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  1. Bita Andrei


  2. leanne mcgrady

    It's probably a clone..

  3. Abira Basu

    Rob looks good

  4. Klaudyna Opalinska

    Am I the obly one annoyed by that "dont forget to subscribe eyc." Intro in EVERY VIDEO?

  5. Jaime Emmanuel

    I feel Rob out of all people in the universe has so much opportunities dished on a plate waiting for him to just claim it and yet idk what he is doing… from what I see Rob is battling with ONE major obstacle which is his weight and if he can get that sorted well then everything else in his life will be too… he has all the access to a nutritionist, personal trainer, good food through his mom and sisters. He just has so much. Commit your self for 12 months just to get your physical and mental health sorted out. Heck you don’t even need to work to earn in those 12 months all you just have to focus on is your health and everything you want will be yours. Rob is so hot and can have anything he wants travel business brands girls he doesn’t need to be Chasing after women who treat him like yesterday’s left overs. I hope you read this Rob Kardashian.

  6. Ana Lopez

    Wow ! I loss weight as well. You wanna see my leg??

  7. JoJoM92

    This is so toxic but, why do I watch??

  8. Sabrina Mcdonagh

    We didn't see notting obot it

  9. Selena H

    Can’t wait for Rob to come back to the show we all miss him he’ll be a big star like his family he’s already a star and his daughter and black Chyna his ex

  10. Matilda Anebi

    Hi fam.. please help my homegirl by liking and subscribing! Thanks a million!


  11. nena CasBas

    OMG… He's hot again 🤤🤤😍😍

  12. Debi B

    Rob looks great!!! And he looks happy again… 💗

  13. Ana Banana

    finally. I know being a Pisces (rob Kardashian jrs) astrology sun sign is tough but be determined. you're a Kardashian afterall 💪

  14. Tam Tam

    They been saying he lost weight for how long..

  15. Caroline

    I thought it was going to be an actual pic of him LOL

  16. realstepleanne AABA/AACJ

    Hope he wont.

  17. Erika Amwaama

    Lol…it's always the same

  18. Dora Rodriguez

    Lmfaooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

  19. chayma nour

    Maybe they keep secret 4 the next season, "ROB's revenge body "

  20. Mitra Vaziri

    I don’t give a shit about this family

  21. Giselle S

    He’s doing this for that girl (Natti)

  22. BadLilKitty MoneyLandTx

    Way to go rob we haven’t forgot about you we need more of your realness!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  23. Betty Stouffer

    What shocking weightloss?? I never see any current pics just old stock photos…what gives?

  24. Rozanne Beukes

    Lol show us the abs😅

  25. Dedra Romero

    Didn't show shit, but you beg for people to subscribe. Shameful

  26. christy kyky

    Honestly this is saying alot of nothing. Where is his pic for the weight loss?

  27. First Lady

    Rob, we love you and wish you the best!

  28. Lorinda Phillips

    Way to go Rob!! We love you!!

  29. Lynn m. Zeeryp

    That would Definitely be Awsome !!! 🙂 Hope we see more of Rob on Keeping up w/the Kardashians !!! 🙂

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