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  1. Mantraone Mantra

    Women are vomit stop sending this craps

  2. Gracious A

    It works my stomach is slimmer than it was before

  3. Esther Cobbinah

    Just find this technique yesterday was looking for simplex way to lose weight after giving birth I'm in my 8 months now, haven't had my period till yesterday after trying this technique and ve really seen some changes I feel very light not that too heavy anymore this exercise is very effective, i will continue till i get my goal. So please it is true if you are pregnant don't try it.

  4. UAE Rose

    I think you do not need to screem, it just help you to push more..

  5. Umema Sultan

    Hello koko
    I m doing dis exec & m vry happy to see some change😄 plz tell me tat can i do dis in menses too😑

  6. Anjali saravanan

    Should we give sound while we Exhale?? I need to do it quietly

  7. Dynasty Of 3

    I just did this in front of my kids and they thought I was turning into the hulk😂😂😂😂😂! I’m so embarrassed 😳

  8. gary mann

    We also breathe deep when we run.


    Before video : I am using my headphones
    After video : now I am unable to use headphones forever

  10. MARIO

    Super Nice !!!

  11. Mario

    Super Nice Video Tnks!!!

  12. Gandham sony Sony

    Thank you koto it's really good

  13. Mitchie Boo

    This is extremely effective, I do it and boy, I feel it all over, just need to be consistent. Love it

  14. Samantha Quintero

    I have no sound on my comp is it just deep inhale and longer exhale?

  15. nessun dorma

    She is super cute, is so easy to follow her directions 😊 I'll try it beginning tomorrow and will see 🤞

  16. Nadia Smit

    No really goin to try it…..thank u

  17. Nadia Smit

    I've been breathing for years…so now what…lol

  18. Shintika Travis


  19. Spirit Warrior

    Thank You Koko Hayashi for teaching this breathing technique to us it looks like it's simple to learn and i will try it in my exercise routine. By the way you're so cute, i just loved your long Kiai at the end of the 7 second exhale… LOL! 😘😳😄

  20. sajjal sajid

    Inhale to mouth not to nose right??

  21. Allen Spindel

    This method of breathing does work. https://spinnexvitality.com/ Since 1979 when I studied martial arts in SanFrancisco from a Grandmaster who specialized in deep abdominal breathing, I have been practicing this breathing exercises for 15 minutes a day. I must point out that on the exhale, we breath out through the mouth. There are medical reasons why. I have a masters degree in physical education and taught this to my high school students over the past 15 years of teaching and all, repeat, all subjects lost weight.
    Thank you for confirming this method of breathing does help scientifically with weight loss.

  22. Neill Gockelen

    Oxygen hits fat cell,and releases carbon dioxide!

  23. Neill Gockelen

    Im giving this a go..

  24. mari lopez

    KoKo your amazing and super funny! 😁

  25. Bodacious Woman

    I did the exercise this morning, noises and all, my cat about attacked me😂😂😂 but it feels really good

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