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  1. Mido Sabri

    that gentleman got it right

  2. Juan silva

    Madonna in the 80 was the birth of wannabes

  3. Juan silva

    Talking about Berghain on here. It's really the best place! An amazing place.

  4. Roberto Barajas

    Reductive clown

  5. Joanna M

    Why did she do that people don’t want to look like monsters

  6. Myia Lan Chong chin

    Yea I do love fenty beauty 😍❤️ just saying !!!!!

  7. savannac15

    what about FLOWER BEAUTY!!??
    Drew Barrymore technically was the first!!

  8. Alexander kanniah

    Everyone is jumping on the makeup train

  9. Sable Bomb

    I can’t wait until all haters shut up already the F up when her make up line blows up and is going to be Big AF!

  10. pouvei agu

    There is not too late…. How can u say that??? That doesnt make sense

  11. pouvei agu

    Lady gaga she wore all types of makeup so she know the best.

  12. Colin Ronald Wright

    „sHeS bEcOmInG a BeAuTy icOn” btch she already has been a beauty icon

  13. Tiny Lopez

    I can't wait to try I always loved lady gaga ❤

  14. Jordan Rayner

    The thumbnail is a strange choice, shouldn’t you have used her actual portrait released for the announcement?



  16. Cesar Oviedo

    "For the past 15 years" lmao don't make it too obvious you don't know what you're talking about

  17. guilherme louro


  18. Michael Vaughn

    * Y A W N *

  19. Bilikis Akindele

    I am very confused because isn’t all make up gender neutral

  20. Danny Reyna

    Chemist and designer make the products celebrity okays it they put their name on it. Sold!!!
    Chemist and designer get paid but not enough.
    Celebrity get filthy rich.

  21. Olivia Lee

    She should have called it BRADLEY.

  22. Aurora Kthupi


  23. ceceoo3

    First of all, there is always room for other makeup lines. Not everyone will want to use what is already out or it may not be suitable for their skin. Second, dont try to act like calling makeup gender neutral is new and innovative. All makeup is gender neutral because anyone can slap it on their face if it is their shade! 😒 I like Gaga, this is nothing against her, I'm referring to these hosts. Get better hosts that dont try so hard to kiss everyone's butt so hard!

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