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  1. KayUnfiltered

    Ive been doing keto for a while also but have been getting discouraged but now seeing this video im back on my grind today. No more off days 👏🏻❤️

  2. Namjoon’s Left Man Tiddy

    I’m 17 and 155lbs and 5’0 I’m gonna go on this in three days bc I need to get fit again I only let this happen bc my recovery from anorexia and bulimia caused me to keep on eating and now I’ve been stuck at this weight so I want to some drop weight by 18 bday in a month

  3. 09jazzijazz

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! This is helpful info to keep going.

  4. deanne goodfellow

    When we realize success and I mean honestly win, when ever we prevail over we become more powerful and effective as individuals, we enter a completely new phase and so we are able to change. This improvement regardless of what it may be and for whatever cause, is really what enables you to be better as a human. Grab hold of the modification and therefore let’s in unison help make 2018 the best year of our lifetimes!

  5. Just Justy

    You’ve inspired me to start keto!!! 17 pounds down!!!

  6. Jimmy Pendergast

    Did eating Keto make you look so beautiful or were you born like that? 🙂

  7. * Jackson

    You look amazing! I was looking for my motivation and I just found alot in this video

  8. Natallyia Giovanni

    Can you do a meal plan

  9. Jaliylah Jae

    You look amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Lorena Rivera Rio M.

    Im SOOO motivated! Thank you Shayla I’m trying Intermittent fasting and I seriously not feeling hungry most of the times, just what my body needs, there’s no need for more. Thank you again!

  11. Jaylan Richardson

    You look AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!! Thanks for the motivation! Question, how do you keep your curves (glutes) but still maintain the weight loss without losing it?

  12. Delijah Kelly


  13. Maiger Thao

    Yessss girl. Please make more Keto videos! These videos are so motivating. I’m starting the Keto journey today, and I’ve been doing hours of research. Anything that you can inform me would be much appreciated!! So keep the Keto videos coming!!! 😘❤️❤️

  14. Nicole Walters

    You are so beautiful 😍 thanks for sharing

  15. Patricia Facey

    Yes please more keto videos. You look absolutely amazing. I have been eating like that didn't realise it was keto. I have just got to make a few more adjustments like cutting out potatoes and carrots, and start intermittent fasting. Well done Shayla 😍😍

  16. KJ

    What’s in the keto bowl ? I can’t not find your previous video lol . I see chocolate chips lol

  17. Rocio Guillen

    Where do you shop for your products please

  18. Taylor Darden

    I’m struggling to give up rice as a side and rice in my Chipotle bowl😩 any tips?

  19. Deezy Hbic

    My sister is trying to get me to do keto and I went straight to your page! My birthday is next month 😱 im tryna look season 7 🤣

  20. Shauna Levi

    Advice tip#1: When you think your are hungry.. Drink some water, you may be dehydrated.. ( I drink a gallon or more) after drinking your water you will now a few minutes later what you need!

  21. Shauna Levi

    The hemp seeds was the best advice ever!! Now I get why you love it sooo much! I eat mine with natural almond peanut butter! It’s better than eggs and bacon!

  22. Vicky Rodriguez

    Where do you buy all your ingredients?

  23. pincheyoya

    Shayla how do you do the no sugar or low sugar on Keto? I’ve been tryin to make one of your açaí bowls but everything I find at either grocery store puts me way above my limits for the day. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

  24. sam jones

    Proud of you sis; you look exactly like my cousin who is a big fan of you BTW lol. You look amazing Black queen👑

  25. MissRSoul

    You look great!!!!!

  26. Angela Sanchez

    Can you tag the blender younise for the keto breakfast bowl

  27. Angela Sanchez

    Found you on snap. Love this youtube. Especially for food and keto!!!

  28. Jolenee Monique

    This video really helps me so much. I just started the Keto Diet. I want to know exactly what your measure out on how you make the keto bowl. (:

  29. Janette Rose

    Thank you so much!!!!

  30. iBOWdascious

    Amazing 😍

  31. Krystle-Belle

    You look awesome. I also follow you on snapchat, and i have been watching you and DominqueA and u both are inspirational. I started Keto in Mid July… And it has been the best decision of my life. I lost 25lbs and my energy level is amazingly high. I want to lose 15 additional lbs, and just take my physical fitness to another level

  32. K Smith

    Thank you! Thank you! That keto cereal bowl has made my entire keto life!! I absolutely love it.

  33. Martia Matters

    Why did it take 7 months to lose 25 odd…..when everyone else be losing huge amounts in a month? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

  34. Faith U.

    I started keto on the 7th and I’m already 7 pounds down. 63 more pounds to go!

  35. Patrice Hrabowskie

    I love these videos! I am incorporating Keto meals into my life but I’m not on the diet. I eat fruit. However I love watching your journey it inspires me!

  36. Kicking it with Kim KIWK

    I’m going to try keto

  37. Francelia Lerma

    Omg 😯 goals🤗🥰

  38. Mayoboka

    I subscribed because of this video.. go girl 💪🏻

  39. Shaylah Desiree

    my mom and i have kept your videos playing non stop!!! your progress has been incredible! we just started keto this monday and today is day4 for us and giklllllll lemme tell you i already feel better about myself, i obviously haven't seen a dramatic change but i feel much more energetic and present. I'm committed to making the way i feel about my body a priority!! 2019 I'm here & I'm here to slayyyyyy! xox thanks boo for your updates, please continue to do more kept check-ins, perhaps maybe a 'A Week in the life of a Keto Dieter' vlog and take us with you when you go out to eat, or have a hectic schedule, what you do to ensure that no matter how busy you are you still maintain eating keto.

  40. Semaediong Asuaiko

    Do clothing hauls please

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