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  1. TheWeirdOnes

    All beauty standards are ridiculous wdym

  2. Schneed

    Just to clarify – Koreaboos aren't all caucasian. There are tons of black koreaboos as well [Look up kmusicandblackwomen.. She's literally the worst koreaboo ever lmao.] As well as tons of asian koreaboos as well!

  3. Erin Biko

    I worked in a place where the manager would only hire white, blonde haired girls who are smaller than a size 8 (im in Australia) but that was a one time case

  4. snow doesn't exist

    Thank you! My Korean friend wants to become an idol and he’s constantly talking about how he needs to ‘get a nose job’ ‘get skinny and not be fat’ and he even wants to get paler (he’s slightly tan, for the record) and I try to convince him that he’s fine the way he is but the beauty standards really get to him

  5. Khloe Britton

    I remember when I was in Grade 11 advanced English class here in Australia back in 2013 and we had to talk about something from another country that had influenced western culture. I did my presentation on Italy and cuisine and how much influence it's had on other countries. Lmao then a classmate of mine did an entire essay and slideshow presentation on Weeaboos and he got a mfkn B grade for it too. 😂😂

  6. Gun Napat Na Ranong

    LETS not forget how you whities love to steal asian and black culture i.e our skincare and music style and act like its your own weak i—

  7. Gun Napat Na Ranong

    white hag thinking her own cultureless self is perfect lmfao keep capitalising on asian people cause white folk are irrelevant LMFAO

  8. Gun Napat Na Ranong

    bro u white tho so u got no say lol go criticise how white folks like to be incest and be alcoholic and beat their wives then come preach

  9. Anni R

    In germany you typically have to attach a photo too. The companys are expecting you to. 😕

  10. Val D

    i wish your vids were longer🥺🥺🥺

  11. Chef Lin

    meitu is chinese :s

  12. Sandalwood Myrrh

    Also please do a video about fat phobia in Korea, China, and Japan. It is normal for families to say you are fat if you weigh over 110 lbs as a woman regardless of how tall you are.

  13. Sandalwood Myrrh

    Thank you for talking about this. Please do a video about kpop idols and how they are starved and abused by their companies. This also contributes to the unrealistic expectations of Korean society.

  14. Andréa V

    I’ll take a shot every time you say plastic surgery🤠

  15. bobby

    There's also this weird thing with east asian beauty standards that enforces grown women to look as CHILD like as possible. Really soft features, large eyes, small faces and so on.
    Of course theres a major focus on wanting to look young in the west as well but usually you dont want to look like a pre pubescent child.. Children tend to get very sexualised there anyway. Incredibly gross.

  16. Christopher Keroro

    As a white person u might not be the right person to shade a light on this since it IS the white western culture that degraded asian features and implementing their beauty standards for the world. Just distasteful ya know

  17. coco

    I agree with that comment at the beginning but one has to wear makeup if you're on tv. There's so much light. If one doesn't at least powder one's gonna look like the sun, and not in a good way.

  18. mortalscumbro X

    we live in a society…..

  19. Slurpy Durp

    You are such a beautiful person (inside and out) <3

    Thank you for talking about this. I think that a lot of Kpop fans and Koreaboos don’t realise that Korea would destroy them mentally. I didn’t know that you can’t even get a damn job without looking like a photoshopped model! This is completely insane! Korea and Japan sound like a dystopia but they are real!

  20. AMIYA

    Beauty standards in general are fucking crazy and too high in my books. Everyone is starting to look the same/dress the same. It’s weird tbh. I’ve learned to be comfortable with my face and my uniqueness.

  21. Christina Shi

    Yes! It's really important that more people talk about this!!! A lot of kpop fans really don't like to go in-depth about these beauty standards bc they are technically part of the reason why they like those idols so much, even if their beloved idols are suffering bc of those very standards. I enjoyed your video and your objective approach to explaining it. Too many people who already know about it just chalk it up to being ingrained in culture when there's actually A LOT more going on. More people should be angry about it imho

  22. Ash's Ashes

    Literally got a Korean surgery ad in the middle of this video uhhhh

  23. Digna Garcia

    Why is there an ad underneath your video to find you a plastic surgeon in Korea 😂

  24. Nabeeha Khan

    ngl is this for u to judge

  25. Sophia

    this is definitely an interesting topic especially as a SE asian raised in america however it's important to understand that these beauty standards have been in place for generations, its not something that by shaming people who have grown up and been surrounded by them they will stop doing. it's going to take a complete change which is impossible here in the western society to do for the society over there. i know a lot of asians already have a negative view on the west, especially them thinking that the western society is always pushing their standards on asian society so i do think there is a better way to go about this than by using the title "ridiculous", i think this only bridges a bigger gap and further polarizes the differences in the cultures

  26. Aleksandra M

    meitou is chinese I think, but it makes your head tiny and it freaks me out

  27. Tooba Hussain

    The light skin aspect is also because of colonialism. Might not be in South Korea directly but for sure it's a reason in other asian countries

  28. J

    How are they gonna just ban plastic surgery all together, how realistic is that when it's a part in the culture already, alot of clinics are successful and bring alot of money to korea and the pop industry relies on it to perfect the trainees before they debut. I don't see that working out, that would be a big change to Korean society.

  29. Έλενα

    Fair skin has always been a sign of wealth and prosperity. In older years, the only people who had a more tan beige skin were the workers and the farmers, as opposed to roalty, who pretty much always stayed indoors. As an effect, they lacked vitamin d and had an extremely fair, white looking complexion

  30. Michal Salazar

    So are American beauty Standards but you fit them so you don’t care

  31. mstarburst

    I really, really want v line surgery though… From the age of 10 I hated my square face, I knew it was ugly before anyone even told me it was lmao😭😭

  32. Lindsay A. Huestis

    Your videos are so interesting! I honestly had no idea that the beauty standards were so harsh, even for men.

  33. Ryann Elery

    I find it weird how much k-beauty makeup is praised for being "natural" and "your skin but better", but their standards for beauty are deeply rooted in racism and tons of them get plastic surgery to completely change their natural born features.

  34. Linucs x

    Meitu – although definitely promoting unhealthy beauty standards – is as far as I know totally safe and tbh I've been using it for years now and I enjoy the effects, how easy it is to adjust grain, contrast, hue and all that. You don't have to use the beauty thingies like the tool to e.g. slim your nose if you don't want to although I have to admit that it's quite tempting

  35. Hyungdonydonydony itsrapmonymonymony

    I dont really think you can speak on this not being korean or living there even. Western beauty standards are just as bad but everyone wants to pick at Koreans when we should fix our problem first

  36. Stonecake

    I know parents get double eyelid surgery for their kids after graduating to give them an advantage for careers. A friend was considering getting it done because of kpop, it was sad

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