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  1. Chrissy Harless: Sub Boxes & Beauty

    What do you think…keep or cancel? I need to streamline my quantity of subscriptions and I might axe this one.

  2. Jessica Cowan

    Maybe after the holidays.

  3. Broken Sunnier

    I think you need to rethink how much you liked last months. Your daughters lips stuff, you wouldnt have found it without this box and the mask you said you would buy over and over again. Just those two things make last months box more than worth it! Just IMHO

  4. Gee & Alex

    i personally don’t think it’s worth it! thanks for sharing😌✨

  5. Isah Kmro

    I think keep it for more 2-3 months more, bcuz considering the product were all body and skincare products, which is vegan and affordable 👍💖

  6. Isabell Meintjes

    I would say, rather spend the money on something you love rather sometime you like 😉

  7. Jennie Logsdon Martin

    I’m liking it! It’s a feel good box! So, enjoy it! Feel good!

  8. Delani Edwards

    I think you should do it through the holidays and after that if you feel like you aren't really feeling the box get rid of it

  9. Rosalie lotions&potions

    Love your honesty. Good unboxing thanks

  10. Delani Edwards

    First off I just have to say I love your makeup it's absolutely stunning so is your hair and I just love your jacket 🧡💛

  11. Marian Wiederrich

    Love your videos

  12. Erin Brokenshire

    In Australia we are told by hairdressers to shampoo our hair twice. I find my hair is cleaner when i do so. The journey hair brand is made by a hairdresser in Australia on the goldcoast. I've used 2 bottles of the treatment before and i didn't really notice any difference in texture, hydration or length. I have a feeling its a similar idea to olaplex. Interested to see what you think of it after you've used it all!!

  13. Loshika Brackett

    Keep for one month than after that let go if you don't like next month

  14. Kelly The Make Up Mom

    I like this box I think it's a cute idea and the stuff seems nice idk I'd say give it another month or two esp going into the holiday's.

  15. Curious M

    One more month! Have you tried Petit Vour?

  16. Danyel Jabas

    Give it one more month.

  17. Celestial Nyx

    Meh…I see the value but I dunno it seems like it could be curated better? It just seems a bit random and no story/theme to the box. Omg! You just read my mind in the video…too much skin care that’s very specific! Kind of like fabfitfun! Lol I dunno I think you should look for a more natural cosmetic heavy box. Again, it’s not bad but it doesn’t seem like something you should continue to waste money on if you don’t use half the stuff.

  18. Kerry Ann Osborn

    I would say cancel and find something more makeup heavy. Love watching you. Maybe try a CBD lotion for your daughters hands

  19. EverythingProof Beauty

    No keep it! It’s not easy being all natural and clean beauty

  20. Sandra Rogers

    The Next Box is all makeup

  21. Jane Willson

    Try another couple of months, see how it goes! 🇬🇧

  22. Joy Bramlett

    If you decide to use the hair mask you could always use a clarifying shampoo and wash once instead of using your regular shampoo and washing twice. I clarify once a month and then use a hair mask for about 30 minutes. I just use Suave clarifying shampoo. No need to buy a fancy one to get squeaky clean! Also, I’ve heard amazing things about that Andalou brand. I really want to try something from them. Can’t wait to hear how it works for you! 😊

  23. SilverBanfaith

    From last month's box I was inclined to say Cancel, but this one seems like it might be better. Maybe one more to see if they can keep a majority of good items being sent.

  24. Talia Dublin

    I would give them at least one more month, but I’m learning towards cancel

  25. Tracy Panzarino

    It's a keeper! That box looked better than the last two from Ipsy!

  26. FordBabe89

    Omg the lip oil! We've tried everything for my husband, but his lips do the same. Is the oil like super shiny like gloss? Is it something that a man could use without it looking like he's using lipgloss?

  27. Francesca Vickers

    I might have to get this box and give it a try.

  28. Desteni Armeni

    Definitely KEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!! Love how they’re all natural and environmentally friendly!!!!! And hopefully you’re right and they do get more well known brands or more make up!!! Love ya girl

  29. angeparfois

    One more box!!!!

  30. Candy Edwards

    Cancel. It’s not one of my favorites. Sorry. I love your make up tho😘😘😘

  31. BC Brothers

    Lip balm was also so good . It smelled and tastes like pumpkin spice❤️

  32. zita valenzuela


  33. BC Brothers

    I used the hair mask. It was a little watery but man my hair felt great after using it !!! I have thin fine hair and it didn’t weigh it down.

  34. Melissa Broydell

    I do agree! There needs to be more makeup-ey products!! One more month I think just to be totally sure 😉

    Your so beautiful 😍 love the happy fall quote you got going on 😌🍁

  35. Lisa Greig

    Looks like a ok box!!! I love that it’s recyclable…Thanks for your honesty 🥰👍🏻

  36. Jenna Tucker

    A lot of these look like products small businesses get off wish and then mark up for sub boxes.. sorry that probably sounds harsh!

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