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  1. Angel Marie Zamiri

    Thank you so much for this info. I absolutely love the sally Hansen one as well.

  2. magz292

    Love the couch pillows! Great colours 🙂

  3. Philosophy King

    Beautiful nails.

  4. Philosophy King

    Nice white shirt. Perfect body. Your skin tone is so beautiful 😍 . You are a perfect woman. You are a 10. You are a Goddess.

  5. Philosophy King

    Your hair is so beautiful 😍. Your makeup is perfect. Your face is so pretty. Your eyes are so sexy. Your lips are so sexy. Your lipstick is perfect. You’re amazing.

  6. Philosophy King

    Why you so beautiful 😍 babe?

  7. Philosophy King

    I hope you live forever.

  8. Philosophy King

    Beautiful sofa.

  9. Philosophy King

    Love you babe.

  10. Philosophy King

    Great video.

  11. Philosophy King

    Beautiful room.

  12. Philosophy King

    Beautiful home.

  13. Philosophy King

    One of my favorite people on YouTube/earth.

  14. Philosophy King

    One of the prettiest women on earth 🌏.

  15. Philosophy King

    Hello beautiful.

  16. Christina Soundara

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your review!! And your videos in general. Lol

  17. Josephine Ramos

    Hi Allie, when will you have the La sirene choker available in gold? Or are you no longer making them in gold? Thank you !! Love the vid btw !!❤

  18. Dee Dee

    Sally Hansen doesn't transfer, Kim has mentioned that hers does transfer but try setting it with powder.. which I think is stupid, you want a product that has all in one… I love Sally Hansen, I used the darker tan colour and it covers everything, it's more of a thicker consistency than the light tan colour you used.. Sally Hansen I've used all over my body and it really is water resistant even on your hands! Sally Hansen all the way 🙌

  19. Haley Bree

    what color did you have in the sally Hansen one? I love this video btw!

  20. Alexandra Carollo

    Thanks Ali! Was using Sally Hansen airbrush legs all over the body 10 years ago 😂 I guess I was ahead of the times! Need to go out and get some more!

  21. Adriana

    Thanks so much for your honest reviews!😊
    I also think that the Sally Hansen looks more natural 😅

  22. Marsha Colton Johnson

    Sally Hansen
    I have used the SH before. I need to find a body brush

  23. Crystal Taha

    But looks like I’ll love the brush

  24. Crystal Taha

    Sally Hansen

  25. Kristyn White

    FYI!!! Elf sells a brush that looks identical to that!! It’s called the “ultimate kabuki brush” I own it and never knew what to use it for…. this will be perfect. Thanks babe!


  26. ChristinaMoore

    Elf has a wide brush just like that!

  27. Megan Louise

    Sally Hansen leg looks flawless, but natural! KKW looks too makeup-y…got the other leg looking like a prosthetic 😂💕 That brush seems nice though!

  28. Christine Frances

    Sally Hansen!! Wow this video just saved me a whole lotta $$$ 😂❤️

  29. Maria k

    Been using the sally one for years but I’m interested to try the kkw bronzer one

  30. Ms fili

    I think I like the sally Hansen more 🙂

  31. kennedymeow

    Loved this video, Allie. You look gorgeous 😘

  32. Mystical Kumquat

    I don't have an opinion on the KKW products, but I really really hate the packaging. For the price, I think the packaging is lazy and uninspired. The colour also reminds me of flesh-tone which I find creepy lol

  33. Stefanie Taylor

    Love your pillows! Where did you get them?

  34. Kaitlin Lord

    Sally Hansen I Iove more on you! xx

  35. Heather O

    Wow! Sally Hansen 100%!!💕

  36. Eternamente Bella

    Good old Sally looks more natural n glowy!!!

  37. Frances Johnson

    I'm thinking about getting the KKW body brush now. Loved the review!

  38. Samantha Jayne

    Well, I'll be getting some of the Sally Hansen stuff asap 🤣

  39. Roshundra Foy

    since I'm already tan. I still like Salley Hansen better

  40. Alanah Nicole

    Elf has a brush just like the kkw one for $6 I use it for body makeup all the time it works great!

  41. Gabriella Dots

    Love this video❗️❗️❗️❗️❤️My final thoughts: Kim tried to rip off people by copying Sally Hansen and failed hard❗️ ….she knew it too, that is why she made orders after she sold the product…..her dupe cost like $5 to produce…profit of $45 ….don’t buy this, don’t be a duffus. 😂😂.

  42. Maricela Lopez


  43. Linda S

    Such a smart, well spoken and relevant video. Thanks for taking a product that has the ability to give so many woman much more confidence and showing them a better, more affordable option. That brush Kim came out with IS killer, though! Great job, Allie!

  44. Angélique Eva

    I thing I like the Sally Hansen better, never heard of it before definitely going to get a bottle!

  45. Laura King

    mesmerized by the eyeshadow today

  46. Deborah Bavas

    Love this video and how you did it! Thank you!

  47. Licensed and insured A

    They both looked great , I've been using the Sally Hansen for yrs and yrs but I still want to buy the KKW to try somehng new and order her brush, I actually use the SH lotion with a mitt. Great video !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ❣❣❣❣❣

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