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  1. Falcon Trek

    I’m trying a 2 week carnivores diet, zero carbs and nothing but meats and eggs.

  2. Natural83

    Girl hit that block list!!! The hate is real and you don’t have to justify yourself to nobody but God girl keep your head up high

  3. Jeannine

    Thx for that "extra" protein vs extra fat tip, Chantalle! I find myself wanting more protein many times but subbing fat b/c of the "too much protein is bad on keto" stigma…but not losing weight…just maintaining. This may be the key!

  4. Ed Da Bawsh

    I love you. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Day Man

    I gained 140 lbs in 4 months on this goddamn keto diet. As far as I'm concerned Ketosis can go to hell.

  6. Kathy Mayer

    Great video! Everyone is different and you do what works for you…I also do a higher protein lower fat intake and it’s what works for me ☺️

  7. Amber Ream

    Just starting Keto and I’m glad you have posted about it! I’m excited to get more into it!

  8. Lisa Noelle

    Thanks for sharing your story. I just started a key I diet. It helps to watch and listen to others going through a similar diet.

  9. Garzon Laperle

    I learned about diet thanks to Woo&Pep Team.

  10. Mono Lith

    There is no such thing as ketosis. You lost weight because you ate less calories than what your body needs to function every day. Low carb diets are just a way of consuming less calories without feeling hungry.

  11. Azi Hijazi

    I personally like to follow you you are helpfull🤗

  12. Gale Monterio

    Does keto diet cause gallbladder problems because I've been having lots of pain and have to take ASV in apple juice to alleviate it. Is this affecting my liver health?

  13. Pleasantness A

    I am so happy you have found success in your diet! I learned a lot from your video and really appreciate your insight. Rock on! 🤘🏽

  14. Myra Heath

    I had been curious because my mate had dropped weight and I needed to know how. When mention of a diet was brought up I immediately went straight away to google checking into this “sowo hope site” diet program. The days following it all melted off, I lost a total of 12 pounds.

  15. deadinthewater

    You're awesome! Keep up the good work.

  16. Angedelile

    You are an inspiration for all. Thank's so much for sharing the super ketogenic diet reality and amazing story ! All the best to you !

  17. Nubian Nya

    Hey, I'm 16 and weighed 77.6kg when I first started and I'm 5'6. I'm on day 3 of Keto and weigh 75.3kg. I'm struggling to actually eat 1200cals a day. That's a lot for me. Can you recommend any high calorie foods that are low carbs? Thanks

  18. Justin Aguirre

    could you maybe do a video on what you would put on a shopping list and your meal plans throughout the day

  19. Barbara Hewer

    Sweetheart, I hope the nasties have disappeared. I have only been on keto for 4 weeks, I have lost 20lb, I was so happy I did not get keto flu but this week I got the keto rash. My fault, not enough carbs. I didnt lose anything this week but I feel so much better. You have helped me alot, so ignore nasty comments. I live in the uk so I dont get alot of the low carb items, so i hunt for certain foods. well done for your 50lbs. x

  20. Wildman Samurai

    I enjoy your videos.. Thank you.

  21. Grandma DC's Insanity

    Hi hon, this will probably go to junk…cause I have a channel also,,,but I wanted to say…great video…you are honest (like me) the trolls do not listen to the content and pick things apart…I love loving caring comments…you are doing good for so many people. I feel that I'm a friend to several older lonely women…if I quit they would miss me…and I'm sure you are friends with people you do not know also…stay strong

  22. lininomartino

    Thanks for hanging in there! I'm just learning about this and your vids help.

  23. Kayla McCullough

    i love what you say

  24. hunnybunny10789

    so many ways to make keto work for you. it is not one size fits all! good for you!

  25. Sylvia Castro

    How'd you find a doctor to help on this journey?? Thanks so much for the advice!

  26. Sonia Vanous

    don't even acknowledge the haters! Just talk like everyone loves you and ignore them!

  27. Scott K

    Some people are paid to write bad things as they are against the healthy food industry. I ignore all bad comments FYI. Keep up the good work. Thanks SK

  28. frugalnanny

    I am so confused about the keto thing. How long did it take for you to get into keto?I was told to eat one large meal a day and do intermittent fasting .

  29. Nonchalant

    Protein has just a higher thermogenic effect about 20% of calories in Protein are burned to digest protein fat around 3%.


    I just found you, please don't stop posting …people have to do what works for them, everyone has their own opinion..too bad they don't keep it to themselves..thanks for all you do!

  31. Darren87aero

    Ignore these trolling punks in the comments, everyone thinks they're a nutritionist when your trying to eat right.

  32. Kidane Tower

    How long did it take you to lose 50 pounds? Did you work out along with the diet? Im a type 1 diabetic and want to start a keto diet myself. Thank for the video.

  33. nuenuebadd

    This video was very helpful to me I'm a type 2 diabetic struggling with my weight loss.

  34. Karina Perez

    Thanks for doing this video! I feel a lot better. I'm doing the same thing eating more protein, but I felt i was doing it wrong in the keto diet. I stayed full longer and was less hungry.

  35. Clownsatthecemetery

    You dont have to explain yourself too us Doll. We are here at your channel because we want to be. As i am… Love the channel.

  36. Barbara Pike

    Right after a good friend raved about her weight reduction results (lost 17 pounds), I decided to Google “loli special plan.”. This is the most useful diet I have ever heard about.

  37. Cathy carlton

    thank you for the honesty 🙂

  38. louise lou

    Thank you and I am sorry for the haters. I appreciate that you tell us to get to know our bodies and what they need in relation to following a keto diet. Your presentation- personality is appealing to me. I have a hard time with those intense presenters who yell and jump around a lot. I'm sure there are those who do well with that but to each his own. I hoe you will not let anyone discourage you from continuing. Thank you for your time and consideration! All the best to you.

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