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  1. Lindsay Lew

    I am sick to death of fragrance in my beauty products and companies going crazy about their products with fragrance. Fragrance is so incredibly damaging to skin and in the long term does damage. It goes to show we have to dial back the hype and do some research as well as getting to know our bodies and get to know your priorities. Thank you for the recommendation of undone. Heading to their site now.

  2. Helen Tran

    Thank you for informing your viewers about not only this foundation but all about “clean” products. I was one of many consumers who was really interested in this foundation but didn’t bother to read the ingredient list.

  3. The hammah

    Thanks for keeping it real you are one of the few creators I trust

  4. Liat Oren

    i believe the fragrance in this foundation is less than 1%.

  5. Michelle66

    Thank you for this video! I chanced it on a just a sample, since I do wear Fenty Hydrating (as a mix in) on occasion for longevity, which also has fragrance. For reference I do prefer things like the Ilia True Skin Serum (without fragrance) for daily wear.
    My skin, with the Bite Foundation sample on, became very dry, looked about 10 years older, and irritated in areas that I dont normally get blemishes by the end of the day. I have normal skin that is not sensitive. I'm disappointed that people I trust to review products, are not doing seemingly any research before making certain claims and promoting products, but I tried it myself so, yeah, my skin hated it, lots of red flags. I was really hoping for an awesome, safe, fragrance free product from them that looked fresh on my skin! Btw I'm totally catching up on more reviews of the Undone since you recommend it! TY!! 🙋‍♀️🧡

  6. Honii B

    Did you even try the foundation before making this video?????????!?

  7. Honii B

    I can appreciate what time you put into this video.. BUT. .. I have extremely sensitive skin. I’ve been using this foundation for over a week and my skin looks better than it’s looked in years. I barley need to wear it now. This stuff is really good.

  8. Francisca Polanco

    You're deep and I like it, thank you!❤❤❤

  9. Amalia Vet

    I wish more people will watch this video, thank you for your work to open consumers eyes!

  10. Yaritza Rodriguez

    Thank you for this video.

  11. Alexandra Rust

    You rock

  12. Sabrina Prior

    Not everyone has time, aptitude, or inclination to do the research. That's why I appreciate that you are on the front lines doing it. Your definitely getting me more informed on what's not good to have in my stuff. Thank You so much for that. Have a day!!!

  13. Cecilia Johnson

    Totally agree with all your comments, and I loved this video.
    So much of what you described is called 'green washing'.

    I wonder if there is such a thing as a foundation that is actually beneficial for the skin? I have yet to find one.

  14. Hina

    I think when a company puts out 32 shades and 25 of them are light-to-medium, it's ridiculous and wrong. Of the 32, the true way to "test" popularity of a product would be to equally distribute the shades and undertones across the whole of the 32 available, instead of giving the majority to light variations and three for deeper tones. That's ridiculous and a cop-out when people say that or brands say it as an excuse.

    Also, your lipstick is SO PRETTY!!

  15. ladydoes

    I appreciate your point of view and I can agree that it's not super clean. The ingredients rated as a 3 on the EWG website. The most concerning ingredient is as you mentioned, fragrance. However, the foundation you recommended actually doesn't have great ingredients as well. The ingredients came out with a 4 rating which is a little worse than Bite Beauty's with PEGS being #2 on the list. And according to EWG's website, there are 25,280 studies in PubMed science library that include information on the toxicity of this chemical. At the end of the day, its really difficult to make a product that checks all boxes, and especially with makeup. But I think its also cool that Sephora is using the European Commission as it's an example to qualify products as "clean".

  16. Heffa WTF

    Thank you for mentioning deep shades as an issue! Finding skincare/ “clean” focused foundations is HELL as a deeper complexioned person and if you pay attention, most release 1-2 darker shades that often end up leaning grey.

  17. Cynthia Graves

    I always love the videos where you start off by letting us know that you did not buy it and would not put it on your skin. It's always such a refreshing, you always being so honest.

  18. Jennifer O'Gorman Arafa

    Oh it’s all an oxymoron with this foundation. That’s it that’s all. Lol. 🤪

  19. velma smith

    Great video. When you’re getting paid to reviews on products I think the truth will be stretched to make it seems like it’s the best in the world. I’m not getting it away but thanks for your video.

  20. Safaura

    Great video, very informative!

  21. uleexxx

    Thanks for sharing your concerns. I do appreciate your efforts in providing educated product reviews. I share your scepticism on Sephora's "clean" marketing approach. On a side note, might you share which lip product you are wearing here? It's so pretty.

  22. Gadgetlily

    👍 excellent. Thank you.

  23. Hannah E. Gwaltney

    This is why I love your channel so much. I have extremely (like, insanely) sensitive skin. I get so disappointed when I watch other beauty YouTuber's channels and get hyped about the products they love and then I look up the ingredients and realize there's no way I could put those products on my skin without dire consequences. I really wish there were more people drawing attention to these problems so that beauty and skincare companies felt pressured to use safer ingredients.

  24. airypersiflage

    Preach it girl!!!!! This is all SO important and does not get stated enough!!!!!

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