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  1. Noni Maulida

    I honestly love the OSS moisturizer and the GBR serum. But for KLY toner, I don’t feel the same. A bit stinging on my face

  2. Jaikiz Chaparro

    Amazing Review!!! Would you say this sunscreen could substitute vitamin c??? Im very sensitive and my skin doesnt like vit c, but im really interested on the benefits of it.

  3. Tasha’s World

    Can anyone tell me when we are supposed to apply sunscreen in our morning routine?? I tend to put it as the last step but not sure if I’m doing it right.

  4. Darian Vigil

    PLEASE REVIEW Madelaine Petsch 38-Step Beauty Routine!

  5. Tanisha Afnan

    susan: dimethicone 🙂 dimethicone! dimethicone. dimethicone 🙁

  6. Shazakye Mustafa

    “Sensitive, acneic, oily skin” You are literally speaking to my soul, I’m sold 😅

  7. sama Refaei

    Is bepanthen good for the face?

  8. hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub

    tempting but I just refuse to buy any influencer lines

  9. Brittanni Joseph

    brows on fleek

  10. Adrieana J

    should i use the great barrier relief for my eczema flare ups??

  11. 9 / 11 dah

    I think I'll buy the oat so simple and the beet shield. And after finishing TO acids, maybe I'll go for the AHA. IngshaAllah.

  12. Steve Daichi Ishimatsu

    Can you make me a skincare routine I have normal skin, I sometimes get breakouts one in a while, i have hyperpigmentation, sun spots, uneven skin tone, acne scars, dullness, melasma, moles, freckles etc. I don't have a budget I want the best of the best money can buy for my concerns. I also live in Los Angeles California. I don't have a busy schedule so I have lots of time. I am 24

  13. PastelxxSlimes

    I was wondering is you do a video on the best homemade face mask recipes? 🥰🥰

  14. Secret S

    New Subscriber!

    Edit: btw You look So so so so pretty!!!!!!

  15. Dominic Chin

    Hey! I just read that KRave on their website said that the Kale-Lalu-yaHA shouldn't be used as a toner tho :O

  16. Saleha Rowan

    Love your videos!! I feel like this would be a great drinking game for every time she says dimethicone 😂♥️🙌🏼

  17. Rikki Hurt

    I hear hate all the time but I don't wear sun screen despite being fair skin & blue eyed. I have tried nearly every one out there and they ALL break me out and I burn anyways. So why bother? Ya know?

  18. Kata

    I bought all her products (except the moisturizer which came out recently) over the summer, and I just got to using them and I LOVE the cleanser and toner! People in the comments: Keep me accountable with this comment, I'll post my updates with how my skin is doing. 🙂

  19. Andy González

    Why is you making us wait so much to see your reaction on Kourtney 😫💔 I’m literally dying to see it

  20. Joanna C

    I have been using the cleanser and love it as well as the Barrier relief cream. I didn’t know much about the line so I started with those two . I want to get the cream and sunscreen but I still love my REN aha and paulas choice bha 2%. Thanks for this review!

  21. maizouaa lee

    Can you review Hada Labo skin care?

  22. Kumotta Kun

    Those gold shoulder things are distracting 😐

  23. Rachel Nicole

    How’s it working for my fellow oily skinned sisters? 👀👀

  24. Ella_Rose13

    can you pleaseeeee react on kourtneys skin care/ make up routine by vogue?

  25. sallukaden

    I want to know the small necklace you are wearing. Please reply.

  26. DrIsshan’s Free Time

    Ugh. I wish we have access here in PH.

  27. E M

    Does anyone know how the moisturizer compares to Belif’s Aqua Bomb??

  28. Jenny Hart

    Hi Susan! Can u talk about GROWTH FACTORS in serums? There seems to be a lot of talk about ANTEAGE developed by doctors. Is this something u recommend spending a hefty $$$$ on?

  29. dvlajko

    LIAH YOO TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. dvlajko

    SUSAN YARA RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. talha sarwar

    Susan you are awesome You really recommend us what is true I really appreciate your enthusiasm toward beauty industry and forget about negative comments they don’t even know what they want😁😂

  32. Cosmetic Padacts

    As a cosmetic chemist, I absolutely love KraveBeauty & their intentional approach to skincare products. The Beet Shield is definitely one of my top favorite sunscreens, since it has such a smooth application. Honestly, I love all of the KraveBeauty products! Such an amazing brand!

  33. Tori Miller

    Was literally considering buying from them last night after watching two other skincare YouTube’s rave… now I have to with your review 😂

  34. Hannah Miller

    I’ve tried the matcha cleanser, chemical exfoliated, and the great barrier relief and all products are amazing. I plan on grabbing the moisturizer next and I’m so excited! I’m glad this brand is getting so much positive attention.

  35. Tadashi Stark

    which dermatologists are saying people with oily skin don’t need moisturizer? please name names…

  36. Peter Kloosterman

    Companies unfortunately listen too good sometimes, with all the "clean beauty", "free from.." and "EWG 0" crap these days. I understand it, companies want to make money, so make what consumers want, but unfortunalety consumers are no experts in general. I like fragrance and essential oil free of course.

  37. Evelyn A

    what’s on her shoulders? 😮

  38. Mrs Edna Cortez

    Have you heard of monat. Can you do a review on that product?

  39. chris degrazio

    Thank you for doing this video. I am glad Korea receives its due recognition for being innovative in skincare. I just wish they would do more for animal rights, dogs specifically.

  40. Randall Angel

    I really wanna love Krave Beauty but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it's for me. I've been using the matcha cleanser for a few months, along with the Kale-Lalu-yAHA, but none of it has done anything for my acne or overall complexion in the few months I've been using them. The Great Barrier Relief also makes my skin sticky, and the Beet Shield feels nice but leaves me looking so greasy I can't stand it.

    After just using the basic skin exfoliater from Glossier + The Ordinary's Niacinimide and switching back to my basic Neutrogena 'Naturals' cleanser, my acne has started to subside in just a few days. So, unfortunately I think it may not be the best choice for me. So, no Krave for me 😭

    Although I might keep using the Beet shield and just start wearing a translucent powder over it to mask the shine

  41. Paola Oropeza

    I have a question on sunscreens, if your sunscreen has vitamin C , can you skip on your vitamin c serum in your morning routine , in this case the Drunk elephant C-Firma or is it better to double it ? Thank you

  42. Ana C

    Susan can you talk about why people don't want using essential oils on their face. I recently starting using DoTerra Essential Oils and every blog and article from them recommend using certain oils as your skincare. Love you girl thank you for always teaching us how to keep looking fabulous.

  43. Shamirul MYunus

    Same with me oily + sensitive + acne skin. People with this skin type are always crying for help for a good plus simple moisturiser 😭

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