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  1. Subhash Mehta

    Or kam karo…….🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Subhash Mehta

    Sale youtube main move dekh neke liya pesa katega………😏

  3. Sani Shah

    Mother chod bhikh magta he you tube wala randi ka paida

  4. Prince Kunwar


  5. sonia gautam

    I tried to purchase the movie 5 times with different cards but it says invalid card, i think they don't want me to buy.. lol. Keep your movie with you.

  6. Adil shaikh

    Why every movie shows buy on rent. Youtube is just useless now

  7. Angel Sb

    Paise kis baat ke recharge karao paise kis baat ke

  8. Bablu Rajpoot

    I love ranveer singh

  9. NS 13

    Seedhi baat hai movie ki original CD inke price se kahi jyada sasti hai voh kharid lo aur laptop/ PC pe dekho

  10. Hammad Hammad

    plz uplod movie ladies vs Ricky BHEL

  11. Parul Agarwal

    ladies ricky bale pls upload

  12. Sahil Sakharkar

    Please upload this movie 😘😘😘😘

  13. Sunanda Chakraborty

    Full movie plsssss

  14. Lubna Banu

    Plizz yaar jaldi se aplod karo ye movie Ledis VS Ricky bel

  15. Honybee Baishaya


  16. Abhiram Gowala

    Watch this movie Felt very good Ranbir Kapoor So Nice Actor I love this movie This movie song So nice Income took my mind

  17. S S

    Who is watching this movie in 2019?

  18. Arhan khan

    pless full move dlo

  19. Arya Sunar

    #Movie chahey

  20. cure skin

    Very nice movie

  21. Sayandeep sengupta

    Ladies ko das 🐍🐍diya tha ranvir singh

  22. Neha Jaiswal

    nice movie. was super hit. love ranveer and anushka. this was parineeti's debut. all 3 guys with different names but it is actually one person ricky bahl. he changed his name to attract the 3 women but he actually ends up with anushka at the end. but i haven't seen the other actresses in other movies

  23. Mohd Aamir


  24. Hayat Ali khan

    fuck what buy

  25. Gayatri Shiluman

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload Kardo yaar😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔

  26. jubel Ahmed


  27. soulmate Palak Muchhal

    Logon ko Q bebquf banate ho full movie aplod jaro na yarr

  28. Apoorva Tadepalli

    Smh, rather than hatching this crazy scheme, which could take months, they should have called the cops. Hatching this crazy plan MIGHT cause the guy to become violent, they don't know what he's capable of.

  29. Mukul Singh

    Ye movie meko dekhni h but khi ni mil rhi.. Please help me 😭

  30. Aryan Ansari

    bro free upload movie

  31. abhay kasera

    Mere pass pahle se hai achaa time pass hai paisaa kamaane kaa

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