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  1. anne smith

    Made my day that Ann made it!!! But just for anyone's info. I heard music three times the night before my dad passed, once behind my ear. So probably death isnt really death anyway.

  2. Robert Dabbs

    Ann, you are truly a remarkable person!!!!

  3. Ohanna Palomino


  4. Lakaiyah Haggan

    This is what you call a fighter. A true spirit

  5. Rob Smith

    I've been fighting stage IV lung cancer for seven years, and liver cancer for 3+. Two totally different primary cancers. I could go on and on, just love Ann's story

  6. MsLi512

    Amazing woman. Beautiful family

  7. 19GS67

    You are not afraid of death or life . All you need is love…..

  8. stacie lahive

    To everyone reading this please turn to Jesus He loves you and wants to save you from what you are going through, Only Jesus can truly heal you, He is the God of miracles, The bible tells us in Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, I seen God do amazing things in my life and in the lifes of people I know, God saved someone I love from illness leading to death, There is nothing impossible to God, Its as simple as asking Him to show you He is there and if you really want to know Jesus will answer you, I know this because it happened to me when I called out to God

  9. Patty Blevins

    There is a woman who beat stage 4 pancreatic cancer on youtube – without chemo and drugs. She did vitamin B17 – intravenous and natural foods and juicing. There are people on youtube who have beat cancer.

  10. Crystl Fire

    I still believe that the estrogen they give women who are going through menopause, gives women breast cancer. I refused to take it and I am fine. EVER since those estrogen pills came out, women have been getting breast cancer like crazy. No Thanks!

  11. Tammy Boatrite

    I had breast cancer in my left side so I had it removed & reconstructive surgery. Now I have a lump on the right side Now I go for a biopsy Tuesday with gods grace I won’t be cancer . So scared 😱

  12. Papin47

    So happy to know that your wishes to see your sons' graduation and fatherhood have been answered. I just saw your video and am deeply grateful to have read the updates. You are truly inspiring!

  13. Robert F. Davis

    Please stop with chemo. There are SO many natural alternative treatments! Chemo kills and they know how to treat and cure cancer. Don't be fooled.

  14. Bre-ann green

    I just seen she's alive and celebrating 8 years , this is truly a miracle .

  15. Sarah Wales

    Chemotherapy is a scary thing.

  16. anthony Pope

    sad you are one brave woman

  17. Celia Wilson

    Mum you are amazing xxxxi love you all xxx

  18. Chris Mustang man Stephenson

    Hidden Valley salad dressing plug @ 7:25.

  19. Jackie Blakemore

    I wish they would stop playing that stupid load music over the top of everything they are saying

  20. Lakshmi Muralidharan

    Amazing to know that you are alive and I wish the very best in all aspects of your life. Be happy and live long. Let many miracles happen in your life!

  21. Vanessa Cullars


  22. Liz Jones

    Ty FDA, hurry with all lifesaving drugs! NoW👏💖🙏

  23. Tonia Lenza

    Is it genetic

  24. Jenee Randall

    Ann…are you still alive and thriving

  25. Kelly Mcgeachy

    Came across all these videos back in Scotland just amazing this YouTube page ❤️ wish I knew of this ages ago lovely person that takes time to go visiting these incredible people as I know as from my mum finding out 16 years ago she had silent killer ovarien cancer and being 1st trying out new chemotherapy’s then as back then this cancer was most aggressive then and her Beating it when they said she wouldn’t a simple operation and to be told this just awful then 7 years ago told she had breast cancer and she beat that smiling and still helping others then 2 years ago told she had lung cancer but was told they can operate to extend her life as no cancer was showing anywhere in her body but a month after the operation still laughing and smiling worrying about me and my son she was told cancer during the operation had spread to her bones and brain and liver etc and till her last breath with thousands and thousands Facebook messages to her she still was smiling and joking a few seconds she past wish I knew about this YouTube channel what an inspirationionail channel 💔❤️

  26. Mary Z

    Ann, you're an inspiration to always have hope and live in the NOW!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  27. Rachela Ou

    I know it sounds terrible, but it's not cancer that kills, it's chemo, radiation, junk food, toxic relationships, rat race and environmental poisons. You can't kill cancer stem cells, they're chemoresistant, what chemo does to you is poison already immunologically compromised and poorly fed very sick body. How can people believe that big pharma has their wellbeing at heart? Chemo will not prolong your life it will make your life miserable.

  28. Pedro

    Please try cannabis and macro biotic food.

  29. Ann Girling

    Bless her. My namesake.RIP .

  30. B K

    Wow, she is still kicking 6 years later… I just saw that her youngest works for Google and grandbaby #3 is on the way… Wow, big pharma keeps her going…

  31. Walter L

    She's still alive! That is awesome Ann. You are a winner and a fighter. I'm living 2 years with kidney cancer. Let's kick cancers ass!

  32. Jo Pesta

    She is still alive. Amazing for stage 4.

  33. Nightmare Meg

    I'm glad to see shes still alive

  34. TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    And she is still alive and doing and looking great. Praying she gets many more memories and makes many more for her family.

  35. Gus Walker

    My Oncologist has a sign in his office; If you're above ground, you're winning. I"m a winner still and I hope Ann and her awesome family will be winners for a very long time to come.

  36. K A

    She’s still here and doing well! 😊

  37. J Cali

    I watched this video and was in tears. Them went to her blog and see she’s STILL ALIVE. OMG!!!!!!! More tears!!!! This made me so happy and touched my heart. See there is hope for people with cancer. I lost my 43 year old sister 2 years ago to TNBC and still have not gotten over her death. Ann May you live yo see your new oncologist retire too! You’re an amazing person and I admire your strath! Are you a grandma yet?!?!?

  38. anduagalidia

    i am also a cancer patient. saw a story about Paul Stamets founder of Host defense . his 85 year old mother got cured from stage four breast cancer by taking Turkey Tail mushroom suplements 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules at night. you can probably find the story on youtube. good luck and never give up!

  39. Gunnar Teterissa

    Is she still alive ?

  40. Esma Music

    Dier Ann ef you reed this Halo from N.Y. 😎😍😎

  41. Hannah Lee

    shes still alive!!!!

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