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  1. Reefi C

    She is amazing and with the diverse examples. Love Love Love her!!!

  2. Une belle matinée d'été !

    Could we start a pétition for Disney to cast her please ?! 😍
    ( and actually , if you're able to do it , do it I'm serious )

  3. Sindar Elf

    what is that lip shade? its beautiful!

  4. Sarah dee

    I think I just found my new fave channel🦋

  5. Natalia Duque

    Is that Kennedy Walsh? 3:35 haha

  6. Black cat

    That hijab girl is gorgeous

  7. Ceecee Nj

    I love her omg

  8. Rauha K Paulus

    This is the content I signed up on Youtube for

  9. Rhiannon Nicole Landoe

    Don’t take this the wrong way. I am all about being lady like and having manners and being clean and looking presentable. And I know she has good intentions in what she’s saying I get what she’s trying to say but I’m just gonna be honest for a minute here and say I hate everything about this video. Or rather the way she’s going about saying what she’s trying to say. I feel like there is a more respectful way to share these thoughts and opinions. There were just so many things that jumped out from the video that I new could be offensive to other people trying to be/ or just curious about being lady like. Please don’t take this the wrong way I mean now harm, I’m just putting it out there for your awareness or next time. Other than that I like your message and your intentions and I get what your saying❤️

  10. Camila C

    You are so beautiful. This is really awesome
    You definitely are a lady!

  11. Deepshri Mahadik

    She used Kennedy Walsh's photo!

  12. ElkeVandromme

    Thank you for the advice. You always look amazing. Did you whiten your teeth? If yes, how did you do that please?

  13. Zaina Hamad

    Aw thank you for showing a woman in hijab, every girl is beautiful in her own way

  14. Dana Iti

    you are gorgeous, thank you for sharing your knowledge! <3

  15. Ela Nebula

    You look like a Disney princess!

  16. Silvia Foxworth

    does her voice play on the speakers in heaven?

  17. Emma B.

    Thank you.

  18. doda 123

    I absolutely LOVE your use of pictures from cultures all around the world

  19. Musings of Michelle

    I'm really glad your channel came up in my recommended. I really enjoy your aura and your tips. New Subbie.

  20. brincezz

    Subscribed in like 5 seconds I'm so here for the variety concept of beauty!

  21. Jessica Hanson

    Thankyou so much! This is life changing!

  22. Kylea Pearson

    wow, this video is amazing. she's so polite and so understanding, she acknowledges other cultures and ideas/ideals, ugh I love this!

  23. candice terry

    i love how you put pictures of diverse women <3

  24. Stretch Opotomus

    Lisa Eldridge and Alyona Yarushina (*"Aly Art"*) are great channels for ladylike makeup!!! 🙂

  25. rp b

    You always have the most flattering lip color on! I wish i knew how to pick them like that! Im olive toned

  26. Nya Smith

    I think a lot of Black women look more feminine with shaved heads than unhealthy shoulder-length hair or outlandish weaves. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think the length of the hair is important at all! Men like soft hair that moves and looks touchable… if you have to worry about the weather or wind completely ruining your everyday look, it might be time to simplify. Also, there if there is a strong smell or excessive residue, its not going to come across as accessible… a lot of looks we create are for our own satisfaction or for the approval of other women. This isn’t a feminine or submissive thought process 🤷🏾‍♀️ ijs. Some women call me “basic”, but I prefer to say CLASSIC! 👌

  27. Priyanka Robert

    Love your videos. Could you please make a video on how to style jeans in feminine way

  28. pls stop im fragile

    I had really bad acne and struggled a lot with it. I found something, that helped me a lot. So here is a little something if someone wants to try it 💕
    I tried the koren skincare routine and these are the things I use:
    1. Clean your skin from any makeup (i mostly use some warm water and soap)
    2. wash your skin with the ac clean up daily cleansing foam (its from etude house, i got it from amazon)
    3. Use a face scrub (i use one from aok (its a german brand but maybe you can find it on amazon) feingefühl, peeling mit Seesand =peeling with seasand, its vegan)
    4. then wash your skin with alverde clear waschcreme (also a german brand), with heilerde (it might be healing earth in englisch 😄) and green tea.
    5. use a toner (i am using one from alverde also with healing earth and green tea
    6. then I use a clear sos serum from alverde also with healing earth and green tea
    7. I am using the lavera pore refining moistrusining fluid with organic mint, zinc and salicylic acid
    8. use moisturizer!!! i really, really love using aloe vera. I found one on amazon with includes 92% pure aloe from nature republic.

    Try using a skin masc here and there also. These where the things that helped me alot. I used it every morning and evening for 2 weeks, it was a lot of effort but really worth it. After that i only used it lile 3 times a week. But i made sure to wash and clean my skin and put on some moisture (idk how to spell it right, sorry)

  29. Random Viewer Passing By

    I am just so blessed to find your channel. Tbh, I discovered ur channel like months ago but was not interested for I thought it didn't speak for me and you are so beautiful that i was somehow threatened 🤣🤣)

    I decided to finally watched one and now I bingewatch your vids as I start growing this desire to be womanly woman and I am just so into your positivity. Somehow I know I am in the right path now (and greatly hope I am not running out of masculine men to be with 🤣 )

    I think it is not easy to stay positive and upbeat all the time but hope you are always given the power to be, though.


  30. ema ema

    Aurora from sleeping beauty

  31. Vivien Lehne

    I feel like getting princess lessons👑

  32. Rip GuyMorville

    Hi! New to your channel, thank you for all the tips! I have a problem though, I walk several miles a day and have lost a few toenails, have blisters that have popped leaving very rough skin. I have no idea how to make them look good. Before walking, they looked beautiful, they were soft. Simply wear socks or do you have any ideas of how to improve my situation? Really love the channel, thank you again.

  33. Gaby P

    Love your advice. I'd just like to add that if you are having problems with your skin, please see a doctor. Don't spend money on useless products. I was doing that for years and then in my 30's I finally saw a doctor who gave me a prescription for a cream and my skin looks amazing now. I did see a dermatologist years ago, but I didn't find their advice very good, so just see a normal doctor first and if that doesn't work, go see a specialist.

  34. Crystal Belle Beauty

    The advice from this video is amazing and completely forward thinking. I really assumed that this was going to be some kind of “backward housewife” thinking but i was completely wrong. Thank you! I feel like we are told femininity is vanity however there is a certain beauty and grace that is overlooked. We all want to value masculinity and being strong and independent, but I feel like we have lost the meaning of true femininity: not too masculine; strong and powerful, yet graceful and delicate 😊

  35. Amy Coulson

    I think you would adore Sadia, aka Pick Up Limes. She is someone who I believe truly shows what you are talking about here, enhancing her natural appearance and taking care of her health to maintain her nurturing personality. I think you may really like her content and she probably would like yours

  36. Book Bliss

    Found another good channel!!

  37. john lee

    TY for depramming ghetto bitches, too bad my gfs will never watch

  38. Amani a

    So much respect for you! Thank you for adding a picture of a lady in a hijab! Great content

  39. Vianne Arada

    Huy si Lizaaaa ❤️

  40. Morgan Donaldson

    I LOVE the diversity!

  41. Manar E

    Omg your selection of models made me subscribe! You didn’t preface any race or make a big deal about being inclusive, you just presented beauty and femininity as-is. So genuine! 💗💗

  42. K K

    Your so beautiful and smart .god bless you ♡

  43. Kelsea Stovall

    I have plenty of tattoos and I don't know what to do now because I can't easily get them removed… This makes me truly hate myself 🙁

  44. A H

    I love This Lady, and her channel. Thank you 🙏🏻

  45. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE


  46. Ceren Sen

    The moment you've said ''work with your culture'' was the moment Ive subscribed! I love how you emphasize this

  47. Kenya

    Thank you!! Love your channel and the thoughtful information provided 💕

  48. Rosebud

    I love how you included women of colour and a Muslim woman in your photos – thank you 🙂 x

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