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  1. R Stelzer

    What we have here…. is a FAILURE…. to COMMUNICATE. I cannot understand what he is saying except maybe every 4th word. So monotone is the sound it sounds like he is mumbling through a BARREL! Would be so nice to actually UNDERSTAND what he is saying. Sheesh, two microphones and videographer doesn't have a freaking CLUE how to use them effectively!

  2. aftab alam


  3. Gina D'Eramo

    Where can I purchase the rippler tool?

  4. Amanda Croft

    If her pain level was actually an 8, she wouldn't be able to move so easily. My guess is closer to a 5

  5. pogodziej

    Can I just say? For his age, his hands look super well.

  6. Rafat Taher

    Good result

  7. Autumn Meadows

    this is excellent

  8. hadil k-pop

    تحية من الجزائر


    I was trying while watching this and holy shit that really works

  10. Vladimir Bash

    This call Su Jok therapy developed by Korean professor Park Jae Woo

  11. Taisha Ria

    Under which name can I find those plasters at your homepage?

  12. adriano lehman

    his videos give me confidence in what i am learning

  13. Frank Reading

    You know you can trust a man who can't tell right from left.

  14. Evil Brokovich

    Isn't the tool just a nail art dotting tool?

  15. Suzanne Miller

    Watch this for the ASMR!

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