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  1. M E L 415

    Hey Tom, how's your knee now after all these years?

  2. AN. Chavez

    my dad try it few years ago,for his knees, he loved it but here in México is very expensive too so he stop. glad u are go better

  3. Red Dragon Diaries

    Mine was near my home in Busan (Yeoung-do). They are very common in Korea though, so you shouldn't have a problem finding acupuncture or natural medicine. You could ask your coteacher, or just some people in your neighborhood.

  4. Fifth Age

    Very good video review. What's the address of the hospital you visited? Can you recommend a good acupuncture hospital that specializes in head-related things like mental fatigue etc? I'll be visiting Korea for an acupuncture treatment but don't know a good hospital. thanks.

  5. VergiliaCoolbeans

    I'm glad you're feeling better now. I hope your leg continues to heal 🙂

  6. Red Dragon Diaries


  7. gualdacolorao

    I know people who used acupuncture for headaches and the results was right. Good video my friend.

  8. Red Dragon Diaries

    It definitely helped me out a lot

  9. scarywolfie

    as a person who's been doing since I was 2? results are results, knew it since i was a baby. im not evn trying to cheer for it or pit it against something, but it's an effective no-nonsense method.

  10. Red Dragon Diaries

    There are definitely two worlds of thought on acupuncture. I think it can helps in some cases – others not.

  11. Pikukat

    Interesting to hear that result. Where I am from, people tend to poo-poo acupuncture a bit, but you report a significant improvement. I wish there were more conclusive science on this because reports are mega conflicting.

  12. Red Dragon Diaries

    The acupuncture cost 4,000 won

  13. Mbabyblue1233

    Did the acupuncture cost 4,000 won or the doctors visit for the cast?

  14. Red Dragon Diaries

    It definitely helps.

  15. classicpiano123

    I think you would have exceptional endurance, displine and toughness from Judo training ….. also humility which comes with Judo mentality. 🙂

  16. Red Dragon Diaries

    Thanks. Now if I only had their endurance and toughness!

  17. Red Dragon Diaries

    I'm crazy I know. It feels weird to move when the needles are in.

  18. Red Dragon Diaries


  19. Red Dragon Diaries

    Thanks. More like a scooter dude. It's weird at first, but well worth it.

  20. liyeicky

    Cool hair cut

  21. classicpiano123

    sorry …but i can not stand needles…lol…good that it worked for your leg pain…

  22. classicpiano123

    You look like a SEAL with the short hair cut! Looks great!

  23. Red Dragon Diaries

    That's the look I was going for!

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