big old arms I want to lose weight off of those. hey I don't mind using a girdle for my belly.😏

  7. Jae The Teachet

    I want to know…did you lose fat from your breasts?

  8. Sonoras Guy

    Hi my name is Nora. I really been watching your video but I really don't understand too much about the keto diet

  9. Courtnay Power

    As a girl , I didn't think you were 230, it kjnd of shows you how being muscular can make the scale go up. I hope you take this as a complement

  10. Janelle Rodgers

    I really and truly want to learn how to do that Keto Diet! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Very Sincerely, Janelle!

  11. Haydur Nation

    Skinny legend! 👌

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