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  1. Paola_Lizeth

    What made my arm go up?
    Me: muscles!
    Me: oh

  2. Captain Morgan IV

    the more i hear this the more i understand that this is total bull

  3. Ziadlb

    best crap I've seen in a while..

  4. Jazziel JazzielA19

    "Wait…how long am I going to have it in me"

  5. Cassidy M

    Honestly these kids are super brave because there is absolutely no way I would have let a random lady stick a needle in me for no reason when I was their age lol I would barely let the nurses give me my shots

  6. Ram

    This is pseudoscience

  7. S. Silv

    "Does it work all the time"? Well, it works about as often as a placebo.

  8. Look Outside Your Window

    I like this Monica lady.

  9. Diesav 28526

    I want acupuncture now

  10. better secret

    Energy. Ahahahah. Ok

  11. East Waco Entertainment TM

    Aw this looks cool. When I go to my grandmas house I’m gonna get her sowing needles and try it out. THX for showing me!!!

  12. ImPurity Teiku

    i recognise the accupuncriofhf from naruto, nejis move when he hits there 'chakra' points

  13. amrito68

    M Y C H I I S O V E R 9 0 0 0 !

  14. Emersen Frandsen

    The kids face though 3:28

  15. Lavender Animates

    I’m such a scaredy cat of needles TwT

  16. a b d i

    she should just say electric pulses instead of "energy" cause it sound really unbelivable

  17. samuel mifsud

    OK, her arm went up because of her muscles helping pull it up and hat does use energy but when you stand in a river, you can feel the current pulling on you because the water is lowing in that direction.

  18. Matthew K

    So, I think acupuncture, at a bare minimum, is a good placebo. If it helps some people feel better, so be it. I’d probably enjoy it myself. But it is NOT medicine, it most likely won’t cure your eczema

  19. kakashi hatake hvycrsez ty bubtxe xb yb


  20. Kun Nsvs

    "thankyou for poking me"

  21. aditya srivastava

    Monica: I can feel people's energy
    Girl:what do you mean

  22. Shortz Gaming

    That kids shirt is the best literly a panda dabbing

  23. vincent nguyen

    Wait, it was Hi Ho I thought it was pronounced HE HO

  24. Jonathan Gutierrez

    Do you guys remember when coyote pertterson had to take that shot after when the cow killer bit him

  25. The Dukers

    If she said can I poke on in you I'd run for my life

  26. Josephine Jappy

    1:57 Celine covering private part. looks at the camera. awkward smile

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