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  1. Roena Skates

    I wouldn't buy it if she put it in "Dollar Tree"! Why would a Black Person support a Family who uses, Disrespects, and Treats Black People like their lives don't matter unless you have been Caged in Jail with a Criminal Record that will only allow you to go so far in life ! I think I would invest my Money in College Students trying to escape a Life of Poverty, if I claimed to be helping the Community! 😤

  2. Mirjam Milde

    She is just beautiful in all ways … like you can hate on her but she is beautiful and the way she speak and the vibe she gives…

  3. Sunny Dayz

    Went into Ulta today. Kim's contour sticks , the cream contour smells rancid. It is not the plastic packaging but the product.

  4. Jaime Watson

    Deam does boobs got bigger

  5. Sherry Corless

    I’m so happy that KKW Beauty is in Ulta now. I work at The Ulta in St Louis Missouri and it’s so nice to be able to see, feel, and smell the products before I buy them! Lol! Yasssssss!


    so happy she’s educating herself of what meat does to the environment, ditching meat is the single greatest way to reduce our footprint! and her eating plant based at home is simply amazing. YAY kim!

  7. João Queiroz

    YES!!!! I love love love Kim and all her family, but there was always ONE THING I wanted her to say and FINALLY SHE TOOK A STAND FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND ANIMALS! As a vegetarian and a animal lover, I'm so SO PROUD Kim!

  8. Andressa Devad

    She is drop dead gorgeous! But her hands are so much lighter than her face and chest and arms..beautiful though.

  9. Sharon Dockery

    I would never spend my 💰 on anything they r selling why continue to put 💰 in their pockets everybody has a make up line Kim is so fake just like her big fake diaper looking butt and oversized fake lips and big fake boob's nothing is natural looking on her.

  10. Marcko Blizz

    She’s beautiful

  11. Natalie M

    I clicked on here cause I wanted to see the hot brunette in the pic..then realized i was k kardashian west.

  12. Randy Dubin

    LOL, look at how she's dressed. Kanye really seriously let her out of the house dressed like that?

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